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Notre Dame Fans Are So Delusional

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July 4, 2022 at 9:51am

I made the mistake of going over to the ND rival's website.  My goal was to see what their fan base was saying about all the conference changes going on right now when I stumbled on this thread:   OSU has a real problem on defense.

This CLOWN Zorich 88  thinks ND will rush for a minimum of 250.  Mind you last season ND finished ranked #83 in rush offense.  That's PUTRID especially given that ND only faced 2 top 50 rush defense.  One of those was Navy who IMO you have to take their ranking with a grain of salt because they aren't playing week in and week out P5 level competition.  6 of their opponents were ranked 77th or WORSE in rushing defense.  

Their schedule was weak as can be 8 of their opponents didn't have a winning season. 

They are delusional


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