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Comment 03 Dec 2018

but I also don't think he's deserving of a B1G championship ring, or a seat at the annual former captain's breakfast every fall. He forfeited those privileges when he left. The way Nick Bosa just abandoned the program/team, by definition, was very selfish. 

I absolutely agree with this!  He can provide support and continue to be a part of the team but his decision to bail on the program is pure selfishness.  You bail on your teammates you forfeit your captaincy 

Comment 02 Dec 2018

IMO there isn't a single argument Georgia as a 2 loss team can make that they should get in over a 1 loss Conference champ.  If they get in over either OU or OSU then its time for those conferences to simply tell the committee that they need to follow the rules.  Conference champ trumps were good just barely got beat by Alabama

Comment 24 Nov 2018

One of the things they DO look at is a KEY Injury and UCF has it at QB.... that IMO pushes them out of the picture along with the fact that UCF really hasnt had a strong schedule

Comment 24 Nov 2018

He just got up and left without saying a word because he isn't a real man.  A real man stands up there, answers the questions and then leaves.  No Hairball, he is a real P.O.S.  so he slinks out the weasel he is.