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Comment 5 hours ago

execution in the first half was dead flat AWFUL.   Better come out with hair on fire and perfect execution.

Sadly, Ive seen this script a million times

Wisconsin  41

OSU 21

Comment 03 Dec 2019

There IS a talent gap and IMO its fairly significant.

Over the last 3 classes OSU has on its roster 8 5* players to UM's 2.  Ohio State has 42 4* players to UM's 33  Ohio State has 9 fewer 3* caliber players.  I do realize that 2 and 3* players can and occasionally do become All American.  That is the EXCEPTION and not the rule.

There is a very sizeable talent gap and has been and based on current recruiting that will continue to be the state of affairs between the two programs.  Since joining the B1G in 1912, OSU leads the series 51-47-4.  Ohio State is 8 wins away from leading ALL TIME and we are also VERY close to leaping UM as the All time winningest program in college football.

Comment 03 Dec 2019

Coach Ryan Day: "We won again. This is good! But what is best in life?”

Young Buckeye player: "The open field, ball in your hands sprinting for a touchdown!”

Coach Day:  "Wrong, Chase what is best in life?"

Chase Young: “To crush the wolverines, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!”

Coach Ryan day nods and says:  "Yes, this is good"

Taken from the movie Conan with some slight changes

Comment 26 Nov 2019

Colin,  I am going to take you to task on something you wrote that should embarrass you.  Calling the FORMER HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMP a former boxer....  WTF  He is a Columbus native and was the man who dethroned Mike Tyson to become the Champ.  A man wins the title and his legacy is as the former champion of the world... NOT A FORMER PROFESSIONAL BOXER  that's a bit disrespectful.

Comment 25 Nov 2019

Nice story but not backed up by the facts.  Last year in November UM beat #14 PSU 42-7.  Then they went on the road and beat Rutgers 42-7. Then they beat IU the week prior to the game 31-20.  They were dominating teams right up to the game.

Comment 24 Nov 2019

You guys don't get it do you?   What was PSU's defensive strength?  #4 in the nation in rush defense.  What did Day challenge his OLine to do?  MAUL their rush defense.  This was a message sent to everyone left that OSU will face... this was Ohio State telling PSU we are going to beat you but we will do so by running around, over and through your vaunted rush defense.

A lot of you seem to have wanted OSU to throw it 40 times... WHY?  Fields is #4 in Pass EFFICIENCY...   Day is telling the rest of the country we can score at will.  We don't think you can against our defense... prove it

Comment 30 Oct 2019

Penn State faces Minnesota this weekend and beats the snot out of Minnesota.  Michigan is #14 right now and won't lose a game until we beat them into a coma as the regular-season finale.  That PROBABLY puts UM in the top 10. 

OSU isnt losing a game in the regular season or the B1G championship and is going to be a high seed in the playoff but frankly, that doesn't even matter.  Get in it does matter if you are 1 or 4 you are playing the best in the country that year so just go for it.