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Comment 17 Apr 2019

Diebler has half a decade of experience as an assistant coach and was the lead recruiter for Darius Garland, a five-star guard in the class of 2018. He also earned the commitment of Scotty Pippen Jr., the son of the NBA legend.

Helps if you actually read the article.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

...and you came to this conclusion exactly how?  I mean i have NO idea how you come up with that bit of craziness because a qb battle going into fall camp means neither guy is getting #1 reps!  You sure have an odd way of seeing  "quid-pro-quo."  Is Fields being given every chance to win the job?  YEP but is Day giving both guys a chance?  Yep...

So again show me where the Quid-pro-quo is at here?

Comment 16 Apr 2019

I can not more strongly disagree that losing Fields is a "worst-case scenario"  Baldwin thus far is CLEARLY the better passer.  The worst case for the offense is injuries and issues with the Oline.  The O-Line has been a shell of what it was when Warriner was the O-line coach here.  I am NOT at all impressed with Studwara.  If this year O-line doesn't produce its probably time to find a new O-line coach.  In addition, the worst case scenario is also if the issues with the backend of the defense continue to be a problem.

Comment 14 Apr 2019

They go 1-0 against a seriously undermanned Middle Tennessee the Walmart Wolverine's come out of the woodwork proclaiming Shea P for Heisman and fawning over the "new and uber talented defense."

Army comes in as a veteran team and pulls off a shocker in AA upsetting them with a final score of 28-27 1-1 

The following week, unshaken by the loss, all week the fan base denies they actually lost the game but rather "missed opportunities and turnovers made us give the game away..."

Wisconsin hosts and pulls off another upset at home running all over the defense 35-17  sending UM to a 1-2 record.  Grumbling amongst the fans can be heard all week long as a small but very vocal minority of the fan base calls for Harbaugh to be fired.

Rutgers, Illinois, and Iowa serve as DOA opponents propelling UM to a 4-2 record and the fans are all back in the bandwagon.

A night game road trip to happy valley gives UM its 3rd loss 30-24 UM is now 4-3  Notre Dame comes calling the following week  Notre Dame gives them their 4th loss of the season.  Reeling from the Back to back losses UM gets feeling good about themselves against hapless Maryland but Maryland exposes a season-long weakness in the defense.  UM escapes with a hard-fought 27-26 win. At 5-4 Michigan now hosts one of its Rivals MSU.  MSU brings a veteran team that gives UM fits and UM falls for the 5th time this season.   An angry UM team is desperate to get to bowl eligibility tangles with a scrappy IU team.  The game is in the balance until late when Patterson scramble and tosses a game-winning TD to ice the game late in the 4th.  UM is now 6-5 where it hosts an undefeated OSU that has throttled everyone it has faced this season.  UM keeps the game close in the first half taking a 10-7 lead at half time.  Early in the 3rd  OSU returns a punt for a TD making it 14-10.  UM responds with an FG making it 14-13.  From there, the wheels fall off for the UM defense as OSU scores on 4 straight possessions taking a 42-13.  UM is picked off in its last possession OSU grinds the offense down to the UM 13 and takes a knee in 4 straight snaps to end the game.  

Michigan ends its season with a 6-6 record and there is now a significant portion of the fanbase than want Harbaugh out.  UM goes to the who cares bowl and loses it because of disinterest in the Motorcity bowl... 

Comment 17 Feb 2019

IDK they were 11-2 last year HAMMERED Houston in their bowl game and Oklahoma barely escaped that game with a win 28-21.  If they were to upset Michigan very, very good chance they go unbeaten

Comment 13 Feb 2019

Then you don't know much.   I'm going with the guy who is doing it in practice 10 out of 10 times.  If you aint doing it in practice how the hell are you going to do it in a game, live...

I just have to laugh at people who think that your better off with a name who is failing in practice but things that said person will star in a game.  

Im just SUPER glad you aren't coaching!

Comment 31 Jan 2019

I can clearly remember on 2 distinct occasions when I was a child my grandmother making something like this as a child - the wine.   It was.... AWFUL  but it worked

Comment 25 Jan 2019

Where a program falls in any given year in terms of the "ranking" is frankly MEANINGLESS information.  What does matter is what is the average recruit ranking in a class and even better is what is the 3-4 average rank of the program.

For all of the talk about how great Alabama is and how they year in and year out are seemingly the #1 class, the fact is that NO ONE, including Alabama, has a higher 3-year average recruit ranking than Ohio State.  This year's class on an average recruit ranking is #3. The 2020 class is off to a very good start and the coaches (particularly on the defensive side of the ball.) Day has brought in excel at recruiting.   

I believe Ohio State will be the best team in the nation next season and Day's first year will see Ohio State win it all... going unbeaten

Comment 19 Jan 2019


Holtman has been here for now 2 seasons maybe you dont follow recruiting but you really should get educated.  To say Holtman doesnt recruit shooters is really really an ignorant statement

Comment 18 Jan 2019

And how do you know he wasn't encouraged to explore opportunities?  You know that Meyer did that every year this time of year to kids right?  They would say to a guy like Kendra something like:  We wanted to chat with you to get you up to speed on what is happening.  Now, you know you are always welcome here BUT, you are not a part of our plans going forward.  That means you've been passed over on the depth chart by younger guys at your position.  You won't be playing in games so we will understand and support any effort you may want to pursue to look at other programs...