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Comment 29 Dec 2017

With an attitude like that, why play the game at all?   Injuries are a part of the deal if you are choosing not to play because you are worried about an injury then you should be playing the game at all... like ever

Comment 29 Dec 2017

I do not get why people are in such a rush to buy into the garbage that Meyer is at the end of his career.  Good lord he is only 53.   Saban is 66 and there is a whole host of guys who are still coaching that are even older.  What is he going to do?  Work for ESPN or hang out on his "porch" in a rocking chair?!

As long as Urban is enjoying what he is doing he will continue to coach football.  You have him retiring at 56/57 a full 5 years before he is even eligible for social security...  I do not get this garbage about Meyer retiring soon.  Based on what?  Because the talking heads are spewing this crap?  Give me a break!   

Dabo the douche says it so it must be true.... ROFL

Comment 29 Dec 2017

ROFL  what a freaking stretch... you have to be out of your mind if you think for even 1 nanosecond that some barely known defensive coach at some west coast school is being "groomed" for anything!

On what planet is Grinch better than say SCHIANO?  Heck even for that matter Wilson?  OSU is NOT, NOT, NOT hiring a coordinator to take over for Meyer and anywho believes such nonsense is out of touch with reality

Comment 21 Dec 2017

Campbell leaving IMO would not be smart.... I just don't see him being a first-day guy and quite possibly an UDFA.  Not a natural receiver has way too many drops... your essentially saying he is a draftable special teams guy right now with the hope that you can develop his pass catching ability.

Better served to work on that at OSU and show better hands and move up.... but what do I know?

Comment 15 Dec 2017

I always enjoy the links at the end of these articles.  The one on how the elderly lose their rights is yet another troublesome trend in journalism to spin a narrative that all too often fails to point out the facts AKA the truth.

A guardian is bound by court orders in regards to specifically what they can and can not do.  Secondly, they are by pure nature a FIDUCIARY and as such under law MUST act only in the interest of those that they hold fiduciary responsibility for. The penalties for a breach of fiduciary responsibility is... SEVERE.  They are financially severe and cannot be expunged by bankruptcy or hiding behind a corporate shield.

I am without question sure that there are cases where elderly are being abused emotionally and financially by guardians.  If caught doing so the penalties under the law are extremely severe and include extended time in prison.

Comment 03 Dec 2017

I'd take the Buckeyes.  

IDK how you reward Alabama for scheduling Mercer in November.  That's just not right.  

Ultimately, I think we get screwed.

Comment 01 Dec 2017

Phenomenal coach and a 100% perfect match for Wisconsin.  There are 5 really good programs in the B1G right now.  OSU, MSU, Wisconsin, scUM and PSU.  The next tier down has really good coaches and are not far from turning the corner and being right up there with that first teir.... Some of them will need a couple of years of recruiting but they will be a tough out annually....  Minnesota, Northwestern (9 wins this season :O) and Purdue with Brohm