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Comment 17 Feb 2019

IDK they were 11-2 last year HAMMERED Houston in their bowl game and Oklahoma barely escaped that game with a win 28-21.  If they were to upset Michigan very, very good chance they go unbeaten

Comment 13 Feb 2019

Then you don't know much.   I'm going with the guy who is doing it in practice 10 out of 10 times.  If you aint doing it in practice how the hell are you going to do it in a game, live...

I just have to laugh at people who think that your better off with a name who is failing in practice but things that said person will star in a game.  

Im just SUPER glad you aren't coaching!

Comment 31 Jan 2019

I can clearly remember on 2 distinct occasions when I was a child my grandmother making something like this as a child - the wine.   It was.... AWFUL  but it worked

Comment 25 Jan 2019

Where a program falls in any given year in terms of the "ranking" is frankly MEANINGLESS information.  What does matter is what is the average recruit ranking in a class and even better is what is the 3-4 average rank of the program.

For all of the talk about how great Alabama is and how they year in and year out are seemingly the #1 class, the fact is that NO ONE, including Alabama, has a higher 3-year average recruit ranking than Ohio State.  This year's class on an average recruit ranking is #3. The 2020 class is off to a very good start and the coaches (particularly on the defensive side of the ball.) Day has brought in excel at recruiting.   

I believe Ohio State will be the best team in the nation next season and Day's first year will see Ohio State win it all... going unbeaten

Comment 19 Jan 2019


Holtman has been here for now 2 seasons maybe you dont follow recruiting but you really should get educated.  To say Holtman doesnt recruit shooters is really really an ignorant statement

Comment 18 Jan 2019

And how do you know he wasn't encouraged to explore opportunities?  You know that Meyer did that every year this time of year to kids right?  They would say to a guy like Kendra something like:  We wanted to chat with you to get you up to speed on what is happening.  Now, you know you are always welcome here BUT, you are not a part of our plans going forward.  That means you've been passed over on the depth chart by younger guys at your position.  You won't be playing in games so we will understand and support any effort you may want to pursue to look at other programs...

Comment 16 Jan 2019

Most of you young guys have NO idea how bad the condition of the program was when Coop took over.  I love Earl but at the end of his tenure, the cupboard was NOTHING like it is today in terms of raw talent.  Earls last year OSU went 6-4-1.  Cooper took over when the cupboards were BARE.  His first year he went 4-6-1  

Since 2001 Only once has OSU failed to win 10 or more games.  Think about that.  Over the last 17 seasons, only 1 time has OSU not won 10 or more games...

Comment 10 Jan 2019

WOW, are you out in LEFT FIELD on this, talk about having NO CLUE AT ALL!

Newton was not going to beat out Tebow in his freshman season as that was the year Tebow as a Sophomore won the Heisman that season.  Newton severely injured his ankle in the season opener and prior to that Urban openly stated that he planned to go to a 2 QB system.  Newton took a medical redshirt that season.   That 2008 season, Tebow led them to a 13-1 record winning the BCS national championship that year.

2009 might have been the year for Newton at Fla but Newton got arrested for stealing a laptop and was dismissed from Florida.

No sane coach on EARTH is going to sit a kid that won a title and the Heisman.

Comment 08 Jan 2019

All I can say is if you think that you haven't watched them play.  They are LEGIT.  @ Villanova and destroyed them, Destroyed UNC for starters.

I think your off your rocker

Comment 31 Dec 2018

I would agree with that but it is also really unfair to blame the LBer's with the reason for the big plays the SECONDARY was a clownshow most of the season when it came to STOPPING the big play from happening.  Maryland game is a perfect example on that first long run for a TD you have Jordan Fuller for totally inexplicable reasons jumping inside when his #1 priority is to prevent the TB from getting outside.  Fuller does his job and its either NO gain or 1/2 yards.  Instead, he fails to do his job and gives up the edge and Maryland is off to the races.  That happened several times in that game.  That's not on Davis, thats on Schiano and Grinch

Comment 31 Dec 2018

Wow, are you NUTZ?!

You do realize that the ONLY significant difference between a 1st round draftee and the last guy taken in the draft is the signing bonus right?  The Salaries are in STONE.  A guy taken last in the first round is getting was 23 million dollars than the #1 pick.  The average length career is under 4 years so the odds of getting the second contract aren't very good.

If you are tabbed as a mid 3rd rounder you're not getting millions you're getting a very small signing bonus, none of it guaranteed in the contract.  The idea that He can't get better and elevate into the second round is absolutely, totally absurd.  Its not like he was a starter last season and you havent seen any improvement

I think unless youre getting a significant bonus and you have 2 years of eligibility youre dumb as a box of rocks to leave early

Comment 27 Dec 2018

If you didn't know that EVENTUALLY, the heavy losses in the secondary were going to bite us in the behind then I want to know what you've been smoking.   The following players left with eligibility out of the secondary last 2 years.  Ward, Webb, Hooker, Latimore, and Conely.  Those are a LOT of losses to sustain without it impacting you from a youth perspective.  Toss in 2 of 3 new linebackers and a position coach that IMHO shouldn't be coaching at OSU and you have a LOT of growth needs to occur.

Schiano is an excellent defensive minded coach.  He deserves 1 more year to show the fans that the issues were more youth-oriented than a fundamental coaching issue