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Comment 19 Oct 2019

Yep, for the first quarter its going to look a lot like it did last night vs NW.  And NO I don't think it will be close.  OSU 38/41  Wisconsin 10/17.  I think the OSU passing game is going to absolutely light up Wisconsin.

Comment 19 Oct 2019

IDK... Wisconsin has the stats but some of their last few games they've been a bit anemic on offense.  It could be due to coming off big wins but... They hammer scUM the next week they only score 1 offensive TD against NW... then the blast MSU and today in the 3rd its 13-7 @ Illinois... sure they could be "looking ahead" to OSU... but to me, they just kind of look like they maybe have peaked??

Comment 05 Oct 2019

I have a valid question why are you using pass offense instead of Team Pass Efficiency defense as it is a FAR better measure of how effective your passing game actually is?  TPE shows OSU 5th vs MSU at #63  and OSU is 6th in Team Pass Efficiency Defense while MSU is #30  IMO it shows OSU having a significant advantage on both sides of the ball in the passing game.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

You keep working on area's that need improvement.  The score takes care of itself.  Get to the place where YOU are the opponent and not the team you are playing.   I find the narrative that the B1G isn't as good as we thought curious.  The B1G has more unbeaten teams as a conference than anyone in the country.  Everyone is saying the Pitt narrow win is bad for PSU.  Really?  Pitt lost the season opener to now unbeaten UVA.  The game was 23-14 until UVA scored a touchdown with 50 seconds left in the game.  And lost to PSU in a RIVALRY game by 7  Seems fairly comparable outcome to me... Part of the issue is was the REDICOULUS assertion that Michigan was the favorite to win the B1G which I NEVER got.  Wisconsin has seal clubbed everyone they faced.  Maryland turns out to be mortal but seriously NO ONE in June had Maryland doing much of anything.  MSU lost a close game to ASU but again, no one had MSU winning the B1G.  Nebraska lost a game to Colorado that they should have never lost.  Iowa is unbeaten.  Iowa v ISU for years now has been a back and forth affair... IMO the national narrative is absurd.  The B1G is easily top 3 and based on the number of unbeaten you can make an argument they are the top conference right now

Comment 05 Sep 2019

After really looking at the PLAY BY PLAY sheet this is a game UCLA SHOULD have won.  4 turnovers... just can't do it!  2 turnovers inside the RedZone.  One of them was at the UC 5 the other at the 18  that pretty much 10 points in a worst-case.  The first one happened when the score was 0-0  a TD there changes ENTIRELY how UCLA feels about itself.

I think the OSU defense comes out playes like its hair is on fire and REALLY gets after UC.  The big question is how will the OSU offense look.  IF UC can really gum up the running game then we have a problem with the O-Line.  IF that occurs then it will be a 24-10 type game.  I just think there is far too much talent to not continue to build off the 1st quarter scorching of FAU who likely has a better offense than UC.   I see it 41-13 OSU easily covers... just too much speed on both sides of the ball and.... OSU is a far, far, far better opponent than UCLA was for the opener for UC

Comment 05 Sep 2019

Army struggled to beat Rice... Now, that said, it IS possible that Army may have been looking ahead to this game.  The key to this one will be can the UM offense sustain long drives for scores? If Army can get into a rhythm then they can really give UM problems.   Before the season started this was a game I thought UM might lose.  Why? Well next week they go to Wisconsin and if Wisconsin buries CMU then that game will be a titanic battle for UM.  So in reality, this Army game just has trap game written all over it.  Michigan is laying -22  That's a really big number for a UM squad that looked less than stellar and didnt even come remotely close to covering against Middle Tenn State.  Army covers and may end up pulling off the upset.  I have low confidence in UM losing outright but I do think that Army easily covers.

Comment 04 Sep 2019

Come on now... everyone knows the absolute best Burbon for the money is  Four Roses Small batch... @ $32.00 it's a phenomenal bourbon 

Comment 04 Sep 2019

Can we just STOP judging the O-line with an end of season expectation??  This is an EXTREMELY talented group.  If you weren't stunned by just how good they execute in the 1st quarter then you're blind. It took them 2 quarters to make some adjustments and they did... this is a YOUNG group who showed flashes of absolute brilliance.  CHILL PEOPLE

Comment 02 Sep 2019

Cincy is a step up.  FAU has the better O but UC's D is good enough to be a thorn in the side of the O if the O-Line doesn't start improving.  At times they are really very, very good.  But then the Pass Pro for much of that game was NOT good.  Inconsistency in the running game needs to be cleaned up as well.  The starting D is FRIGHTENINGLY good.  Those things get cleaned up between now and the end of September then this buckeye team will be SENSATIONAL by the end of the season.

Comment 02 Sep 2019

Are you DAFT?  DId Fickell have ANY say in the coaching staff that he had to work within 2011?  Answer: NO.  Did he have ANY say on what the personell was used on the Offensive side of the ball?  Answer NO.  Did he have any say, any control over offensive play calling in 2011?  Answer: NO   Fickell was HC in name ONLY.  To argue that he was the HC in reality shows you know NOTHING at all about what was going on in 2011