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A True Holy Buckeye Story

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July 3, 2022 at 10:26pm

I have been an active user on 11W for a while now, but this particular forum post will be, by far, the most difficult thing that I have shared.  This is mainly because it will reveal my personal identity and subject me to any criticism that comes with the territory.  I also realize that many on here simply don’t care much for these type of stories, which is fine and I completely understand.  I know this is an Ohio State sports site and not a forum to cram religious views down anyone’s throat.  However, I was recently compelled to share this story, and figured who better to share it with than a bunch of Ohio State football fans?

To provide a little perspective, I am pushing 40 years old now and happily married with a great career as an engineer.  However, prior to getting where I am today, I went through a very dark time of depression/drug addiction during my late high school years and it is pretty incredible how God spoke to me through the 2002 Ohio State championship football season to pull me out of this dark time of my life.

And just so you know, anyone you ask that knows me today would tell you that I am not known to be a religious person.  In fact, up until this point, no one in my family (including my wife) knew about this story until recently showing them this video.

With that out of the way, I’ll get to the point.  Below is a YouTube video that I posted a couple days ago which shares this story on how God uniquely spoke to me through Ohio State football (and rock music) to pull me out of this dark time of my life.  I will warn you upfront, the video is 40 minutes long and I realize most of you probably don’t want to waste this much time watching a video about someone you don’t know.  However, I figured with all the negativity being spread around these days, what hurt would it cause to try and spread some positivity about a young teenager that was able to pull himself out of a deep depression/addiction?

The video is provided below and I really appreciate anyone who decides to spend the time to watch it, even if it only ends up being a couple of you.  Thanks and if any of you are currently struggling with depression or addiction, I truly hope you can also find a way out.



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