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Comment 27 Nov 2018

I agree with your argument for 2016, but we are going to have to agree to disagree with 2015.

We had just come off winning the national championship convincingly the previous year and returned the exact same team.  And when the first playoff rankings came out in 2015, guess who was still in the top 4 despite already having one loss and there being plenty of undefeated teams behind them??  You guessed it, Alabama.  Why do they get this treatment?? Because they are in the SEC.  What's even more hilarious is I remember the playoff committee jumping Alabama ahead of us in the rankings prior to us losing to Michigan State.  

The parallels between Ohio State in 2015 and and Alabama in 2017 are strikingly similar, with the only difference being that 2017 Alabama lost to a team (Auburn) that didn't even win their conference....and still got in the playoff.  In 2015, we lost by a field goal to Michigan State (who ended up winning the conference) and got snubbed from the playoff when we were clearly a top 4 team.  How can you not see the similarities here??

Comment 27 Nov 2018

Cincy, were we not a top 4 team at the end of the year in 2015?  If so, why weren’t we included in the playoff if we are ratings gold??  

And don’t give me the Michigan State excuse because Alabama still got the benefit of the doubt last year in the exact same scenario.   Why??  Because they are in the SEC.  Why didn’t we get a spot in 2015?  Because we are not.

I’m not being a homer by stating the obvious here, but I know I’m not going to change your mind or a lot of others on this site, so I’m going to stop now.  

Comment 27 Nov 2018

I’ll be that guy as much as I want to be, because there is nothing you can say to me that will convince me that we shouldn’t be ranked ahead of Oklahoma at this point in the season.

I don’t give a shit about the Purdue game, we showed that we could bounce back after a tough loss last year. Also, Oklahoma lost to a team that lost to Maryland, who we beat.  This plus we just demolished the number 4 team in the country on Saturday.  

Please explain to me how I’m being unreasonable?  You can’t...

Comment 27 Nov 2018

It’s so obvious at this point that the playoff committee has an agenda against Ohio State and a blatantly favorable bias towards the SEC.

I don’t know how you can blow the doors off of the number 4 team in the country and not at least move up to the same spot as the team you destroyed.  

Also, the committee says they are supposed to put the top 4 teams in and uses the “eye test” to determine their rankings.  Ohio State’s performance should have blown their eyes out of their sockets, yet Oklahoma has the same old result and still gets the benefit of the doubt.  It’s complete bullshit.

Comment 27 Nov 2018

What would happen if Maryland beat the only team that beat Oklahoma this year??  Would that mean that Ohio State is better than Oklahoma?

In all seriousness, there are three data points that indicate Ohio State is a better team than Oklahoma and could perform better in the playoffs:

A.  We beat Maryland, who beat Texas, who beat Oklahoma.

B.  We completely dismantled and destroyed Michigan, who has the number 1 defense in college football.

C.  We showed last year that after being blown out, we can bounce back and play much better football, which is very similar to what is happening this year.

There is only one data point indicating that Oklahoma is a better team, which is the blowout loss to Purdue weeks ago.  

Based on this, the CFP committee should rank Ohio State above Oklahoma, but they probably won’t because they are a joke.

Comment 20 Nov 2018

The argument about the worse loss when comparing Oklahoma and Ohio State is not a good one.  I could make the same argument that we beat Maryland, which beat Texas, which beat Oklahoma.  Therefore, we are a better team than Oklahoma.  

This argument could even be considered to be a better one since there is a direct correlation.  

In my opinion, the playoff committee is a biased farce that is much worse than BCS rankings.

Comment 08 Oct 2018

This play actually brought me back to my football playing days in high school.

I graduated from high school in 2002 and our football team initially lined up in this exact same formation for every extra point.  Every so often then, we would do this same play (snap method and everything) to go for two instead of kicking the extra point. 

This snap method has therefore been legal and used, at least in high school, more often than you would have thought.