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Comment 16 Nov 2017

Not good... I can't figure out why we hardly ever make wide open shots?!?  Every other team in the country seems to be able to make most of them, but we can't.  This is one of the main reasons we are not a good team.

Comment 10 Nov 2017

This basketball team is going to turn some heads this year.  I think we are going to perform much better than expected, especially with the additIons of KBD and Wesson.

Comment 03 Nov 2017

I hate to point out the elephant in the room, but am I the only one that thinks the offense has run better without Paris Campbell in the starting rotation?  I know it is just a small sample size, and the improved offensive performances could just be due to better preparation since the Oklahoma game.  Hopefully I'm proved wrong when he's back up and running.

Comment 27 Oct 2017

I like how the weather is shaping up (40s and overcast), which to me is the prototypical Ohio State big game weather that you always remember. 

I can’t explain it, but something just feels different about this game and I feel confident that we will come out with a big win.  

Hope I’m right, go Bucks!

Comment 23 Oct 2017

I think the main thing being overlooked is how well our tackles block their ends in pass protection.  From what I recall during the Michigan game, Penn State's DEs were eating Michigan's tackles alive. 

This, along with the secondary are my biggest concerns.  Not really worried about Jones, but if Prince steps up his game on Saturday AND we get a couple of picks, I think we destroy them.  If not, then buckle your seat belt because it will be a rough ride.

Comment 08 Oct 2017

Found the replay in 40 on YouTube - didn't think it would get posted that quickly.  Thanks for the help.

Comment 10 Sep 2017

At this point, I'm starting to really consider that Tressel may have been a better coach than Meyer.  With significantly less talent, Tressel produced more consistent defenses and much better wide receivers than Meyer has so far in his tenure.  And I don't care what Meyer accomplished at Florida, the only thing that matters is what he has done here.  When you make that comparison, Tressel had more accomplishments in his first six years.

Comment 09 Sep 2017

Where's McCall? What about giving some of the freshman receivers a chance?  They can't be much worse than the current starters unless Zach Smith, who apparently should have been fired last year, is really that bad at picking/developing talent.  

I just can't fathom how a team with so much coaching and player talent can look so bad.

It is time shake things up, otherwise, it is going to be a long season.

Comment 28 Aug 2017

This surprised me as well, I thought he would definitely be the backup H-B.  I know there is a small sample size, but it seems like he makes something happen almost every time he touches the ball.  

Not sure what the coaches don't see in him or why they don't seem to want to give him an opportunity.  I guess we'll see what happens on Thursday.

Comment 17 Aug 2017

So what do you guys think about the possibility of winning a national championship this year?

Comment 01 Aug 2017

Haven't been this excited about something related to Ohio State basketball in a long time.