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This is the Most Likely Year a 2 Loss Team Makes the Playoffs - Who Do You Think It Is?

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December 1, 2021 at 10:52am

This is probably the year a 2 loss team sneaks into the playoffs, there are a lot of routes for it to happen and a lot of possibilities that I won't delve into because this will end up like 3 pages long.  

Short and simple, which of the candidates (listed below for reference) do you think is the MOST likely 2-loss team to make the playoffs this year, and a quick (I don't want an essay, give me like 2 sentences) how and why.  

(listed in ranking order as of today - yes I know some of these are obvious no's, I'm trying to be fair by listing all of them)

M*chican (assuming Iowa loss)

Alabama (assuming GA loss)

Okie State (assuming Baylor loss)

Ohio State (as is)

Ole Miss (as is)

Baylor (assuming Okie St win)

Oregon (assuming Utah win)

MSU (as is)

Oklahoma (as is)

Iowa (assuming M*chigan win)

Pitt or Wake Forest (assuming a win over the other)

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