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Ryan Day's Buyout

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October 19, 2020 at 5:30pm

I was reading an article on the most under and overpaid college football coaches and learned a few things that surprised me. First in the overpaid where Harbaugh led the way along with Herman (no surprise) but I was taken back that Jimbo Fisher's buyout was over 53 mil and Gus Malzahn's was 21 mil (all buyouts listed are for the December 1st date this year). I couldn't help thinking how desperate those schools must have been. The article moved on to the underpaid where I was not surprised that Ryan Day was mentioned first but I had no idea that his buyout was 45.4 mil. I have read comments on here that many don't feel we would lose Day to a college but he might opt for a specific pro team. With a buyout this high I feel it would take maybe 4-5 years for that to come down enough to be worth it. I also learned that (after Meyer, Texas fans are throwing Flecks name around) although I doubt Fleck would opt for Texas, (because his drive is to build a school into a power rather than one already established) the buyout would cost Texas over 34 mil for both contracts. They are loaded but that is a lot of money. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/2020-college-football-10-most-over.... Mods, I Looked back a month and nothing was on this. I wasn't sure about posting the link so if this common knowledge or a rule violation for the link please erase with my apology.

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