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My wife and I are retired and run a small morning café but our passion is taking care of rescue animals. The count currently 15 dogs and 7 cats. My icon is "my old dog George" who was our first rescue that died in November 13th 2013 leading me to my first forum topic here.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Winning the national championship 1968, 2002 and 2014.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns and the Bears.
  • NHL TEAM: none
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Womens olympic team

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Comment 17 hours ago

Good article. I like the recognition of those players. I had three players come to mind when reading it. Chris Gamble for playing both sides of the ball at a high level. I couldn't believe he could play so many plays a game. 'Big daddy' Dan Wilkerson dominated offensive lines in 1993 and lived in highly ranked Washington backfield in the upset that year. For the distant past I have Hop Cassidy for his play at DB even though we all know his greatness on offense earned him the Heisman. It's one thing to play one year (starting every game there)without giving up one completion against him but he went his whole OSU doing it.  

Comment 19 hours ago

That's not entirely true. The bids were sponsor driven and their data showed more was not better so their was a significant drop per round average in their bids. All parties didn't want to risk empty seats and it was determined that there were only a handful of teams that had fans to fill 3 times so with three or more games fans would pick and choose which games to attend. That's why the Rose bowl for the playoffs dropped from 85 mil to 45 mil for more rounds. Plus things are bid solid until 2025 and the overall cost to the many many contracts would be many many millions and would have to be rebid which took over two years on this one. They can't just up and say let's do this or that. To your point 6-8 and 16 were in the bids also but 4 team was the best money per Bill Hancock so unless they want to accept less money and spend millions to achieve it then it won't happen.

Comment 19 hours ago

Can't disagree. Now just find someone to bid it higher than the 4 team (which was the best bid) or convince the NCAA to accept less money since the bid lowered significantly for automatic bids and home playoff games. That's the real problem that drives the 4 team playoff. ESPN payed for chaos and control.

Comment 20 hours ago

That would be the next argument if it were expanded. No matter how it ends up there will be crying. With the success of the 4 team, I wouldn't be surprised if it stayed that way. After all 6-8 and 16 were also bid in this one and the bid for 4 team was the best by far. Someone would have to bid it or the NCAA would have to agree to accept less money and compromise on things they are dead set against.  

Comment 07 Apr 2020

Mr. Parsons (my shop teacher who coached the reserve basketball team). I got caught skipping 13 days (by the middle of October)and was given 65 detentions. I was on the wrong path and hanging with a bad crowd. Mr. Parsons was one of the detention teachers and told me if could make the freshman basketball team he would get rid of the detentions. I made the team and went on a better path from there.

Comment 07 Apr 2020

Agree. I've said this all along. He was basically being framed as helping a child molester. How could that not affect someone personally and profoundly. There were people on the street with signs picketing saying he was a child molester because of an asshole radio person. I think he was side tracked at best. I also feel when things started going bad on defense it added to his mind set. On top of that, he wasn't the only defensive coach.

Comment 05 Apr 2020

First of all it's not up to the NCAA to change the playoff. They are in a tight contract for 4 teams. Second I would imagine the contract for the regular season would have to be considered also. About the only thing they can do without a lot of red tape is cancel.

Comment 05 Apr 2020

Actually the defense wasn't all that great in pass defense. They just rose to the occasion every time it was needed much like the offense. The offense was tailback oriented and when Clarett got injured it bogged down. Krenzel did one of the greatest QB seasons that year with one arm tied behind his back with Bollman calling the plays. Time and time again (along with defensive heroics) he either ran from the pocket or made the throws under enormous pressure all year to stay undefeated and the NC.He was the leading rusher in the NC game and completed passes with Miami players in his face all game long. It wasn't a butt load of yards but the important ones in tough situations. The pass (that was miss called incomplete) was perfectly thrown and would have ended that game in regular time. Many fans get caught up in stats instead of the situation some face and the fact they didn't throw the ball like they do now. Rex Kern (3rd and 5th Heisman) and Hop Cassidy (whose performance won the Heisman) was two of our greatest QBs but would be no where near that list

Comment 02 Apr 2020

Pardon me if I count you as one of the delusional ones. Not one thing I said wasn't true. Each year you come up of some of the most off the wall logic and predictions that never work out for you. Each year you point out what they lose and convince yourself they have very little coming forward only to be proven wrong time and time again. If you like I would be happy to list your flawed logic for the past 3 years to make my point. Before you fly off the handle again and start name calling again this year no one is saying they like PSU and no one one here doesn't think we will win but to think they aren't a threat is naive. Nothing wrong with thinking Oregon is better (because this is point is just opinion like your last two lines) but I FEEL PSU would beat them handily on a neutral field.

Comment 31 Mar 2020
  1. I was raised around the horse track and there were many characters saying many things.
  2. 'Well it's too wet to plow' yes,when referring to doing something.
  3. 'Can't fool an old fool' when I didn't get away with something.
  4. 'Hope to shit in your back yard' instead of just saying yes.
  5. 'GET ABOARD, if you can't get a board get a rail' loading up a vehicle
  6. 'You can shit and fall back in it', when one doesn't believe you or doesn't agree.
  7. "you have just as much room to be happy as sad', when pouting.
  8. 'You wish in one hand and I'll shit in the other and see which hand is fullest'.
  9. 'Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining', when you don't believe someone
  10. 'If you don't have the time to do it right the first go round, then how the hell are you going to have the time to do it again
  11. Bath instruction, 'wash up as far as possible, then down as far as possible, then wash possible'.
  12. 'I don't gossip, the ones I tell do'
  13. 'It's your lie, tell it the anyway you want'.
  14. 'If you don't believe just ask me'.
  15. It's not a lie if you believe it'.
  16. Lock your dog in the basement with your wife all night and see which one is happy to see you in the morning'. Dog lovers
  17. 'It's just as easy to fall in love with a rich person as it is with a poor one'