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If Coach Day Got Covid, Who Would Be Coaching in His Absence?

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October 16, 2020 at 12:20pm

“Rule 1-4-11-b is very specific and allows only voice communications between the press box and the team area, therefore in (a) the coach could not call into the press box or the sideline for anything related to coaching purposes,” read an NCAA rules interpretation regarding coaches in COVID-19 related isolation written by Steve Shaw, the national coordinator of football officials.

Another rule prohibits the use of technology for coaching that would ban any virtual communication on game day.

“This prohibition would begin at 90 minutes before the scheduled kickoff when the officiating crew assumes jurisdiction of the game and would include the time between periods until the end of the game when the Referee declares the score final,” Shaw’s rule interpretation reads.

It looks like these rules are not allowing Nick Saban to coach through zoom or any other technology tool so it made me think about OSU.  Who would be next in line if Coach Day gets Covid?

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