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Comment 27 Nov 2019

With the injuries on defense and Tua out.  Bama would be an easy win.  Clemson is who I worry about.  They haven't played anyone but they have a lot of talent and have owned the buckeyes.  I just hope it isn't a easy win in the first round to get blown out again by clemson in the championship.

Comment 05 Aug 2019

Saw this on a bama site

So apparently, he wasn't offered the job.  I don't know if failing the background check is real or saban just taking a jab at meyer.

Comment 04 Jan 2019

I really hate when people bring up bag men.  I'm sure every blue blood is paying players in some way.  Does anyone believe that OSU boosters have less money than Alabama boosters?  Here's an easy explanation:

We just need to win and the elite athletes will come.  We need a culture of merit based playing too.

Comment 14 Dec 2018

This is the secret to the Bama recruiting machine.  He hires former head coaches with deep ties in those states for recruiting.  Maryland is a pretty hot area with talent.  He pays these analysts 18-28k that were previous head coaches still earning millions from their buyouts.  It's a win win for Saban because he gets the expertise for dirt cheap plus the recruiting.  Bama has one analyst dedicated to a recruit for the whole recruiting process.  They know everything about that player which is why they seem to be better in evaluating players than everyone else.

Comment 13 Dec 2018

Reading the meltdowns on mogoblog, it seems like they hate Bama more than us.  It's like the Yin/Yang.  All that crying is just bringing me so much joy to balance it out.

Comment 13 Dec 2018

One thing that's interesting with former Saban players is that he somehow keeps them inline but the NFL is more relaxed where some can not keep clean.  Rolando McClain was another example just like Reuben.  Lots of talent, somehow are kept inline at Bama but are in trouble in the NFL

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I wish I knew more about him.  Will he make game time adjustments?  Will he be stubborn and keep the starters in there while getting blown out.  We don't know any of those things and he didn't need to do that in the first games.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Kyler played against

Texas Total Defense #68 
Kansas State Total Defense #73 
West Virginia Total Defense #74 
Baylor Total Defense #77 
Kansas Total Defense #80 
Oklahoma State Total Defense #99 
Texas Tech Total Defense #111

Tua played against

Miss State Total Defense #3 
Georgia Total Defense #13 
LSU Total Defense #29 
Texas A&M Total Defense #36 
Auburn Total Defense #45 
Tennessee Total Defense #50 
Missouri Total Defense #53 
Arkansas Total Defense #76 
Ole Miss Total Defense #121

Comment 04 Dec 2018

My only beef with him is will he be like Urban where it's not a merit based system?  Will there be accountability for players or coaches when they under perform?  Those are two traits that I hope he didn't pick up from Urban.

Comment 02 Dec 2018

The best thing they can do is keep ND out.  OSU and GA/OU get in.

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Just read the espn votes

The only one that has OSU in the top 4 is McElroy who is a Bama homer.  The rest have OU with a few having GA