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Rank-Order Ohio State's Last 6 Full-Time Football Coaches

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April 18, 2020 at 12:18pm

Rank Ohio State's football coaches over the past seven decades from best to worst. Here are the candidates (full-time only, does not include Luke Fickell):

  • Woody Hayes: 1951-1978, 205-61-10, three outright or shared national championships, 12 outright or shared Big 10 championships, 5-6 post-season record
  • Earle Bruce: 1979-1987, 81-26-1, no national championships, four outright or shared Big 10 championships, 5-3 post-season record
  • John Cooper: 1988-2000, 111-43-4, no national championships, three co-Big 10 championships, 3-8 post-season record
  • Jim Tressel: 2001-2010, 106-22 (includes 12 vacated wins in 2010), one national championship, seven outright or shared Big 10 championships, 6-4 post-season record
  • Urban Meyer: 2012-2018, 83-9, one national championship, four outright Big 10 championships (as defined by winning the B1G CCG, which none of his predecessors had to do), 8-3 post-season record (includes 3-1 in B1G CCG)
  • Ryan Day: 2019-present, 16-1, no national championships, one outright Big 10 championship, 1-1 post-season record (includes 1-0 in B1G CCG)

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