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Comment 14 hours ago

Augie Busch IV is a piece of work. Unfortunately, it’s what often happens to family-owned businesses, usually by the third generation: the founder works hard to get it started, the children witness and appreciate the drive and sacrifice and emulate those qualities as they push the business upward, but then the grandchildren raised in the lap of luxury and take it all for granted and are unprepared to sustain it. I’ve seen it happen with friends, with my wife’s family’s business, a thriving manufacturers rep company that went under within a few years after her father, the second generation, was forced into retirement by her oldest brother, who wanted to be in charge but didn’t have a salesman’s drive and personality.

Comment 15 hours ago

Not just Parris wearing blue but the whole time he was talking, I couldn’t stop looking at the guy wearing the blue shirt right in front of the camera and wondering how that was allowed. Urban wouldn’t have permitted it. On the one hand, it seems childish and yet on the other, empires have fallen because their leaders relaxed the standards and stopped paying attention to the traditions and little details that brought them to greatness. 

Comment 24 hours ago

Put 10/25 on your calendars. That’s when Jack Miller and Chaparral will host Pinnacle HS and Michigan 2020 QB commit JD Johnson. In last year’s game, which was televised on ESPN in anticipation of a battle between Miller and Pinnacle’s Shane Rattler, neither QB played due to injuries; Johnson stepped into the breach for Rattler, went 25/40 for 292 yards and two touchdowns as Pinnacle won, 23-7.

Comment 23 Jun 2019

Fun little side note about EJ Smith: the starting QB for his high school, Dallas Jesuit, last year was a 5-10/145 sophomore named Joe Staubach, who, naturally, wears his grandfather’s iconic 12. How many high schools have ever started two players with those kinds of bloodlines?

Comment 23 Jun 2019

Whoever it is, it seems safe to suggest that by Gee Scott, Sr. "outing" him, even if he never names names, those are two dads who aren't likely to get along very well if the other one's son picks Ohio State. Which makes me think Mr. Anonymous's son has already eliminated Ohio State or we've eliminated him (assuming he was offered).

Comment 23 Jun 2019

Atteberry hasn't been a take for Ohio State ever, based on my understanding he wanted to commit last summer but we wouldn't accept it. A year ago, he was 193rd nationally in the composite, now he's 409th; as recently as last October, 247 had him 109th, now he's 267th. 

Comment 23 Jun 2019

He's expected to play Viper, which is what Michigan calls our safety/linebacker hybrid Bullet position. He's listed at 6-1/195 so he'll need to put on weight.

Comment 23 Jun 2019

he's a stone cold robot, which is what they love on Sundays

Then please explain Nick Saban, who's as cold-blooded as they come but failed in the NFL. College is the perfect environment for control freaks who govern their domain with an iron fist and Kelly is one of them. Moreover, his sideline tantrums wouldn't fly in the NFL.

Comment 23 Jun 2019

If I'm Trayanum, I'd be feeling a little like sloppy seconds in Ohio State's eyes--the best RB in a state that Ryan Day has said is a priority for recruiting, cast as the second-billed supporting actor to higher regarded Milton, Robinson and Evans, who, like him, are all "bigger" backs. I can't say I blame him if he commits elsewhere; if we come up empty with the Big 3, can we flip him or do we move on? This is one of those occasions when slow-playing a prospect could backfire and cost us a very good football player.

Comment 23 Jun 2019

If this comes down to anything, it will likely be failure to monitor, especially if this schmuck John Paul Funes was on any kind of LSU booster watch list. 

If my memory serves me, it wasn't the tattoos that hurt Ohio State, it was Bobby DiGeronimo's hijinks and OSU's failure to monitor a guy it was supposed to be watching (DeVier Posey being paid for working at his carwash without working, which extended his suspension; players being paid for public appearances). The tattoos hurt the players and, ultimately, cost Tressel his job, but DiGeronimo's the guy who got us on probation.

Comment 23 Jun 2019

There will be fireworks July 3, one way or the other but will there be a Boom for Ohio State?

Melton was in Ann Arbor over the weekend, which makes me assume he saw enough to either choose or eliminate them. Michigan insider Steve Lorenz put a CB in for him to Michigan yesterday.