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Comment 43 minutes ago

I find it funny that last year’s narrow win was only because our defense sucked and had nothing to do with UMD closing the gap. First rule of war: respect and do not underestimate your enemy.

Comment 57 minutes ago

Right. We own the noon time slot, which has little competition, which guarantees high ratings, which exposes and promotes the Buckeye brand to millions of unwashed masses, including future stars who might one day don the scarlet and gray. Let every other team’s fans watch The Game while they’re tailgating waiting for theirs.

Comment 11 hours ago

UMD seems to be experiencing an abundance of riches at QB. Jackson threw for nearly 3,000 yards as a freshman. Hill’s thrown for 1,300+ yards in two years, Tyrrell Pigrome’s thrown for 1,000+ yards in three seasons, and Max Bortenschlager threw for 1,300+ two years ago. Unless one or more of them transfers, the Terps will go into fall camp with four guys who’ve started games at QB. But I have to believe it’s Jackson’s job to lose.

Comment 11 hours ago

Prior to Durkin’s issues, UMD was my B1G East darkhorse this past season. There’s talent on that roster and Locksley knows how to recruit. The question is can he do anything with it?

Comment 11 hours ago

Thomas’s situation is starting to remind me of Christopher Oats, who I was never very high on, but Thomas’s junior tape is pretty solid. I’d like to see him in the class but I think there are LBs the staff is higher on and I’m not sure he has the frame to play DE.

Comment 12 hours ago

I don’t think he was. His 247 profile says he enrolled in May 2017. To be a grad transfer, he would’ve had to have graduated in two years and he hasn’t been there even that long. That’s asking a lot of any student, much less one on an athletic scholarship.

Comment 12 hours ago

I also saw Drew Richmond on the list...we were once in the mix to get him before he chose Tennessee. We even got a crystal ball. He’s a grad transfer who was a three-year stafter at Tennessee.

Comment 12 hours ago

Clearly, you don’t get it or you wouldn’t try to justify a horribly bad post. For starters, he’s not committed to Michigan yet. Also, he’s still in high school but he strikes me as being more mature than you are, which would be okay if you’re 15. And there are plenty of 18-23 year old Michigan players to mock without needing to poke fun at a 16 year old high school junior. Take a swing a one of them, smart guy.

Comment 14 hours ago

I don't think their time in Auburn overlapped to know each other at all, much less very well. Jackson was at Auburn in 2016, Blinn College (juco) in 2017, and Columbus in 2018, while Ashley got to Auburn in May 2017.

Comment 17 hours ago

St. John’s is definitely a school OSU is recruiting hard. Looking at his profile, he had an offer from Ohio State but he committed to Auburn two years before he graduated from high school so we probably never really got much of s chance. Any idea why he’s leaving Auburn?

Comment 22 hours ago

I’m not necessarily talking about just attending classes nor am I specifically talking about OSU. Socially, they are not integrated with the rest of the student body. They tend to stick to themselves. I saw that when I was at Ohio State and Alabama and my daughter saw it at Iowa. Where you do tend to see them more socially acclimated with their non-athlete peers is at the schools with higher admissions standards like Notre Dame, Duke, Northwestern, and Stanford. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the schools with the highest admission standards also have the highest graduation rates while treating their athletes like they’re normal students. Crazy!

Comment 18 Feb 2019

Getting them in isn’t necessarily the problem because it’s really a symptom of a bigger problem. It also creates more problems because it leads to making concessions, starting with keeping them eligible. I don’t think anyone’s so naive as to think of athletes, particularly  D1 CFB and MBB players, as normal students. They get a lot of privileges most students don’t (training tables, tutors, preferential treatment for class times so they don’t interfere with practice), always have, always will; so be it but winking at cheating to keep them eligible when you lowered your admissions standards to let them in in the first place shouldn’t be one of them. It’s the height of hypocrisy in terms of why colleges exist. It’s not meant to be for everyone. It’s supposed to be a survival of the academically fittest, not a safe haven for the physically fittest.