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Comment 9 hours ago

You'll be shocked to learn that the answer is Alabama and Ohio State, with some Georgia, Oklahoma and Clemson sprinkled in there.

As this is about recruiting and not who’s currently in teams’ rosters, UGA is second in three of the seven categories and third in another (QB, which presumably includes Fields and possibly Jacob Eason as well as Jake Fromm, who were all 5-stars), while Ohio State was second in only one category. When I take off my homer glasses, I’d argue it’s “Alabama and Georgia, with some Ohio State, Oklahoma and Clemson sprinkled in there.”

It’s laughable that Michigan is #1 in QB recruiting when they’ve been so reliant on transfers.

Comment 17 hours ago

I asked the same question in the 4/8/19 Hurry Up

Is it safe to assume that Clifford is the brother of PSU QB Sean Clifford, who also went to St. X?

From Sean Clifford's PSU bio:

Full name is Sean Burke Clifford...Son of Kelly Burke and John Clifford...Has one younger brother, Liam Clifford...Cousin, Ann, is currently attending Penn State...

This is the third Hurry Up that Liam Clifford's been featured and for whatever reason, Sean has not been mentioned in any of them. Clearly, PSU is a school to take seriously for his commitment, especially since Sean will be a senior in 2021 when Liam will be a freshman.

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Well, at least having an arena will get them out of the house...

Seriously, though, as someone who never played video games beyond Pong and Pac-Man, I am weirdly fascinated by the eSports culture. Is it possible for someone who never played a sport to become a real coach because of their video mastery? Not coaching a position but planning and executing game strategy.

Comment 18 Aug 2019

Start with the three guys who went to B1G Media Days in Chicago: Cooper, Fuller, and Hill. Then layer in Borland or Werner or Landers on defense. Offense is a crapshoot: maybe Mack and/or Victor, possibly Munford. I just can’t see a transfer like Fields or Jackson getting it. It would take a lot of work in a really short period of time to win their coaches’ and teammates’ confidence as an undisputed locker room leader; not impossible but it seems unlikely to me.

Comment 17 Aug 2019

The problem with that strategy is you’ve basically resigned yourself to hiring career assistants, guys who’ve given up on the dream of being a head coach, and you find yourself with guys like Billy Davis and Tim Beck. It’s hard for recruits to relate to a staff of old dogs. You need a few old drill sergeants like LJSR and Greg Mattison to provide stability but you need to balance that with young blood that brings new energy and new ideas, the Brian Hartlines and Jeff Hafleys. If you look at Urban’s record, he was pretty good at finding unknowns—Tom Herman languishing at Iowa State, giving Ryan Day a shot at salvaging his resume. Think about that: How does a guy who was the QBC on two NFL teams that were a combined 9-23 end up as the head coach at Ohio State three years later? Particularly when the staff had two coaches with head coaching experience and other accomplished coaches who would’ve lined up for the job? And at a school that hadn’t promoted an assistant to full time head coach since Paul Bixler in 1946? That’s as much a credit to Urban giving Day the opportunity to prove he was better than his two years in Philadelphia and San Francisco as it is Day taking full advantage of it.

Comment 16 Aug 2019

Jack Miller's offensive line last year was more porous than a submarine with a screen door. They won their season opener in OT because Miller refused to lose. He gutted out a couple fourth and longs on the GW drive. I think one was 4th and 30+. Their season fell apart when he went out. Chaparral 2019 will only go as far as his OL can keep Miller in the game. 

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Would be a major dickish move to block a kid's transfer to another team after telling him you don't have a place for him on yours.

OSU doesn't obstruct the transfer and immediate eligibility of a kid who could come back to haunt us on September 7.

Michigan blocks a kid who's likely to never play them. Harbaugh's explanation rings hollow.

Comment 12 Aug 2019

And you can't get that fourth religion credit any other time than spring semester of your senior year? Eight high school semesters and that's required to take in the spring? Or are those really 1/2 credits--one per semester all four years?

Also, notice I said "most Catholic schools" and in no way did I limit my remarks to Ohio, much less Cincinnati. There are Catholic schools that allow kids to graduate in December--Tate Martell (Las Vegas Bishop Gorman) was an early enrollee in 2017, Dallas Gant (Toledo St. John's) was an early enrollee in 2018, and Jameson Williams (St. Louis Cardinal Ritter) was an early enrollee this year.

Comment 12 Aug 2019

Princeton High School put on its media day on Pat Mencuso Mancuso Field on Monday in Cincinnati

Most Catholic schools don't let seniors graduate early; a reasonable assumption is that it would be due to losing the tuition revenue spring semester would bring in. Especially a college prep school like St. X--those kids are above the norm and half the senior class could probably qualify to graduate in December if they were allowed. Making an exception for Johnson would likely set a precedent the school couldn't afford.