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Comment 2 hours ago

Do you see my screen name? Any clue where I might live and which college teams are thrust down my throat every waking moment whether I like it or not? So, yes, I am quite aware of the hardware in Kirk Ferentz's personal trophy case. But the criticism--and, hence, the running joke around here and any Buckeye fan site--is about him winning four B1G COY awards. And even that criticism is unwarranted considering he won at least 11 games in each of those seasons. Buckeye fans' only real gripe--and it's legitimate--is because he won it in 2002 over Tressel.

Comment 12 hours ago

Rutgers as a mid-level team in the ACC is taking anti-ACC vitriol too far and shows a complete lack of objectivity. Rutgers was 2-10, 0-9 in the B1G. Their average score was 37-13, and that includes two wins. Deduct the 92 points they scored in their wins over UMass and Liberty and the average score in their 10 losses was 39-6. In their other OCC game, they lost at home 30-16 to Boston College, which is a mid-level ACC team. There’s no way that kind of ineptitude translates to mid-level anywhere. They’d be in last place in any P5 conference, and in the bottom half of any G5 conference. Cincinnati, Navy, Memphis, SMU, UCF, and Temple would all clobber them if they were in the AAC.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

The DL outside of Chase, who I bet played almost every play against Wisconsin (it'll be interesting to see the snap counts), has been like a hockey team--rotating bodies in and out to keep the lines fresh. Landers and Hamilton are leaving but lots of guys who got reps are coming back--Tyreke, Friday, Togiai, Zach Harrison. Among LBs, Mailk Harrison is gone but Borland, Werner and Hilliard are back, plus Mitchell, Pope and Gant. The secondary will be the weak link--better if Wade comes back but decent experience with Cameron Brown, Proctor, Wint, Riep, plus the incoming freshmen.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Zach Smith saying Ash to Texas is a done deal and will be announced after their bowl game loss.


If anyone has an insider's dope on what's happening in Austin, it's probably Zach Smith.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

It's too bad we're not talking about the one interception he's thrown or this while conversation would be moot; the point that was raised was about the interceptions he could have thrown but didn't, which falls under the category as "if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle." There's what is and what isn't and nothing in-between. It's reality versus fantasy, fact versus fiction. There was a missed INT and a missed reception on the same play. So if you're talking "interceptions that could have been but weren't," then you have to include drops, which had they been caught, would have likely improved Fields' stats across the board just as all the INTs he hasn't thrown would've gone against him.

Why can't people accept a gift horse without looking it in the mouth?

Comment 09 Dec 2019

If they were Minnesota’s demons they’d be on the rowing machine. ACC’s demons get on the elliptical after Clemson steps off and want to claim credit for a less-than-hard workout. PAC-12‘s demons are Hans and Franz—working out late when no one's watching, want everyone to believe they’re stronger than they actually are.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

40:1 is a stat that doesn’t lie—“close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. If you’re going to talk near misses for INTs then you have to also talk about drops. The tipped/nearly intercepted pass against Wisconsin that you mentioned also fell right through Olave’s hands. He also dropped a sure TD against Michigan when it bounced off his face mask but no one's second-guessing Chris Olave’s skill as a receiver. I’m not here to bash Haskins but he had eight INTs in 533 attempts, which is a 66:1 ratio; it goes without saying but Fields’ ratio is a ridiculously insane 308:1. Haskins’ average yards per attempt was 9.1 versus Fields’ 9.6. Haskins had a 10.7:1 pass attempts-to-TD ratio, while Fields is 7.7:1. And Ohio State's offense only rushed for 171 ypg with Haskins versus 272 with Fields, which is a big reason why Fields’ stats on the surface aren’t quite as impressive as Haskins’ sheer tonnage. 

Comment 09 Dec 2019

One of those wins was against Texas A&M. All animosity toward Michigan and PSU aside, has there ever been a CFB team that‘s consistently gotten more credit for doing nothing than TAMU? Four 11+ win seasons in school history, has never finished better than third in the SEC West, no national championships since 1939. The Aggies had one glorious season in the past 20 years in 2012 when they went 11-2 with Manziel and finished 5th nationally, its highest ranking since 1956 and they’re still sucking off that dried up and withered teet.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Yeah, the “Jeaux Burreaux” bromance is pretty much over for me. He can pick up his Heisman on Saturday and then I hope Oklahoma knocks his block off; they’ve felt the sting of Heisman winners losing in the last two CFPs, maybe now they can return the favor. And if we were to lose to Clemson (and assuming LSU beats Oklahoma), I’d personally rather see Clemson win it all than another SEC team and have to listen to the unceasingly boorish narrative that it’s the best conference drone on. No one pounds on a pulpit and preaches the ACC is the best conference when Clemson’s won it all.

Comment 08 Dec 2019

I read a Julian Fleming interview from last year where he talked about how crass and offensive opposing fans have been, including chanting “who’s your daddy?” because he’s been raised by a single mom. I wouldn’t be surprised if that motivated him to want to leave Pennsylvania, to not want to give those idiots any happiness or satisfaction in the event they also happen to be PSU fans.