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Comment 4 hours ago

Art Schlichter by far. It’s hard to believe it took nearly 40 years for someone to break a lot of his records. 35-11-1 as a starter, total bust as a pro, lowlife off the field, placed and then reneged on bets with mob bookies, scammed a lot of people. Had the audacity to write an autobiography called Straight Arrow. Absolute embarrassment to Ohio State. I can’t think of anyone who’s even close.

Comment 6 hours ago

On the one hand, I get what you’re saying—each WR position had over 1,000 yards but Ohio State’s top 6 rotation averaged nearly 900 ypg. The biggest disparity is obviously the run/pass split. Ohio State’s offense was much more balanced: Ohio State’s top four rushers (Dobbins, Weber, Barrett, Williams)  combined for over 3,000 yards while UCF’s top four, which included their QB, had less than 2,200.

My expectation with Haskell is both rushing and passing yards will increase even as QB rushing yards decrease.

Comment 6 hours ago

Each of UCF's rotated WR slots had more than 1000 yards.

All these posts and no one's looked to verify what the OP posted?

UCF had ONE receiver with 1,000+ yards: Tre’Quan Smith had 59 catches for 1,171 yards and 13 TDs. Next four guys had 695, 515, 391, and 351 yards. They also didn’t have a 1,000 yard rusher. And their split wasn’t 55/45 run/pass but 38/62—they averaged 531 ypg total offense, which breaks down to 199 ypg rushing and 332 ypg passing. 

Facts matter. Don’t be gullible and fall for the #fakenews

Comment 7 hours ago

Don’t be duped by the high school psychology behind Hodges’ tweet or you’ll fall into the trap he’s trying to set. A major rule in politics is that the candidate leading in the polls should never respond to one in the back of the pack because it legitimizes him as an equal. Same rule applies here. If Hodges wants the world to think Purdue is Ohio State’s peer because they got a local kid we didn’t want, let him. When they snake someone like Zach Harrison, then it’ll be time to worry.

Comment 7 hours ago

It’s a Twitter war: all swagger, no blood, no foul. He’s trying to get Purdue noticed and what better way than to raise it Ohio State’s level? If you want to announce yourself as the new badass in school, you don’t pick on the weak, you punch the biggest bully in the nose. I mean, does anyone think he’s going to help the Boilermakers get any street cred by picking on Indiana or Illinois? If Pantoni is smart, he won’t take the bait. This is the response Hodges looking for from the audience he’s most interested in reaching:

Comment 17 Jun 2018

Who I believe are both back—2019 Marqui Johnson (48 carries, 378 yards, 3 TDs rushing and 29 catches, 518 yards, 5 TDs receiving) and 2019 Joshua Edwards (48 carries, 308 yards, 3 TDs rushing, 13 TDs and 13 catches, 129 yards, 2 TDs receiving). Hubbard had one reception for 20 yards that he took in for a touchdown.

Neither Johnson or Edwards has any offers so this is the year all three should be looking to separate himself from the pack.

Comment 17 Jun 2018

Don’t you get it? Don’t you understand the business Connelly is in? How he gets paid? Clickbait is his middle name. He’s laughing all the way to the bank. It’s not “millennial douchery” as much as some of you clearly got played by taking what he wrote seriously. Commissioner of College Football? Come on. It’s Father’s Day, boys, not April Fool’s Day.

Comment 17 Jun 2018

Based on 14 other RB offers and the new recruiting strategy, my assumption is that even if he gets an offer, it would not be commitable at this time. 500 yards and seven TDs as a soph at IMG is one thing but that level of production is not the same thing at an Arizona HS, even if it’s a powerhouse like Chaparral. I’m guessing he’ll need to have a big junior year to make it commitable.

Comment 17 Jun 2018

It’s crazy to think that out of 900 attendees of all classes, maybe a dozen might ultimately play at Ohio State. It takes a jeweler’s fine eye for talent to sift through all those diamonds in the rough to find the very best.

Was there anyone we haven’t of before who really impressed?

Comment 16 Jun 2018

Far as I can tell, Christ the King hasn’t sent a kid to college on a football scholarship since 2013 but (per Rivals) seems to be loaded with 2019, 2020, and 2021 kids, which suggests maybe they have a new coach who’s either upgrading the program and/or attracting kids who might not otherwise have gone to school there. They could also be doing what Ted Ginn, Sr. used to do when was building Glenville’s program and he’d rent a bus and take a bunch of Cleveland kids to camps at colleges around the Midwest.

The school is fairly renown and accomplished as a basketball factory. Alumni include Lamar Odom, Sue Bird, Chamique Holdsclaw, Tina Charles, Jayson Williams, Omar Cook, Speedy Claxton and Khalid Reeves.

Comment 16 Jun 2018

Yeah, okay. Brantley was arguably the worst QB that Urban Meyer recruited who started a game. When he ascended, Florida descended. And you know what? He was a prototypical dropback pocket whatever you want to call it quarterback. I’m not saying that’s going to happen at Ohio State but I am a student of history and a firm believer that he does not learn from it, could be doomed to learn from it.