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College Football Looking at Possibility of Playing Its Season from July Through September

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March 28, 2020 at 10:06am

College football being played in July and August, the two hottest, most humid months in the calendar, seems to be a reach born out of panic, at least at this point. It's essentially April, and there is no end in sight right now with regard to social distancing, so preparing for a season that would be ninety days away -- conditioning, camps, TV scheduling, venue availability, academics -- would seem to be difficult, at best. Waiting until the scientists definitively know whether or not the virus will be impacted by warmer weather, which is an unproven theory at the moment and one that cannot be tested until the weather turns warm, would seem to kill the idea, but moving the season to summer prior to knowing whether or not the summer temperatures will limit the spread of the virus seems to be an exercise in futility. I suppose virus data in May and June might be sufficient, but then you're right on top of a July kickoff. This is all FAR beyond me, and I realize that college football's back is against the wall here and that time is of the essence, so these decisions need to be made as quickly as possible while not being rash, but until we know conclusively whether or not warm weather will provide virus relief, why destroy the potential fall sports calendar?


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