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Comment 13 hours ago

You never know what fills someone with anger. Could be Elliott is just an asshole, or it might be that something happened to fuel his hate. Either way, unless you're defending yourself or someone else, it is rarely acceptable to put your hands on another person. I gave Elliott the benefit of the doubt when it was proven via recorded conversations that his crazy ex-girlfriend in Columbus was trying to extort him, but it's clear now that this guy is a troublemaker. Trouble follows him, and he's not anywhere close to smart enough to just walk the fuck away. Despite following the Cowboys, I could not care less what the league does to him at this point. Actually, I'd love to see someone, after being shoved/pushed/blocked by Elliott, return the favor and knock the holy dog snot out of him, because that's the only thing guys like Zeke Elliott respect or respond to. 

Comment 20 hours ago

I don't think Waters expects anything to be done, he's just pointing out the obvious, which is that the hypocrisy at Ohio State is thick... hell, the hypocrisy relative to the human condition is thick. Jon Waters got screwed, and although I personally could not care less who directs the OSU marching band, it's a shame that yet another man who did nothing wrong fell victim to one more asinine, hypocritical, pitiful witch hunt driven by millennial America and its insistence on emasculating men with new rules on acceptable male behavior. Are there assholes who abuse, beat, and act inappropriately? Yes, but based on all that was reported, Jon Waters isn't one of them. Are there men who have done nothing wrong aside from offending the #movements and media, or who work for spineless cowards who are afraid of offending the #movements and media? Absolutely, and based on all that was reported Jon Waters is seemingly one of them. 

Comment 18 May 2019

Paris Johnson refusing to take the class lead and recruit for Ohio State is disappointing. Jack Miller, a kid from Arizona, is clearly the class cornerstone, and good on him for standing by his commitment and promoting Ohio State throughout. I will never in a million years understand an Ohio kid who has purportedly committed to OSU continuing to overtly solicit interest from other programs. The 2020 class could use a shot in the arm heading into summer... and Johnson, Henry, and Thomas eschewing the opportunity to provide that shot is regrettable, imo. 

Comment 17 May 2019

What!?!?!?!?!?! Ohio born and bred Staubach? United States Naval Academy graduate Staubach? 63(ish) Heisman Trophy winner Satubach? Vietnam veteran Staubach? Slayer of Bob Griese and the Miami Dolphins in the 71 Super Bowl Staubach? Come on.

Comment 14 May 2019

I do not understand the appeal of that phony piece of dirt, Dabo, and I never will. In addition, Clemson is far from an academic bastion, and Clemson, SC is a backwards, backwoods nest of shit. Alabama and Saban I don't like, but I respect the hell out of the coach and the program, and I appreciate the way Saban runs that ship. Clemson and Swinney are to college football what the Miami Hurricanes were (and still are to me) in the 80s and 90s. I despise the culture, the coach, the program, the school, and the "city," and I begrudge them the success they're having. 

Comment 12 May 2019

Where did he get a list if no search were conducted?

He said he'd made a 'mental list.' No search was conducted, and Day was given the job unchallenged. Again, Smith relayed at Meyer's retirement presser that he (Smith) had given Meyer an ultimatum that morning... make a decision on your future at OSU. Once Meyer informed Smith that he was quitting, Day was notified and offered the job. So, unless Smith managed a national search in the few hours between telling Meyer to make up his mind and offering Day the position, then no search was conducted.

Comment 11 May 2019

Before I worry about Ryan Day jumping back to the NFL I'll need proof that he's actually worthy of the OSU job. Here's what I'm uncomfortable with regarding Day... it feels forced. Meyer was given hours to "make a decision," at least according to Gene Smith at Meyer's 'retirement' presser, and when he decided to quit, Day was handed the job, and I do mean handed. No national search for the next head coach at what is arguably college football's top job, and what is inarguably one of college football's top three jobs? No call to Mike Vrabel... a former OSU All-American player/coach who grew up in Ohio and is one of pro football's rising young stars? I'm not saying Vrabel should have been the choice, or even that he would have been interested if contacted... but I think some time should have been taken to make calls, gauge interest, and solicit opinions. Just hand the job to a guy on the word of Urban Meyer? Meyer also thinks Tim Tebow should be an NFL quarterback, preferred JT Barrett to Dwayne Haskins in 2017, believes Earle Bruce was a great coach, and thought it was a good idea to hire and retain Zach Smith after repeated multiple embarrassing infractions. Ryan Day has not led his own program on any level. Thirty months ago he was an obscure position coach in the NFL, and now he's the head football coach at Ohio State... a place that is as far removed as possible from being a training ground for head coaches. I'm not yet sold on Ryan Day, but 2019 will tell all. He could close the 2020 recruiting class strong, go on to win the B1G this season, and then be off to the races, or he could lose the Cincinnati trio to the SEC/ACC, go 9-3 this year, and play an SEC also-ran in a shitty Florida bowl game next January. I don't know which of these scenarios is more likely, but I'm hoping for the former. 

Comment 10 May 2019

 He let a loss get into his head so badly that he punched a kid.  

After spending two decades in emergency medicine, I can assure you that diabetic hypoglycemia makes people do things that they would typically never do, and Woody's diabetes was unchecked at that point in his career.

We'll agree to disagree regarding Woody Hayes, AML, but I do agree with some of your conclusions regarding Meyer and last summer's debacle. Thanks for the debate, and plus 1 for a well-stated opinion... I enjoyed it. 

Comment 10 May 2019

What we can deduce about what Hayes would or would not have done after nearly three decades walking the OSU sideline is this... he would never have quit. Never. Meyer is a great college football coach, and that's as plain as the nose on your face. Meyer also seems to be a guy who allows himself to be get overwhelmed by the noise, taking his ball and moving on when things get rough... and they get rough, in large part, because of stupid decisions Meyer himself makes. Urban Meyer has "retired" three times in a decade(ish), and while I agree that the BoT and President Drake were spineless and pathetic during last summer's insanity, it all started with Meyer repeatedly putting Zach Smith, of all people, above the program. All the absurd accusations about Meyer condoning abuse were nothing more than agenda driven media bullshit, but he allowed the press, both local and national, to force him out, and then largely blamed it on yet another health issue. I'm not dismissing Meyer's cyst, but had the summer of Courtney Smith not happened then Urban Meyer would still be the coach at Ohio State, cyst or no cyst. At the end of the day, there is no way Woody Hayes would have allowed Brett McMurphy, much less Courtney Smith, to force him out. Hayes worked through real heart attacks and diabetes like they were paper cuts and belly aches, and he would have gotten through a scenario like last summer for two reasons... because Ohio State football was that important to him, and to spite Brett McMurphy, Courtney Smith, President Drake, and the BoT. 

Comment 10 May 2019

That same guy failed to make the playoff with arguably the most talented team ever assembled, got shut out in a playoff game a year later, and got waxed by a pair of middling Big Ten teams in consecutive seasons after that.

...and 'that same guy' quit when things got ugly, just like he did at Florida. Why did things get ugly? Well, 'that same guy' allowed pieces of dirt like Courtney Smith, Brett McMurphy, and Zach Smith to gut the program on a national stage. I saw a new tee shirt on 11W recently... the GOAT tee. The shirt has Meyer's one title, record Vs ttun, and overall OSU record emblazoned on the front. I suck at math, but apparently 11W sucks worse, because how one national title and three B1G championships is better than FIVE titles, THIRTEEN B1G championships, and twenty-eight years consistently putting the program at or near the forefront of college football is beyond me. What's more, the true GOAT, Woody Hayes, would have never in a million years quit when things got rough. I mean, Woody actually had a real heart attack and kept grinding. Meyer, great as he was, is not OSU's GOAT, and that's a fact. 

Comment 08 May 2019

What? Martell was recruited specifically to run Meyer's offense, he stayed here for two years working hard and learning that offense, and he was a semester away from graduation prior to transferring. What's more, the head coach who recruited Martell because he (Martell) fit the coach's offense like a glove suddenly decided to quit, and the new head coach, a quarterback guru who had nothing to do with Martell's recruitment, was all-in on a transfer from UGA. Baldwin was handpicked by Day, accepted a year's worth of free rehab and elite medical care for his torn ACL, and just when he got healthy he decided to bolt, leaving the OSU QB room in disarray as a result. I don't wish Baldwin ill, but I certainly won't be cheering for him either. 

Comment 08 May 2019

Option 2. If Fields, who has minimal experience at the college level at this point, goes down, then Ohio State is fucked. A Kentucky bench warmer, a guy who played sparingly two years ago at WVU, and a walk-on round out the 'room.' This coming season is terrifying, imo. A head coach with zero experience taking over one of college football's all-time great programs, a quarterback who has been here for a couple months running the offense, and a defensive coordinator from *ichigan, of all places, who previously helped to lead teams that were consistently beaten by Ohio State. I'll be holding my breath from the UC game through November. 

Comment 06 May 2019

All true, NoVA. Had the OP's question not stipulated choosing a 'regular season game,' I would have had the 76 Rose Bowl at the top... because the 1975 Ohio State team was the best I've personally ever seen. Forty-four years later, I still cannot believe that team lost to UCLA... a game that was considered a foregone conclusion prior to kickoff. People on here who weren't around in those days simply cannot appreciate how dominating Woody's 1970s OSU teams were, and the '75 squad was the best of the lot, imo. 

Comment 04 May 2019

 Probably a racist too...

What? This is the go-to insult for millennials, but it's such a common refrain nowadays that it has about as much impact as calling someone a big meanie. As for the rest of your post, I agree in totality. 

Comment 04 May 2019

Agree, 97. Dabo is a fraud... a guy who shoves his bible down your throat while he negatively recruits and his players take PEDs. As frauds go, the worst of the lot are the phonies who promote their 'Christian' ideals while doing things that are less than Christian to actual people here on earth. Dabo is college football's poster boy for bible thumping, southern Christian pomposity... and I detest him for it. 

Comment 03 May 2019

Who's stopping him? Go ahead and coach again... but on your way to wherever it is you're going, know that you quit on Ohio State, that you unfathomably and arrogantly put Zach Smith above the program, and that you allowed a bitch like Courtney Smith, and an even bigger bitch like Brett McMurphy, to drive you out. Meyer's 55... five more years at his home state school coaching the program he grew up idolizing would have perfectly capped one of college football's great coaching careers, but Meyer walked. He can say it was due to the headaches, which are very real and very debilitating, I'm sure, but had last summer's insanity not happened, Meyer would be OSU's coach today, with or without headaches... and in spite of Michael Drake. If Meyer does go to USC or ND, he'll come for Moratti, Pantoni, and Voltolini...and maybe LJ. Let's see how many people want Meyer to succeed when he's looting the OSU program to help build the USC program. Elite football coaches are like elite NFL quarterbacks... there are only a handful to go around, and when your elite coach quits you usually can't just go out to the elite coaches tree and pick another one off the branch, even if you're one of the most storied, tradition-laden programs in college football history.