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Comment 6 hours ago

Yeah, I agree completely, Stx. Having said that, imo, the title excluding the 'co' designation is more than window dressing. Not all titles are created equal... Assistant Head Coach, Associate Head Coach... these are somewhat vague titles that are resume bullet points and not much more. Defensive Coordinator, however, is a clear designation. To me, it's meaningful that Coombs doesn't have that "co" in front of his name. Again, though, I agree with all that you said; no egos, a total group effort, Coombs and Mattison on equal ground... until the shit hits the fan or the unit kills it and they win another title. At that point, Coombs will get the bulk of the credit, good or bad, based on how the defense performs as a whole. 

Comment 8 hours ago

A-he’s co DC w/ Mattison

I could be wrong, but I believe Combs has been given the title of "Defensive Coordinator," while Mattison retains his "Co-Defensive Coordinator" title. The guy with the title is THE man on that side of the ball. Is it a group effort? Absolutely, but right now, Combs is being paid more than Mattison and he doesn't have the "co" designation in front of his name/title. That solo coordinator title means something... the buck HAS to stop somewhere, and as a program it stops with Ryan Day, but specific to the defense, the buck apparently now stops with Kerry Coombs... at least that's what his title would seem to indicate. 

Comment 10 hours ago

I see they've given Coombs the official title of "Defensive Coordinator" while Mattison is "Co-Defensive Coordinator." I believe that Hafley and Mattison both shared the "co" designation last season... now, Coombs owns it, at least in title. Glad he's back... a Buckeye through and through. 

Comment 18 Jan 2020

2018 was Alford's last really good effort, IMO. He missed on Cain, Ford, and Sampson James (to IU, I think) in 19, and then the Robinson / Knighton thing this year... among others. And I'm not laying all the blame at Alford's feet -- shit happens, even at Ohio State -- but should he miss on OSU's top RB choices for a third consecutive class, then I believe he could have some decisions to make regarding his career. Hyperbolic or not, that's how I see it.

Comment 18 Jan 2020

...that by itself should be a massive selling point for recruits.

Well, clearly it hasn't been 'massive' enough, because Alford has missed several times the last couple classes. I think he'll right the ship for the 21 class, but if he doesn't then he should be concerned about his status here. If the goal nowadays is national title or bust, which it seemingly is, then you need difference makers at running back, not three star projects who were far down your list before you became desperate. Williams might turn out to be an All-American... but he's a project, and Ohio State should never be in the position of having to take projects (being deep and uber talented at particular position groups and having the luxury of taking a project if you want to do that is great, but being forced to as a result of recruiting failures is something else altogether), especially at running back.

Comment 18 Jan 2020

Tony Alford is making a half million a year to be a position coach, and he's missed on several prospects the past few classes. It's time to reel one into the fold... at least one elite back, and if he can't do that then some discussion about potential changes might be in order. It's patently absurd that Ohio State, of all places, seems to be kryptonite for five star backs. USC has a rich tradition at the running back position, but Ohio State is right there in that discussion, so this drought is starting to become glaring... the spotlight will be bright, and pointed directly at Tony Alford. 

Comment 16 Jan 2020

It's a numbers thing for the Buckeyes who already have 24 signed and Cameron Martinez also committed making 25 for this 2020 class.

So, who's to blame? Is Ohio State telling Gibbs they simply don't have room, or did Gibbs blow off Ohio State? If it's the former, then Martinez better be in the class, because reserving a spot for a small(ish) guy with no definitive position, no matter how athletic he is, over an elite back who has a clearly defined path and position, especially when Martinez backed out of signing an LOI and when he's flirting with two other B1G programs, seems a bit risky. 

Martinez very well may just be waiting until Coombs is officially hired to sign with the Buckeyes

This Coombs deal is becoming frustrating, imo. I'm confused as to why, like a billion other coaches who move on from team A to team B, Coombs' hiring can't be announced while he's still an NFL position coach? And if Coombs and OSU have, in fact, a reached a tentative agreement and they're truly just waiting for the Titans to lose prior to announcing, then Martinez and every other DB commit should have been informed, so the theory about Martinez waiting for the news to become public doesn't make lots of sense to me... if Coombs/OSU already have a deal in place then Martinez should know about it. 

Comment 16 Jan 2020

 You have to go back to the John Cooper era in the late 90's to recall the last 44 Buckeye defeats.

I realize I'm reading FAR too much into the quote above, but...

I believe, after a quick (and possibly inaccurate) calculation, that John Cooper lost only 29 games between 1990 and 99, and over 13 seasons he lost, I think, 43 games, but Cooper was the B1G's winningest coach of the 90s, he had two top 2 finishes in the polls, a Rose Bowl championship, and three league titles (and at least 4 runners-up). Ohio State was a serious player nationally from 93 through 98... that's a six year run in the middle of Cooper's tenure where he had the Buckeyes operating with elite talent and winning lots of games. *ichigan has had no such run over the past ten years, nothing even close, so, imo, it's an insult to coach Cooper to compare his run with ttun's this past decade. 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

If he does so, perhaps the Titans offer Coombs a promotion to defensive coordinator and a hefty pay raise, and perhaps that would be enough to entice him to stay in Nashville. That doesn’t sound likely to happen, but it’s at least a possibility. 

Personally, if I were Coombs and ANY program other than Ohio State was calling me, I'd tell them thanks, but no way I'm traveling the country on shitty commercial planes, driving shitty rental cars, staying in shitty hotels, and kissing 17-year-old ass ever again. Because it's Ohio State doing the asking they would have my full attention, especially since I'd more than double my NFL salary... but if the Titans offer Coombs their DC spot then all bets are off. Not sure why he'd return to college football if that's the case, unless he just prefers college football and the recruiting grind, and maybe he does. Having said all of that, I cannot imagine that Ryan Day is waiting this long not having a really good idea of which way Coombs will go. He just has to have a tentative agreement in place, or he would be on to other candidates, and word would have leaked. 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Urban DID make the wrong call when he chose Barrett in 2017 over Burrow or Haskins. C'mon... two NFL first round draft picks are rotting on your bench so that you can run Barrett repeatedly in games. Because of that choice, in part, Ohio State had outstanding teams that weren't good enough to compete for national titles, whereas had Meyer been willing to go through a few early season growing pains with Burrow the Buckeyes would have had a multidimensional offense that would have been infinitely better suited to compete in the CFP. 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Any group of people for whom there are essentially no consequences when they commit egregious errors will absolutely abuse their power. Officials have carte blanche to do whatever they want to do, and Ohio State's scoop and score reversal is but one of a million examples proving as much. There was 100% video evidence of a catch, FOUR steps with the ball, and a clear fumble... yet the replay official ignored every frame of it and reversed the call on the field. He broke countless rules specific to the replay process, primary of which is that he overturned the on-field call when there was NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER allowing him to do that. ALL evidence PROVED the on-field call to be correct. It was a stunning decision... and one for which he suffered ZERO consequences. Until these clowns are held to a standard then this will continue. They're human beings, so there will be errors... but when the error is blatantly, flat-out wrong, and when there's video evidence proving as much, there HAS to be some system in place that allows for correction of calls that are egregious. The replay official in Ohio State's game ROBBED OSU of a score, very late in a playoff game, by reversing the call made by the on-field refs when ALL evidence proved him wrong. Absolutely stunning. 

In addition, the rules have become too convoluted. The targeting rule is horrible... how can you gauge a person's 'intent"? One guy who dipped his head meant to, but the other guy who dipped his head had no bad intentions. The officials are mind readers who cannot be proven wrong, no matter how much evidence there is to discredit them. 

Comment 13 Jan 2020

One questionable call did not make or break that game

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! "Questionable"? You mean the overt catch, followed by Ross taking four steps while securely holding the ball that was then stripped by Okudah and returned for a TD by Fuller, and which would have given the Buckeyes a 30-29 lead very late in the 4th qtr? That wasn't 'questionable,' it was blatant. The play had an enormous impact on the game, and the video evidence destroys any pitiful attempt to explain away the decision by the replay crook. If that corrupt bastard of a replay official was on trial for murder, and the prosecutor had video evidence that was the equivalent of the video evidence the replay official had on the OSU scoop and score, then that referee would be on death row as I type this. That's how damning that video replay was... everyone saw it, including former NFL and college football officials and administrators, but one guy disagreed with most of the rest of the college football world, and he sunk Ohio State's title run because of it. 

Comment 10 Jan 2020

What???? Holy cow, that is stunning news. Horrible, awful, terrible news. RIP Neil... loved the cerebral lyrics.

Comment 10 Jan 2020

I agree, guapo, but not because Fickel went 6-7 -- that was tough duty with the Tressel situation -- rather, I just don't think Luke Fickel is blue blood level talent. I think Fickel's ceiling is much closer MSU or the like than Ohio State, Alabama, Oklahoma, or Notre Dame. Vrabel is clearly a star... the guy went from hugely successful NFL player to position coach at OSU, position coach in the NFL, coordinator in the NFL, and now head coach of the Titans... all in a period of about seven or eight years. That's a meteoric rise that makes Ryan Day's path seem protracted by comparison. Fickel, imo, simply is not in that class.

Comment 09 Jan 2020

Dan Patrick says lots of things... according to Dan and his 'sources,' Urban Meyer should have been coaching USC this year. Like Colin Cowherd, Patrick seems to throw a bunch of nonsense on the wall to see what sticks, he's just far less arrogant than Cowherd when doing it. Personally, I like Vrabel as a coach (many on here do not, for reasons unknown to me), but he famously hated recruiting, or at least that was the word on the 11w street. I just find it hard to believe that any successful NFL head coach, 'successful' being the key word, would take a step back to the college level, but it isn't unprecedented... Bill Walsh went back to Stanford, although that didn't work out too well. 

Comment 08 Jan 2020

I don't know, UA, I just know, as you stated, that he went to MSU because he said he couldn't get into ttun... a revelation he only recently revealed on his podcast. Mostly, though, I can't stand the guy because he called Meyer morally corrupt and/or said Meyer has no moral compass after last year's Zach Smith debacle. I listened to him run his mouth about that scenario, and talk about Meyer as if he knew for a fact what had transpired when in reality he didn't know shit. If he wants to talk about what he considers to be OSU's shortfalls, okay, knock yourself out, but piously attacking Meyer's character -- and I'm FAR from the biggest Meyer supporter on here -- while he sits his portly ass in that chair acting virtuous and saying Harbaugh's program is righteous makes me sick. 

Comment 08 Jan 2020

You need humbled, fat boy, and so does the shitty program you support. It's pathetic that a guy who went to MSU wraps himself in the UM flag. Screw ttun and their portly troll of a cheerleader.