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Comment 21 hours ago

I am starting to feel bad for Michigan fans. My buddy just sent me this. They deserve better. #speedinspace #fireharbaugh

I have no idea who Adam Smith is, but his inane sympathies for *ichigan, as someone who's supposedly associated in some way with Ohio State, are so horribly misplaced that it makes me want to vomit. 

Comment 22 hours ago

You do know that Bo Schembechler and Gary Moeller also had degrees from OSU, right?

Yeah, I know that... and neither man was the head football coach at Ohio State. There's an enormous difference between a ladder-climbing coordinator or position coach at OSU taking the head coaching job at TTUN (or any program) Vs the head coach at Ohio State taking the job. 

Comment 24 hours ago

Completely agree, LCT. To be crystal clear, I think Meyer is one of college football's ten all-time greatest coaches, he set things up here to run like clockwork into the future, and I'd take him back in a heartbeat. He's the definition of winner as it relates to football... but he's also a disingenuous flake, imo. 

Comment 22 Sep 2019

Even as flakey as Meyer is, and he is a flake, I cannot fathom he would consider that particular job even for a moment. If he does, then it would be as blatant and brazen a show of disrespect as is possible as it relates to Ohio State football. I'm convinced Meyer coaches again, and soon, but not at THAT place. No way, no how... there's just no way that Meyer, an Ohioan, OSU grad, Woody idolizer as a kid in the 70s (like me) would go there. Can you imagine the insanity that would go on around here if Meyer took that job, and then pilfered Marotti, Pantoni, and LJ from Day's staff? It just seems so far out of the realm of possibility that it's classic *ichigan to think it's even a remote possibility. 

Comment 21 Sep 2019

Yeah, this is where Day will either start to separate from the field or fall flat on his face... I hope it's the former. I know most here are convinced that Day is the next great thing, and I hope that he is, but I'm not yet completely convinced. I'm more confident than I was a month ago, and I hope to be a few notches more sanguine next Saturday at this time... but he's got to prove it. The job was handed to him, but the B1G title he has to earn. The first TRUE test will come next week, and it's only a true test because of the history of that program, the environment -- which is even better at night -- and Frost/Martinez, because Nebraska certainly isn't one-tenth as talented as OSU. Day's team should go to Lincoln and win handily after a close first half(ish), but any win -- ugly, beautiful, or in-between -- will suffice as Day continues to build his team and reputation.

Comment 21 Sep 2019

 Gillis or something something. 

Josh Gattis. Brad Gillis is the guitarist in Night Ranger and the gunslinger who replaced Randy Rhodes in Ozzy's band... although Brad Gillis is probably a better OC than Josh Gattis, so maybe Harbaugh's gonna hire him next. 

Comment 21 Sep 2019

If I were unfortunate enough to have been born into ttun fandom, I think I might, maybe, actually be a little bit excited, because this is the first time that it seems semi-reasonable to think Harbaugh might be gone before 2020... probably back to the NFL... and my athletic dept has buckets of money and can back a Brinks truck up in any coach's driveway. They're actually contemplating Meyer as a replacement (that won't happen. I think Meyer will absolutely coach again, but not there, and if he did, well, it would be clear that he has ZERO respect or admiration for Ohio State, the program, the university, or those who came before him), but there are far more realistic options that would be at least somewhat interesting for that fan base. Leach, Stoops (Mark or Bob), Miles, Matt Campbell, or some ladder-climbing young star, someone similar to Day. I'd write this season off, want the 7-5/8-4/9-3 campaign to hurry up and get over with, and then get amped up for the coaching search after Jim bolts for the Dolphins' job. 

...or maybe Harbaugh comes back year after year after year. All I know is that Wisconsin and *ichigan combined for almost exactly 400 rushing yards today... and 40 of those belonged to ttun. It doesn't get more pitiful than that, and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving program.

Comment 21 Sep 2019

It's true. I'm not a McCall fan, just telling you he is one of the faster players on the team. Not defending his play or saying he should play... just that he's fast. that's his main attribute... speed.

Comment 21 Sep 2019

What? McCall does not lack speed. He's one of the fastest players on he team. That's not to say I disagree with wilson being the PR, but McCall most definitely doesnt lack speed. He lacks other things, to be sure, but not speed.

Comment 21 Sep 2019

When program transgressions happen, even if the HC is aware...

The head coach is always aware, and if he says he isn't then he's not doing his job or he has an ethics issue. These guys are absolute control freaks, so it always amazes me when one of them feigns shock when something bad happens... and Mark Dantonio is as controlling as any coach in America.

Comment 20 Sep 2019

Miami is too pitifully pathetic to hate. Just come to Columbus, take your beating like a man, and then get the f*ck out so Ohio State can move on to much bigger things. 

Comment 20 Sep 2019

I was surprised that Belichick signed him to begin with. Not a Pats fan in the least, but I respect Belichick and what he's built, and players like Brown aren't a part of that, typically. The other reclamation projects Belichick brought to New England -- Ochocinco, Dillon, Moss, Haynesworth -- were varying degrees of trouble, but Antonio Brown is different. He's more mentally handicapped than bad boy. He's just wired wrong... a petulant, entirely immature, spoiled asshole. Were Brown not an elite caliber NFL player, he would be in prison, I'm sure. I guess Bill thought he'd see for himself what Brown is really all about... and it took about a week for him to say, "Yep, everyone else was right, this guy is not worth the trouble... on to New York."

Comment 20 Sep 2019

The report stated the Bulldogs spent more than $7 million during the three-year period, which was well ahead of the next closest schools, Alabama (about $5.6 million) and Tennessee (about $5 million).

...and Tennessee (about $5 million). That's too funny. Talk about NOT getting bang for the buck. 

Comment 20 Sep 2019

That's interesting content, Knar. Not a Smith hater at all... but I do think he was fortunate, for lack of a better word, having Tressel already in place when Smith was hired, and with Meyer being available (and a native Ohioan who grew up idolizing Woody Hayes and those 70's Buckeye teams) once Tressel's excessive NCAA mandated punishment was imposed... and football hires are how ADs are judged at most P5 schools not named Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, or Indiana. If Ryan Day bombs -- and although that seems unlikely it's yet to be determined despite opinions to the contrary on here -- then it won't matter how many synchronized swimming or rowing tiles are won. 

I will also say that when Smith first decided that Meyer would remain at OSU doing whatever it is he does (I have no idea what Meyer actually does), I was supportive of that... but now I'm not. To me, it feels like Meyer is hanging around because he's in a limbo of sorts; he's waiting for his next job and biding his time at Ohio State and on FOX. I don't believe that having Meyer temporarily hanging around the program -- his history, both good and bad, casts a huge shadow -- is in the best interest of Day building his own thing. Now, if Meyer was truly interested in administration and learning that side of the business in earnest, and if he had a genuine ambition to be a serious candidate to replace Smith once Smith retired, then that would be different... but that isn't the case, imo, so Meyer's hovering could be problematic specific to OSU/Day moving forward. I realize that most believe Meyer hanging around only benefits Ohio State, and I don't completely disagree... but with the incessant rumors swirling regarding Meyer 'un-retiring' for a fourth time, it just feels odd to me having Meyer officially affiliated with the university while he vacillates between being retired and responding to USC rumors by saying he's "not there... yet." 

Comment 19 Sep 2019

That article also contains the following quote from Meyer's interview...

 “I’m not there at the moment. Next year, can I say that? We’ll talk again next year and we’ll see.”

This is Urban Meyer. Repeatedly retirees due to 'health issues,' then those heath issues disappear and he's on to the next place. He's been saying since January that he's "probably" done, and people on here have been jumping to his defense as if they're defending their own mother from an insult when others don't by into Meyer's declarations, but he IS going to coach again, and when he does he WILL come for Marotti and Pantoni... at least... and they'll both go to the moon if they have to to work with Meyer again. Urban Meyer, great as he is, is not even remotely as 'Ohio State' as Jim Tressel or Woody Hayes. It's not even close, and that's why I prefer both of the aforementioned coaches to Meyer... and that isn't even close either. 

Comment 19 Sep 2019

Clemson's schedule is garbage, absolutely, and I hate and that program (and Dabo) more than any program not named *ichigan or Miami. Having said that, it's a bit difficult to use Clemson's schedule against them, imo, because they have more than shown out almost out every time they've been included in the CFP, which I think is four times (maybe three, I'm not sure). When you play a shit schedule, due in large part to the weakness of your conference, but you always look tough in the postseason, then it's very hard to make their schedule a serious part of the CFP inclusion/exclusion debate. The committee has to talk about it, but the 'Clemson always shows up to play' argument will win out until they don't show up to play... and I begrudgingly accept that. 

Comment 18 Sep 2019

When Edwards said that Ohio State hates *ichigan 24/7/365, and that the ttun players/coaches/fans can practically smell the hatred on the OSU players/coaches/fans when The Game is played, he absolutely nailed it. I hate *ichigan with the intensity of 1000 burning suns because I'm a product of the Ten-Year-War, and that's why it's concerning to me when younger people, specifically writers on here, say they want ttun to win every game except the last one, or that the rivalry will no longer exist if it's a one-sided affair. WRONG! You hate *ichigan FAR more than you love the rivalry. FAR MORE. I don't give one rat fuck about that rivalry if it means that *ichigan has to win their fair share of games... I hope *ichigan never wins another football game Vs Ohio State. Hell, I hope *ichigan never wins another game. There would be no rivalry if that happens, and that would be perfectly fine with me. Fuck *ichigan... now, forever, always. That was Woody's approach, and it's mine too. 

Comment 17 Sep 2019

Who cares? If in 100 years, assuming the pussified masses haven't banned football by then, Ohio State Vs *ichigan is no longer a rivalry because *ichigan has sucked ass for multiple generations while OSU has dominated the conference, then I say fantastic. I will gladly trade being one half of college football's greatest rivalry for *ichigan's program imploding to an irrevocable nadir... kinda like the OSU v Illinois 'rivalry' you're referencing. Fuck *ichigan... now, forever, always.

Comment 17 Sep 2019

Just replace Urban with "The GOAT". Done.

Then people will think Woody Hayes said it. Meyer should at least get credit where credit's due.

Comment 16 Sep 2019

It's a bet, CB. I'll take the pasty white eccentric, crazy guy over the fat, stupid guy with mayonnaise stains on his singlet.