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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Spielman or Cousineau
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Comment 13 hours ago

 sometimes I find myself feeling bad for Miami...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Fu*k Miami... and I mean F U * K Miami and every minute fiber of their program. I despise their culture, their football alums, their everything. If *ichigan ceased to exist, a wonderful thought, imo, Miami would be my most detested program, and by a mile. 

In my opinion, Hafley was by far the most impressive of Day's hires (I'm not counting Hartline as he was essentially on staff last year). He was so impressive in his introductory presser... much more so that the others. I'm curious, however, about Mattison's recruiting involvement, or lack thereof... how much recruiting is Greg Mattison doing? I follow it, but not to the extent some on here do, and I've not heard Mattison's name mentioned with regard to recruits he's been responsible for bringing into the fold. Any insight from the recruiting gurus in the community specific to Mattison's pledges and/or targets? 

Comment 22 hours ago

It will be. When I was your age, there were so many things I couldn't fathom ever being able to afford, but as I aged (now 55) almost every single one of those things became affordable for me. You'll see... if the C-7 is something you want, but you feel it's out of reach, just give it a few years and couple career advancements and you'll be shopping for one in your color of choice. 

Comment 22 hours ago

Maybe he's letting his Buckeye show a little bit

No, Galloway learned from his buddy, Herbstreit, and neither ever let their "Buckeye show" while 'working.' Both of them bend over backwards, to the point of going too far sometimes, to make certain they aren't considered homers. If Joey Galloway says OSU will go undefeated, then he really believes they'll go undefeated.

...but if you're Ohio State right now you've beaten Jim Harbaugh so soundly that you're not really worried about it."

Wrong... not about the beatings, but certainly about the lack of concern. It's *ichigan, and they're always concerning for Ohio State fans, regardless of who coaches them. This season, that concern is palpable... it's gonna be a war up there in four months. 

Right now, I'm as sick and tired and tired and sick of hearing about 4-8 Nebraska as I can be. The pure talent gap between Ohio State and Nebraska is significant, and while Scott Frost is their perfect hire, and while we all expect their program to make big strides over the next few years, they're so far behind the talent/depth curve relative to OSU and other elite programs that if Day's team loses this game I'll be very surprised. Could it happen? Of course. Is it now chic to predict a B1G West land mine loss under the lights (potentially) for the Buckeyes? Yes. Do I expect it to happen? No... the game 'atmosphere' will only carry Nebraska so far before talent takes over. I know... Iowa and Purdue. I don't care. If Ohio State solved its defensive woes, then Nebraska shouldn't be anything more than an annoying gnat that needs swatted.

Comment 22 Jul 2019

It's sharp... but to me it has European aesthetics and, imo, looks nothing like a Vette, which historically has a long nose, a short tail, and a wide base. I'm not looking at the moment -- I just sold a C-4 I had for quite a while -- but if I were I would most likely buy a C-7 instead. I know most prefer the mid-engine design, and I do too with regard to performance, but aesthetically I prefer the C-7, and that car has far more performance than I would ever need. 

Comment 22 Jul 2019

No one, except maybe Nick Saban, can claim to be on the level of Urban Meyer when it comes to recruiting...

Maybe Nick Saban? Alabama had the top ranked recruit class in America for how many years straight? Seven? Urban Meyer is one of college football's all-time great recruiters, but it's Meyer who MIGHT be able to claim that he's who is on the same level as Saban, not the other way around, because Saban is this generation's most successful recruiter... by far. 

Comment 22 Jul 2019

And relax keyboard warriors with correcting the grammar of a 20 year old 

Could not possibly disagree more here. That college students in 2019 America speak like this, whether they attend *ichigan, Ohio State, or any other university, is nothing short of lazy, and that coaches apparently refuse to pull these players aside, in private, and gently correct their grammar is disappointing. These coaches love to beat their own drums specific to being 'life teachers,' but they clearly don't teach English language skills... and in the world of business, one's ability to speak correctly is vital. 

Fortune 500 executive: "Why do you think our company is the place for you, Khaleke?"

Hudson: "I just felt like there wasn’t no company better."

Fortune 500 executive: "Try rephrasing that for me, please."

Hudson: "You can’t get nothing better than this."

Fortune 500 executive: "We'll get back to you... thanks for your time."

Comment 22 Jul 2019

“I just felt like there wasn’t no university better,” Hudson said about why he chose Michigan. “With academics and football, you can’t get nothing better than this.

Irony... when a TTUN recruit cites "academics and football" as being the reasons he chose *ichigan while simultaneously butchering the English language, and while being the sitting representative of a team that gave up sixty-two points to its hated rival and followed that up with a loss to South Carolina in a shitty, rainy, irrelevant Florida bowl game. 

Comment 22 Jul 2019

2002 national championship game is tops, by a wide margin. Good friend and I split the 50 yard line on OSU's side of the field in Sun Devil Stadium that night... press row separated us from Archie's family box. It was, as they say, meant to be. Runner-up would be OSU at ttun in 75. LSU at Ohio State in 88 -- unbelievable comeback win for the Buckeyes that was incredible to watch live while standing on the track that used to be in Ohio Stadium -- gets an honorable mention... and if the 1988 season hadn't been such a shit show, this game might rank higher.

Comment 21 Jul 2019

I agree, CB, but I'm cautiously optimistic, or tentatively pessimistic, whichever you prefer. If Day's team, with talent vastly superior to almost every other conference team (PSU and TTUN approach OSU in talent, but a gap still exists), doesn't win the B1G at least once over the next two seasons, then that would have to be considered a failure. Before I'm fully aboard the Ryan Day train, he has to prove it on Saturdays and add to the WHAC trophy case. Is that fair? I think it's more than fair, honestly, especially considering the money he's being paid, and the Ferrari he was given to drive. He's lighting it up on he recruiting trail, and in large part he can thank the Ohio State brand and the century of consistent winning that preceded him, but he's certainly doing his part too, so all that's left is for him to prove it on the field... which is, by far away, the most important step in his legacy building. 

Comment 19 Jul 2019

There is no "managing expectations" at Ohio State, and that, at least in part, is why Ohio State is one of college football's most tradition-laden and winning programs historically. Everyone associated with the program, even those on the periphery, expect a win every week, and at minimum, a B1G title at season's end... so all involved should embrace that, because there is no other option. Like Fred Pagac said, 'If you don't like the pressure then Ohio State is definitely not the place for you... maybe you should go to Purdue or Illinois where you can go 7-5 and they'll build a statue for you.' I paraphrased, but that's the gist of it. Bottom line? Win... or OSU will find someone who can. 

Comment 18 Jul 2019

Good for Matt. He genuinely seems like a good guy, and his health was touch and go for a while, so it's good to hear he's back. 

Comment 18 Jul 2019

Harbaugh is an awkward, socially inept person, and almost everyone agrees with that. His latests comment, while having some validity, at least imo, only serves to perpetuate the general feeling that Harbaugh is an oddball who repeatedly inserts his foot in his mouth. Bottom line... Jim's 0-4 vs Urban, and the latest contest was a beating of historical proportions, so calling out Meyer at this point in the game seems like the definition of sour grapes. You have a program which has been irrelevant on a national level for decades, a program that allows its players to 'guarantee' wins and to publicly belittle its rival, and a head coach who is openly bitter towards a competitor who absolutely OWNED your self-described 'first-class program,' not to mention one that has an inferior APR to the school you're berating.

Comment 18 Jul 2019

What Harbaugh said is factually spot on -- controversy does follow Meyer -- but when you're 0-4 Vs the man you're talking about, and when the last contest was a beating of historical proportions specific to The Game, well, one would think that Harbaugh would have more sense than to call Meyer out, because it only sounds like sour grapes at this point. Jim Harbaugh, by essentially everyone's estimation, is an odd, awkward, socially inept, bumbling human being who says and does the wrong thing repeatedly... and this latest comment only serves to feed that impression. 

Comment 17 Jul 2019

Tom Herman seems like such a creeper... just a real greasy piece of dirt. Tom and his drunk, skank of a wife are a jewel of a tag team. Franklin, Dabo, and Herman, from my perspective, are the three biggest rat bastards in college football, and Swinney is the only winner among the three, so losing Robinson to Texas would be a very tough pill to swallow. 

Comment 16 Jul 2019

This, honest to God, is the very best piece I've ever read on this site. God bless you, brother, and I've got to know... do you still have that 1969 Corvette Stingray? If you do, you'll get one helluva return on your initial investment. What did you pay brand new... under 5k?

Comment 16 Jul 2019

Dantonio has reached his acme at MSU, imo. He's done as much there as one can do in today's college football climate, and if he is set to retire at season's end, then it'll be because he knows there is nowhere to realistically go but down in East Lansing. Knowing that national titles are the goal for every mid-level and up P5 program, and knowing that it's highly unlikely he can win one at *ichigan State, I can see the timing being right to step away after this season. I hope not, because he's a very good coach/player developer, and a solid representative for the B1G... but the expectations and the reality simply don't align at these programs on the periphery of being a major player, and MSU is, and has almost always been, a program on the edge of where programs like Ohio State, Alabama, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and yes, even ttun reside. MSU, UCLA, TAMU, etc., are programs who are historically on the outside looking in, and breaking through to that next and highest level is difficult. Fisher might do it at A&M because he's a very good recruiter, but Dantonio isn't and he never will be. 

In addition, Fickell going there doesn't bother me for two reasons... first, and despite popular opinion on here, I don't think Luke Fickell is Ohio State head coach quality, and second, if I'm wrong and Fickell is an OSU caliber HC, it won't matter where he when the job next opens, because he'll leave wherever he is in a heartbeat to come home. 

Comment 16 Jul 2019

Was it painted by Wagner? Because, although I can't see the headstock, the inlays and the that single cut body shape are PRS trademarks. So, either it's a PRS replica made by Wagner (I know they make replica PRS and EVH striped series guitars), or they painted it for him (I assumed a player at his level would have an actual PRS endorsement). Either way, it's sharp... altho I really dislike Ohio State's branded logo and would have left that off. I wish they'd just have the scarlet block O with the Buckeye leaf in the bottom corner. I really dislike Ohio State spelled out across the O.