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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being at the '02 National Championship game
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Spielman or Cousineau
  • NFL TEAM: Cowboys/Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Jackets
  • MLB TEAM: Reds

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Comment 4 hours ago

Three weeks is asinine... but asinine decisions by asinine people who are hellbent on being able to say, "See, we told we're smarter than you and all the rubes down south" is to be expected. The B1G made it virtually impossible for its members to make it through nine games in nine weeks, and now Wisconsin will seemingly be the first program to pay a steep price for the unfathomable ineptitude of conference leadership. Cancelling in fucking August, defiantly holding strong on that cancelation in the face of everyone in America telling them they're idiots, completely ignoring parent associations, coaches, players, media, and fan bases who were pointing out the stupidity of the initial decision, creating a PR disaster (by definition) throughout, refusing to start on October 10 or 17 and waiting until 10/24 making it impossible to build flexibility into the schedule for postponed games... the B1G couldn't have mismanaged this any more had they tried.

Comment 24 Oct 2020

Minnesota has a shit show of a defense. They outta drive out in a mini cooper and pile out of it like the circus clowns they are. 

Comment 24 Oct 2020

There's not a bigger ttun fan, aside from desmond howard, than Herbstreit. It's sickening. 

Comment 24 Oct 2020

God how I fucking despise *ichigan... and I now despise Minnesota for being such a 1st qtr shit show while playing *ichigan. Row your dumbass boat, Fleck, and stop giving em the game. 

Comment 24 Oct 2020

Yeah, football, more than most other sports, is very much a frame of mind, and while Harrison's very tall, very long, and very quick... his posture seems more basketball player than football player, and it always has, imo. I'm hoping his mind-set catches up to his physical ability, because if it ever does, he could be really good.

Comment 24 Oct 2020

Positives: Fields, Olave, and Wilson are elite college football players who carried the team today. The freshmen receivers appear to be as advertised. The offense capitalized on Nebraska turnovers like a high scoring unit should. Special teams was solid throughout... minus McCall trying to force a big play. 

Negatives: The o-line seemed to get beat at the LOS regularly when run blocking. I expected a lot more from Meyers, Miller, and Davis up the middle... a lot more. The running backs, minus Steele Chambers, looked meh today. No jump cut, no wiggle, not a lot of speed, and little ability to move the pile. 

The defense, at this moment, is... worrisome. Nebraska penalized and fumbled their way out of a tight game, and while that's part of football and while Ohio State took advantage of Nebraska's mistakes (some forced, some unforced), the linebacker play, and the lack of pressure at times along the d-line was concerning. 

All in all, it was game one -- after almost an entire year since their last game -- and they won it 52-17. Let's see how next week turns out, but the defense must improve quickly, and the middle of the offensive line needs to start grinding meat in the rush game.

Comment 23 Oct 2020

Has it ever actually been used within the context of Michigan football?

Well, one time, in 2018, that phrase was being used within the context of *ichigan football... and then 62-39 happened and we all laughed and laughed and laughed. 

Comment 23 Oct 2020

May we all strive to be paid a salary while being as bad at our job as Drumm

...and as bad as every weatherman in Ohio. I swear, they open their window, lick their finger and stick it in the air, and then guess as to what might happen later that afternoon. 

Comment 22 Oct 2020

 Will Nebraska get blown out at Ohio Stadium? I don't think so.

Define 'blowout'.

52-17, Buckeyes... and that qualifies as a blowout, imo. This team feels it has something to prove, Kerry Coombs, I would bet, feels he has something to prove, Ryan Day wants to prove his inaugural season wasn't an aberration, and the Clemson game has been poisoning their gut for almost a year now... I think Nebraska takes a beating. 

Comment 20 Oct 2020

Michigan: “Obviously, they’re a great program.

No, it's not a great program. It's a good program, but it is not a great program... it just isn't. That doesn't mean Miller doesn't see it as great, but the reality is that *ichigan is not great now, nor has it been for quite some time. It's a tradition-laden, storied, winning program, but there's a different level for the great programs, and *ichigan is not on that level and it hasn't been for decades. 

Comment 19 Oct 2020

An offensive coordinator who was working at a credit union last year, a quarterback / captain who is regressing and who hasn't been named the starter five days out, an AD who whines incessantly about how the league is picking on his team, and a head coach who has been the biggest disappointment in college football since his arrival at Nebraska three years ago. I respect every opponent, and first games are often times outliers... but it's tough to work up much regard for this Nebraska program.

Comment 19 Oct 2020

No, it's not the end of the line for Ferentz. That letter is asinine; they make inane demands, and have the nerve to include a 20 million dollar ransom as the cherry on top of the shit sundae. This is nothing more than some dumbasses and their dumbass lawyer taking a veritable shot in the dark and hoping to capitalize on the current state of things. 

Comment 19 Oct 2020

According to medical experts, that's a reality Ohio State and the Big Ten might have to face in the coming weeks.

Yeah, no shit. The B1G "leadership," a word I use very loosely here, is a shit show, and they've managed to set up a season that will be virtually impossible to complete. Starting late, not building in a single opportunity to postpone / reschedule, instituting absurd conditions... it's almost like Warren and the presidents/chancellors wanted the season to fall flat on its face.