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Comment 4 hours ago

I agree, but not because Tressel doesn't have what you say he needs, healthcare experience, rather there's no way OSU's next president is the same guy who was forced out as its football coach about a decade ago. Ohio State doesn't have the balls to make a bold hire like that. Personally, I think Tressel is the perfect candidate. Realistically, I'd be shocked if it comes to be. 

Comment 16 hours ago

They almost certainly are not going to get Robinson in scarlet and grey, but I'd still consider landing a silent commitment from the nation's No. 2-ranked running back at least a mild success.

It seems like there are no moral victories in recruiting. You either win or lose... there's no in-between. 

Comment 20 Nov 2019

HISTORICALLY DOMINANT. I've been saying this for a few weeks, but at some point I honestly think we're going to start having to treat this Ohio State team like one of the best teams of all-time instead of just one of the best teams in the nation this season.

If they win another five games then we can discuss this team's place in college football history. Right now, they have PSU to deal with, and then the greatest rivalry in sports... on the road. It's about to get rough, so let's see how they fare before crowning them one of college football's all-time best teams. 

Comment 19 Nov 2019

 It is unknown if the MSU AD would give Dantonio another year.

I read yesterday in a national article that the MSU administration "will not fire" Mark Dantonio, so I think we do know that if MD wants another year, or three, he'll seemingly get it. Apparently, they feel he's earned the right to go out on his own terms. I disagree with that nonsense, btw, because the money being paid to coaches nowadays means the expectations, no matter how unrealistic, must be met. Mark Dantonio makes north of 4 million annually to win football games, and he's failed miserably in that regard for three of the past four years. These coaches are stubborn and often times refuse to make necessary changes because their egos are too big, and an AD at a P5 program simply cannot allow a guy to whom he's paying millions of dollars to just continue losing on the field and in the living rooms because that coach was once very successful. That would be doing a disservice to the program. Personally, I like Dantonio, and if he capitulates and makes the necessary changes to his offensive staff then I'd keep him, but an ultimatum must be given... make changes, or we'll need you to step aside and we'll make them for you. 

Comment 19 Nov 2019

We're wasting our characters until November 30. PSU is not a rivalry, imo, so it is just another game... a BIG game, but another game. *ichigan, on the other hand, is EVERYTHING. If Day loses to ttun then it really won't matter what he did leading up to The Game, because he will be judged based on what he does Vs That Team. That's the deal here... like it or hate it, that's what he signed up for and what he's being paid 4+ million a year to do... beat *ichigan. His team is significantly better/more talented/deeper than *ichigan, so he's got the advantage heading into the contest. The pressure is on, and we'll see how he handles it in a few weeks. 

Comment 18 Nov 2019
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Comment 18 Nov 2019

Desmond Howard is a walking, talking perpetually inappropriate comment. What's more, he is wholly inept as an analyst, and he doesn't even feign impartiality. That show is as good as its weakest, dumbest, most biased link, and Howard is all three of those things. He renders an already shitty show with zero substance even shittier with the stupidity that comes out of his mouth.

Comment 18 Nov 2019

Completely agree here, Navy. The divisions are so out of balance since going to East and West that it's ridiculous. The B1G West is like an entirely different conference... and a much lesser conference to boot. Rutgers and Maryland will start each league season 0-4 (I'm giving MSU the benefit of the doubt here despite things being ugly up there) while Wisconsin has a relatively easy annual run to Indianapolis. 

Comment 17 Nov 2019

There is no race, it's down to one... Burrow. And when he wins the Heisman for LSU it will pain me considerably. 

Comment 16 Nov 2019

This is the most confident I've been in an Ohio State football team since Woody was walking the sideline... and that's not hyperbole. There have been many outstanding OSU teams, but this one is unusually talented and deep. They played a sloppy game today... turnovers, muffed punts, missed tackles... but without even trying they cruised to an easy blowout. I know the opponent sucks, but this OSU team is special. The only way they lose any of their remaining games is if they beat themselves... so it's on Day and staff to see to it that that doesn't happen, because the Buckeyes are significantly better than PSU, *ichigan, and any team from the B1G West. 

Comment 16 Nov 2019

This is absurd. Saban doesn't "deserve" for anything like this to happen. This is football, injuries happen, sometimes at the worst time. It's a bad injury (same as Bo Jackson's, I think), and I feel sorry for the player, but Saban is just coaching football and trying to make his team better. It was a tough break... nothing more, nothing less. 

Comment 16 Nov 2019

If I were a Northwestern fan/alum, what would bother most about this season is Fitzgerald's apathetic pressers following loss after loss after loss. His offense, run by his good friend, is pitiful... and he alternates between "trying to lighten the mood" in his postgame pressers with jokes, and insulting the fans by telling them he "doesn't care" that they want him to change things offensively. Fitzgerald gets lots of respect around here, but I think what he's done best is to establish a culture of acceptance regarding the football program; i.e., the academic standards relative to recruiting and the expectations for wins and losses. He's got a lifetime job there if he wants it, and I honestly don't know that NW can do better than PF, but Fitzgerald can absolutely do better, and he should be made to. 

Comment 15 Nov 2019

It absolutely stuns me how many kids have *ichigan on their top 5 or top 10 lists. I have ZERO idea what it is that attracts them... no idea whatsoever. Is it the now two decade long shit show going on up there? Is it Harbaugh's OVERT squirreliness? Is it the annual Florida Bowl game on ESPN2 at 11am? I don't get it... and yes, I DETEST ttun, but I sincerely don't get the attraction. 

Comment 15 Nov 2019

If Ohio State were to lose to Rutgers then I'm not sure how any of us could ever defend that. It's not a trap game... it's an absolute murder waiting to happen. 

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Most of what I've read about Garrett, long before last night, is that he's a thoughtful, fairly intellectual person who is an academic, a poet, and an artist. Last night was seemingly out of character, and many of us have done things that were out of character. This nonsense about an assault charge is just that... hyperbolic nonsense. He deserves a stiff suspension... four games out with no game checks seems reasonable to me... but saying he should be banned from the league is something with which I strongly disagree... and to be clear, I hate Baker Mayfield and I'm not a Browns fan, but I am an NFL fan and Myles Garrett is seemingly one of the more refined players in that league. He made a mistake, as we all have, but some people really need to come down from their high horse. 

Comment 15 Nov 2019

In the mean time though, we all know he'll be leading his unit like nobody else. Even if he's gotta do it while hobbling around on crutches.

This, essentially, is the entire issue I had with Bosa leaving in the middle of last season. I didn't blame him for not attempting to come back for the B1G title game or the Rose Bowl in order to avoid further injury, but I did blame him for treating his captaincy like a used Kleenex and throwing it away like it was nothing. 

Comment 14 Nov 2019

I am as far from a 'homer' as exists on here, but I can say in all honesty that no team in America concerns me with the way the Buckeyes are playing... actually, that's not entirely true. The team that most concerns me isn't going to the playoff... *ichigan, by far, is the team that scares me the most. The Game is otherworldly... a war that is unlike any other 'game' Ohio State might play in the CFP.

Comment 14 Nov 2019

I follow recruiting fairly closely, but not to the degree that some on here do, and it seems like the only people who consider Shipley a potential Ohio State pledge are people affiliated with... Ohio State. Can those who diligently follow recruiting explain why Shipley is mentioned so prominently on 11W when it seems as though his interest lies elsewhere based on his recruiting profile? Apparently I'm missing something quite obvious, but I have no idea what that might be. Would someone educate me on this one?

Comment 13 Nov 2019

Smith said Herbstreit was trying to just lay out the scenarios, and Smith felt a lot of that was misunderstood.

Well, who's fault is that? It seems like a "professional" media member should be able to clearly communicate information to the millions watching, and Herbstreit didn't do that. He mucked it up, had to clarify thirty minutes later, and then ESPN and others ignored the clarification and ran with Herbstreit's "4 games" comment. 

Comment 13 Nov 2019

Ohio State would beat LSU in the parking lot of the Baton Rouge Holiday Inn... the defenses aren't even close to comparable... so the Superdome certainly won't stop them. I was at both the 2002 and 2007 title games. In 02, it was literally like the game was being played in Columbus as the fans seemed to be 10:1 in favor of OSU. In 07, it was less definitive, but the OSU fan base showed out. Not like in 2002, but it didn't seem like a home field advantage for LSU relative to fans in attendance. It's clearly an advantage for LSU playing in their home state... but it's a bigger advantage for Ohio State being decidedly better on one side of the ball. 

Comment 13 Nov 2019

Absolutely. Had Herbstreit (or any white analyst) said verbatim what Howard said, he would be immediately terminated. Immediately. Desmond Howard, imo, is the worst analyst of all time, and that is not hyperbole, it's my genuine and sincere sentiment. I'd rather listen to Beth Mowin do play by play that listen to Howard say one syllable... and the sound of Mowin's voice makes me want to gack.