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The Thing That Hurts Most is Feeling Robbed.

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December 31, 2019 at 12:46pm

I've been an Ohio State fan basically since I was old enough to understand what football was.  I grew up in Toledo during the 90's; I've been through some dark days.  

I can deal with an Ohio State bowl loss.  The 14' Orange Bowl v Clemson, the 09' Fiesta Bowl v Texas, the 08' Championship v LSU.... All of them hard fought games that Ohio State come up short in.  Within a couple days I'm over it.  

The only times it lingers are if A) we get hammered (07' Championship v Florida, or the 16' Fiesta Bowl v Clemson).... or B) if we get robbed. 

I can't remember the last time Ohio State was so thoroughly robbed of what SHOULD have been a victory.  And I've always been of the opinion that you should never leave a game close enough that a bad call decides you lose; but this wasn't even ONE bad call.  I can think of 3 bad calls off the top of my head, any one of which would have probably changed the outcome of this game... and then ON TOP of all of that you have a host of less serious bad calls, bad spots, etc, etc.  

Yes, we SHOULD have made TD's instead of FG's in the red zone.  But here's the thing... we DID sack Lawrence for a 15 yard loss on a clean tackle.  We DID strip the ball and return it for a TD.  We DID have Dobbins over the goal line for six!  We MADE THE PLAYS AND HAD THEM TAKEN AWAY.  

This is gonna linger fellas.  Don't let people tell you you're a whiner, or compare you to Miami in 02' or etc, etc, etc.  This is arguably the best Ohio State team in at least my life time, and they were hands down robbed of a victory.  

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