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We Are NOT Hurricane* Fans. We Are Buckeyes

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December 29, 2019 at 8:34am

Life is full of arcs.  In 2002 the great run of Miami Hurricane teams came to an abrupt halt when they ran into one Jim Tressel and the Ohio State Buckeyes.  If you remember correctly, that game had a bit of a controversial ending with respect to officiating.  

I write this because my extended family are all UM fans and to this day they still gripe about the, "Pass Interference".  My point is, buckeye brethren, that we had our chances and it is a losers mentality to worry or gripe about the officiating.  Yea it stings, but if we punch it in during our trips to the red zone instead of settle for field goals, WE WIN. If we don't make mental mistakes and run into the punter, WE WIN.  If we don't lead with the crown of our helmet (Shaun Wade) we likely win going away.  (btw, 100% the right call)

We talk about arcs in life.  Our favorite football team has been on one of the great runs in the history of the game since that night in Tempe, Arizona.  Almost 17 years later, in Glendale, Arizona we got punched in the gut.  How will we respond? By still griping about the officiating next thanksgiving with our Clemson fan cousins?  Or do we buckle down and grow from this?  Because failure or success is not the result of  defeat or victory in a game, but in how one responds in the aftermath and moves forward thereafter.  

New Years is approaching friends, love your family a little more, work a little harder, and cultivate in your mind an attitude of personal accountability in all things.  lets make 2020 our best yet.  O.H... 

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