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Let’s Talk Non-buckeye Rooting Interest the Rest of the Way

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November 30, 2019 at 6:26pm

I think in regards to looking ahead to potential playoff matchups, I’m going to be rooting for Utah to win out, and Oklahoma to lose either in the big twelve title game or tonight to Oklahoma State. 

I think Utah is a better matchup for the buckeyes, and if Ohio state is 1 and Utah is 4 I think that gives the buckeyes a clearer path to the national title game.

yes, I like all of you want to see Clemson at some point and a matchup against a joe burrow lead LSU is also intriguing, but I think this team has proven all they need to prove and I would rather have a more palatable game in the first round in preparation for what will be an ultimately much tougher game in the finals.

also, I have been an ardent supporter of joe burrow up to this point but from here on in I can’t root for him to do anything other than not get injured as I feel Ohio State has at least 2 guys in heisman contention that deserve more consideration, again, just my opinion. 

what say you? Any particular matchups for the post season or playoff you feel like you want to see?

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