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Comment 23 hours ago

I'm the resident Eagles fan. At 25 I have no idea what's going to happen. Tons of players available in that area have been linked to the birds. I'm pretty well comfortable with them drafting anyone other than Devin Bush. 

Comment 23 hours ago

Saw some highlights, he struggled in a pretty terrible way. Oh Tathan, we thought we barely knew ye... turns out... we knew ye. 

Comment 25 Apr 2019

I actually posed the same scenario to a buddy at work yesterday. Wouldn't shock me in the slightest if washington felt like they had to mortgage their entire future to go up to 1 to get a QB. I mean, I love DH as much as the next guy, but if I were a GM even on a QB needy team, I'm not selling all of my future prospects to go up to 1 because I'm desperate. 

Comment 24 Apr 2019

Man this is a tough call.

Star Wars, I could try my hand at being a Jedi.

Harry Potter, I could potentially be one of the chosen ones to be a person of magic.

Star Trek I could be a member of starfleet.

The Hobbit I could eat dinner with Bilbo Baggins

I guess I would have to choose Star Wars... The chance to use a lightsaber and be a Jedi would be amazing, then I would turn to the darkside and be a badass Sith Lord. 

Comment 24 Apr 2019

I admit I bemoaned the first episode for not furthering the story, this second episode was sort of in that wheelhouse where they didn't really move forward anywhere, BUT it was so entertaining.

Tormund is by far my favorite character, so his return was great. I like where they're going, it would appear that the shit is going to hit the fan in episode 3. 

Comment 24 Apr 2019

Given Clark's history and how his career at TTUN ended, I say good riddance. Glad we could send him away from D1 football with consecutive losses to the good guys. 

Comment 24 Apr 2019

I don't think TMac has much to be nervous about. He seriously out-performed expectations both at the senior bowl and the combine. My guess is he hears his name called before the 3rd round and is a ST dynamo for whatever team he goes too as he develops and transitions his WR skills to the NFL. Within a couple of seasons he should be a very consistent and well regarded WR for whatever team he plays for. 

Comment 23 Apr 2019

I love what's happening with the WR group. I'd have to bet the starters are Mack/Olave/Hill and the 2nd group is Wilson/Victor/Gill, and you'll see guys like Jaylen Harris, and a few others force their way into the conversation. Man, what a job Brian Hartline has done with those guys. 

Comment 22 Apr 2019

I'll say Harrison hits the under based off the # of guys playing in front of him, but he'll see enough playing time in enough games not to warrant a redshirt.

Wilson... I think the over. I think the more he is on the field the more comfortable and explosive he'll be. By the end of the season I'd bet he and Olave are far and away our 2 best WRs.

I wouldn't scoff at Miller being the starter next year, but this year I think he appears in the requisite number of games to allow him to preserve his redshirt year.