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Comment 8 hours ago

An embarrassment of riches, but if they do get another guy let's go after someone whose got more of that scat back type, someone whose going to catch the ball and run it out of the backfield, IE Curtis Samuel... Man, what a list of talented players right there.

Comment 13 hours ago

He'll for sure be the guy on offense garnering the most attention, so it depends on who can step up surrounding him.  Honestly, if he chose to come back, he'd be doing so under a bit of duress, the team is losing a ton of pieces that gave him the opportunity to get in a lot of one-on-ones and score a lot of points.

If he feels good about the team surrounding him, and the class they're bringing in, then I think staying is his best bet.

If he sticks around, and they are able to have little fall off from the players they're losing, I think they are a tournament team once again, at the very least.

Comment 13 hours ago

It was pretty obvious that bulking up the interior of the DL was the priority with the prior class, it would appear that the outside of the OL is the top priority this class, do you agree? If not, what positional group is most pressing for the upcoming class? 

Comment 13 hours ago

I'm in off-season form... Racing season for running starts soon, and I have a bunch of family stuff coming up.  Although, spring football is upon us, folks.

Comment 18 Mar 2018

If KBD takes off that’s a lot of points that need made up. Hopefully they find someone that can find the goal a whole bunch. 

Comment 14 Mar 2018

Assuming Bowen is back to 100% does he step back in at RG? Has Knox cemented his claim on the position and must Bowen beat him out cleanly?

Comment 14 Mar 2018

Eagles fan checking in, stoked to get Nigel Bradham back in the fold, that was huge. The Ngata signing will be a smart, under the radar move.  Let's get Patrick Robinson under contract!

Comment 13 Mar 2018

My thing is, for the Vikings, production wise, Keenum and Cousins are pretty similar.  There may have been an opportunity to resign Keenum on a performance based contract with incentives, and potentially pay him about 10 million a year less (not totally sure what the market is for Keenum, but I can't imagine teams are backing up the brinks truck for him).  You can then use that 10 million a year to upgrade other areas of the team, bring in younger legs to play outside, make sure you've solidified your backfield if Cook isn't 100%...

Just seems like a waste to pay one guy all that money, but again, hey, it's not my cash.