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Comment 03 Apr 2020

Absolutely heartbroken for these guys. Moore was going to steamroll his way to a National title. 

Pletcher and Lee went 1-1 head to head and had the stage set for an incredible story.

And not to mention, I followed the wrestling team by the minute and to not get to see the end of the season is really sad.

I know it's just where we're at as people, hopefully the wrestlebucks that were in contention know that we hurt right along with them.

It'd be great to see them get 1 more year.

Comment 02 Apr 2020

Tom Ryan had at least 1 NCAA national champion on this roster. No one at 197 was going to touch Kolin Moore in that tournament. Pletcher and Lee would have been the final at 141 and Pletcher showed he could win that match.

Sad to see the wrestling season boil down with no national champions and nothing to show for all the hard work of the guys who were there in the thick of it. They all deserve an opportunity to prove themselves.

Comment 24 Mar 2020

What's crazy is my job was actually in the process of getting me setup to work from home. I work for the VA at a call center that does prescription related stuff for Veterans. 

Literally everything we do is either over the phone or over the internet, so we could have been working from home for the longest time, but my leadership group just got their act together to make it happen within the last couple months.

Well the COVID-19 pandemic EXPONENTIALLY sped up the timeline and forced my department to get on the ball, so I've been teleworking the last two weeks, every day. 

It's crazy, I'm home every day with my kids, while my wife (nurse) still goes into work. I moved my kitchen table into our living room where I get the best light and have the TV in front of me (awe yeah), and I do my job as normal while I watch wrestling, and make lunch for my kids, and that sort of stuff.

It was weird at first but I feel pretty good about it now.

Comment 24 Mar 2020

Those are all actually really good choices for each player. The easy thing to say for Young is "any team with a dominant pass rusher to line up opposite him to free him up..." But the Rams make a lot of sense. They prioritize play makers all over the field, so much so that they don't have the draft capital to get a guy like Young anyway lol.