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Comment 18 minutes ago

I just don't see any universe, be it this one, or the upside down (stranger things) where the cornhuskers can compete with the Buckeyes.  I know their stadium is going to be rockin', but it's not like OSU has never faced a tough crowd.

Pack it up and go home early... Buckeyes 42 Huskers 6

Comment 1 hour ago

I don't really see the problem with questioning the coaching staff, or questioning a player's true value, or ability when they've shown they're prone to not playing great at particular times. I still respect JT, and am appreciative of the good he's done at Ohio State.  My issue with him is just more that I feel like the grass may indeed be greener on the other side. 

It happens with coaches sometimes, like Marvin Lewis, sometimes a guy is just around for too long, gets too comfortable, and the whole team, and the player needs a change to try and get better.

I do hope JT proves every one of the doubters wrong, I'm just not sure he will.  If he does, I'll gladly eat crow.

Comment 3 hours ago

With his speed, low weight, lack of height, but what seems to be absolute brute strength, he could probably be a destroyer at safety.  If he's pushing more weight than what you've listed, he's got the linebacker mentality, he has the speed to play the position... May not be a bad move, of course as young as he is, maybe he grows 2 or 3 more inches and LB will be his spot anyway.

Either way, best of luck to him!

Comment 3 hours ago

I actually see all of these as plausible, both the good, and the unfortunate.  It's just hard to picture the secondary being all teeth, year after year, when young guys have to grab the brass ring with little that amounts to genuine playing time.  However, they are more athletic top to bottom (even with the youth), then probably ever before, so anything is possible.

I think Weber will stay below 1200 yards.  I just think they will be handing the ball off to multiple backs (even though he'll be the workhorse), and we all know JT will have a huge share of carries.

Comment 5 hours ago

Feature the CFP voting system, give updates throughout the season to know where the committee sees you in relationship to the rest of the country.  This is more for the real FBS, that would give us some insight into what they truly look for.

I just miss the franchise overall. 

Comment 5 hours ago

Man, it's just insane how it all worked out for Zeke.  In terms of on the field, he couldn't have gone to a better situation.  A team with a young QB that was going to have to run the ball a lot, and the best OL in football...  Set him up perfectly to be the next Emmit Smith...

Fast forward a year, and he's shown he's not mature enough, or right enough between the ears to be able to handle it and make the most of the opportunity.  It's so frustrating when you admire someone so much for their talent, but then have to shake your head at them when they make these types of mistakes.

Jerry Jones is a clown and has made a zillion terrible moves, he's the last person I'd look at to give Zeke the right kind of guidance.  He just needs to get wise, and grow up quickly.

Comment 5 hours ago

It's tough for me with JT.  I mean, literally, every single play that the offense runs this year, be it a run, or pass, comes straight through him.  If it's a run, he has to decide to either give the ball to the RB, or take it himself, and if it's a pass, he has to be the one to throw it...  The offense is going to give him a ton of opportunities to make plays.

I think to be a Heisman hopeful you have to have a few of those "splash" moments, even if it's not a game where you throw 5 tds, maybe you only throw 2, but those two have to be impressive, and be "play of the year" type moments.  JT didn't have many of those last year, and the ones he did have were forgotten because he was pedestrian in other areas.

I think the setting is there for JT to make a splash.  They have the right OC, he has the right positional coach, playmakers as far as the eye can see, and an OL that should be better...  It all comes down to him and what's happening between his ears. 

My concern is that Tim Beck really was that bad as a coach, and he might have done irreparable damage to JT's mechanics and thought process for the position, we will see soon enough.

I'd say JT should be considered an early favorite, but I think of the early favorites, his prospects are the shortest...

Comment 5 hours ago

Michigan has one guy that really scares me.  Rashan Gary.  I really think he was under-utilized last year, although he had some great players ahead of him.  I think he's going to be a real difference maker along their DL.  The rest of their team, I think is going to need a while to gel, but I think by the time we get there, they'll be humming right along, and we will get their best shot, even if they're a 2-3 loss team.

Going to be another banger this year, but obviously I think the Buckeyes get it done.  We just need 9 more wins to even up the all-time series!

Comment 19 Jul 2017

I'm far more inclined to agree with you, especially when you factor in his experience playing safety.

Comment 19 Jul 2017

Fully agree, aside from both post season losses to Clemson, I look at all the teams Urban has put on the field, and analyze their losses, and it boggles my mind how they could've been head and shoulders so much more talented, but still lost.

Each one you can find one specific situation/area/point in the game and say, yeah, that's probably why we lost.  That could be the coaching, gameplanning, play calling, or as we said, just the players not showing up and playing up to their potential...  I think that's honestly kind of a good thing, at least when they do lose on that rare occasion, you can look at the game from top to bottom and typically point to something that caused the loss.

Comment 19 Jul 2017

27 Grille is a great spot if you like sports memorabilia, and are a fan of 27 himself.

Comment 19 Jul 2017

I would say unless you're a top level highschool recruit, you're better off to stay home and read the twitter updates.  I mean, you're not really going to know one kid from the other, and odds are, if there are any past, or current Buckeye players of note, they won't be doing a meet and greet, or anything like that.

Comment 19 Jul 2017

I would say that all the Urban Meyer coached teams have shown that no matter how talented they are, they can get caught sleeping and play down to their competition.  That's shown in all the losses they've suffered, and it's shown that sometimes the big stage can be too big.

However, I do think the shake-ups to the coaching staff, even more forward and modern approaches the staff and team are taking this year, and the re-vamp of the offense will make a difference.

That said, I do think they will still have that propensity to get caught napping at some point, so it wouldn't shock me to see them drop a game somewhere (emphasis here on Iowa, I think that's a trap game all day), but I think that 1 loss will still keep them in the hunt for a B1G title, they'll win the conference and be in a solid position to make it to the playoff with wins over Oklahoma, Penn State, Nebraska, and Michigan State in their back pocket, plus a conference title win over, most likely, Wisconsin.

I'd say 11-1 on the regular season, a win in the B1G Ten championship game for a 12-1 record heading into the playoff against the combination of Alabama, Clemson, and USC.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

I'm not going to comment on the Buckeye uniforms because, obviously, as a fan, I think the Buckeye uniforms are tops.

I do really like Northwestern, Minnesota, and Illinois uniforms.  mainly because the incorporate colors you don't see used on a grand scale throughout the country.  Rutgers is so boring in their uniforms, and Maryland just throws a bunch of crap at a wall so they can see what sticks.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

I can't say I actually feel clean in doing so, so yes.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

I would say you are more than onto something here. I posted about how I like Harbaugh, but if he wasn't 0-2 against Urban Meyer, my feelings may be different.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

I think the struggle for me is that, of course nothing is proven, but the consensus is that he made some guarantees to recruits, his staff, the UH athletic department etc, in terms of how long he'd be there, and the kind of notice he would afford them to let them know he was leaving.

Was he required to do any of those things? Absolutely not, but it's a bad look when you promise something and don't deliver.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

I hope the NFL drops the hammer on Zeke.  I hate to "cut off the balls of the young bull" so to speak, but his actions speak of a kid who has no idea how special the gift is he has right now, and he needs a reminder.

Also, I know loving Tom Herman around here is the popular thing to do, and I did at one point wish him well at Texas, but since he hired Tim Beck I hope they don't win a game and Beck's short comings as a coach are broadcast on a national level and everyone sees that Urban made the right call in canning him.

I pretty much assume that all college football players, even and especially Ohio State players, are getting some form of impermissible benefit from a booster, agent, or person that the coach looks the other way or facilitates.. I think maybe that movie Blue Chips with Nick Nolte ruined my sense of wonderment for the players.  I've seen too many college sophomore football players cruising in sports cars to think otherwise.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

I don't personally think there is any hope for the receiving corps as long as JT Barrett is the quarterback of this team.  I do in fact think both back-ups are more suited to be the starting QB of a division-1 college football team, and think JT Barrett's best spot on a football team is on the sideline as a coach.