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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Running on the field after TOSU beat Iowa to win the B1G title!
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Comment 5 hours ago

The wrestling team is the team I pay the most attention too besides the football team, I am at best a fairweather basketball fan, but thanks to watching Logan Stieber, then Tomasello, and of course Kyle Snyder.

I love the wrestling team, I wish the BTN and the fox brand would give B1G Ten wrestling more attention.

BTW, big duel coming up this week against Iowa!

Comment 24 hours ago

Lest we forget how good the specials teams units were when Coombs had a role in those groups too. Here’s to hoping for some crossover 

Comment 18 Jan 2020

It pains me to think about players having to transfer because of a scholarships numbers crunch.

But if that is reality, I’d have to think there are some transfer candidates in the WR room and potentially at TE, maybe LB with all those young guys waiting behind Borland, Werner, Browning, and Hilliard. 

That sort of roster turnover really sucks. 

Comment 17 Jan 2020

I think given what Mike Brown is willing to do for his roster, Andy Dalton has been pretty damned good. But if the Bengals care at all about winning they could take Young at 1, get a QB in the second/third, like a Jake Fromme or whoever, invest in some skill players, and reinforce the OL, and that offense could actually be good and with a player like Young on defense they could be dominant.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

First off, you should try the draft network, I like it better than FP.

Secondly, I think the Bengals have too many holes to fill to get both, but I think Young at 1 and you can get a serviceable enough QB in the second, maybe the 3rd, that if you put some skill around him he'll be good, and the offense will work.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

I think McCall makes a lot of sense, other than return duties, he just hasn't found a home in the offense.

I think we could lose a LB with Browning, Werner, Borland, and Hilliard back. I don't know how much patience the younger guys in that group would be willing to have if they had to wait behind those guys again.

WR is another concern, we have a ton of incoming freshman, I think all four of them are candidates to contribute to some extent, and with guys like Harris and Gardner on the roster having not made an impact yet, they could look to move on to try and find a place for themselves.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Yikes. I don't know how it reflects on guys who are leaving for the NFL, but if any of those kids are on the roster moving forward I don't know how that can't be some kind of improper benefit...

Comment 15 Jan 2020

The players I saw taking money are guys who are presumably headed to the nfl... idk who all was involved though, I only caught one captured video 

Comment 15 Jan 2020

I was there in '14... Best live sporting event I've ever been too in my entire life. The energy in that stadium was insane.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Lots of experience at some key spots, have to like that. I think with Wade back and the elite athletes in the secondary the corners and safeties are going to be okay, but I think there may be some growing pains. Just hope they settle who the positional coach/co-dc is sooner rather than later. Really want to see that group start hitting the ground running with the new leader for that group.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

1. Clemson 2. Ohio State 3. Alabama 4. Oklahoma if they go fishing in the portal for a QB and pull out a winner, if not I think it might be Oregon if the only loss they have is to the Buckeyes.