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This Team Needs No Motivation but Their About to Get Some from the Media.

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October 19, 2019 at 12:51am

Wisconsin has the "best" defense in the country and this is what the media is going to talk about all week.

They'll say how will Ohio St move the ball vs the Wisconsin defense.

The real questions should be how is Wisconsin's defense going to try to slow down Ohio States offense.

How will Wisconsin try to move the ball vs this Ohio St defense.

Remember last year, when everyone kept saying ttun has the "best" defense, the "top ranked" defense and we end up putting 62 on them.

I'm not saying we're going to put up 60, however Wisconsin has absolutely no idea what is about to happen to them. I'm calling it now 48-7 Ohio St. The true beat defense in America is in Columbus Ohio with the best offense in America in Columbus Ohio

Now some of you will call me crazy, and that's fine but some of you thought Nebraska would be a test, I predicted 55-7, Michigan St I predicted 48-10. Not quite but close

48-7 Ohio St staking the only true claim as best in America

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