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Comment 18 hours ago
Could also be a marketing ploy, get Shaun on tv, showing he looks good on tv means endorsement deals.
Comment 20 hours ago
BD remove the stick from your ass, it's a funny troll job. Plus she's attractive, and seeing attractive women is never a bad thing. I may not agree with her but if Alexandria Ocasio Cortez talked about football and bringing it back I would say oh she's really pretty too, because she is. It had nothing to do with politics
Comment 16 Sep 2020
Oh don't get me wrong I'm excited to see what Trey can do in the offense, but having Teague as a change of pace back will be huge
Comment 16 Sep 2020
I mean he's said he loves it at ohio st and doesn't want to leave. He said he's tiered of uprooting his family. Ryan Day is a genuine person, his players see it, coaches see it, and mostly recruits see it. So I believe him, I think he genuinely likes coaching college ball and he's obviously really good at it. I hope he stays here for the next 20 years, wins a bunch of national titles. But hey, if he only stays for 10 and gives us a couple Natty's I'll still take it.
Comment 16 Sep 2020
Part of the fires are due to a gender reveal in california, other fires in oregon are being investigated for possible arson.
Comment 16 Sep 2020
Joe Milton, cannon arm, bueserman accuracy. Also with having to replace all 5 oline starters gonna be ugly considering he is like a statue. They may win 2 games depending on the schedule
Comment 16 Sep 2020
First california is still mostly shut down so they wouldn't be able to. Second the fires have made it not only dangerous but also the air quality levels are horrifically bad. Third, does it even matter? Do they even have fans anymore? Fourth does anyone actually care?
Comment 16 Sep 2020
Lol trey sermon is a much better back then charbonnet. If we had a full season he would be 1000 yard running back and at least 250 receiving