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Comment 22 May 2019
Well it depends, if I've had a horrible day at work, I will watch something funny, usually a TV show. If ibe had a meh day, but a little stressful I play video games, maybe for like an hour or so. Lately I've found new things to do around the house to take my mind off things, I've been trying out hydroponics, I am finishing up pitting in a pool, sometimes I work on my vehicles. Really its what you like to do. If you are unsure open YouTube and just search for something you've been interested in trying out. Everybody is different
Comment 18 May 2019
Its a horrible subject. Personally I am ashamed that nothing was done about that sick pile of fly dung. Athletes and coaches from all sports reported it to the administration and they just looked the other way, thats pathetic.
Comment 17 May 2019
Penny is a good coach. Will most likely have a good coaching career, however this seems a bit off. Maybe Jes the worlds greatest recruiter, or those deep Memphis donor pockets are really being opened up.
Comment 17 May 2019
I mean, thinking now would he want one and done players? Youre right he would probably love to get them, however Holtmann loves developing payers. If he just wanted stars he would go to the NBA. I just think with his system he wants guys to stay at least 2 years and develop, having at least 2 seniors to lead his teams. Clearly with the depth issues we've had the last 2 years it hasn't been possible. I think once the one and done rule is gone for good, it will re-level the playing field. You'll see how not so great coaches Calipari and Bill Self are, Roy Williams will be on his way out and coach K may finally go to the NBA seeing as how he doesn't want to develop players anymore
Comment 17 May 2019
I see what you're saying as Ohio St most likely makes that TV deal what it is. However, look at the big 12, they don't do partner revenue sharing. Texas gets the majority while the rest get scraps. Not to mention they double dip with their own network. Ohio St carriers a heavy burden, but would we really want it any other way? I wouldn't, I want my buckeyes to be the reason for those sweet sweet TV dollars keep rolling in. Just wish they would stop increasing the ticket prices
Comment 13 May 2019
I think Holtmann looks for players who fit his system. I don't really expect him to go after 1 and done players. Sure Carton or Gaffney could end up being one and done but right now they're not projected as one and done. Basketball is alot different recruiting then football, would you like to lock down the state yes. However, sometimes the best players for your system are from other states, and with only 1-3 scholarships in a given year, you cant just take players from your state unless they are the best players for your system
Comment 13 May 2019
I am surprised by this, I figured Beilein was going to finish his career at TTUN. However, after reading why he left I can't say I blame him. College Basketball has become a cesspool, and its because of not only the one and done rule but also because the NCAA is a feckless, toothless, worthless organization that needs to be blown up. The AAU circuit used to be a wonderful way for not so known recruits to shine and earn a scholarship. Now its who pays the most gets the most. I was hard on Matta, and now I see that it wasn't really his fault, he wouldn't give in to the whole pay for play scheme. He and Beilein are two rare birds that never cheated. Honestly with the way Holtmann is building Ohio St, it won't surprise me if in say 6-7 years he may take an NBA head coaching job, citing similar things. Unless the NCAA drops the hammer on Arizona, Kentucky, Duke, and UNC its only going to get worse
Comment 11 May 2019
He was the best player on a horrible team in a bad conference. Nice versatile pickup who will add quality depth and off the bench scoring threat. I'm so excited to see this years team with 2 true pg's running the show it is going to be awesome
Comment 09 May 2019
I moved down to the Snead's ferry area. Highway 55 is an awesome burger joint. Pho vietnamese restaurant is also really good. If youre into the night life laurelis is a good bar. They have also started several construction projects in the area so traffic can be congested, which is a shame. About 25 minutes north on highway 17 is Jacksonville NC. They have some really good restaurants as well
Comment 09 May 2019
Kaleb is not NBA good, not at center or power forward. He would need to get his body weight down to about 240, get a mid range shot and show he can score at all three levels. Next he would need to stop jogging up and down the court, but he won't stop doing that so whatever. Lastly he needs to stop with the stupid fouls, but hey its been 2 years and he still does them Yep never gonna be in the NBA, I'm sure the Slovenia pro basketball league will love him
Comment 28 Apr 2019
Have you seen some of my comments over the years? I'm not a blind homer, trust me when either the football or men's basketball team does bad, I'm one of the first to say they did bad. Usually getting down voted into oblivion. But no I don't want Dabo as coach. I would shun Ohio state for that and never watch another game as long as he was the coach. I find him detestable, he talks about his faith, that just makes him even more of a fake. Clemson is gonna get caught soon, couple more players piss hot and the NCAA is gonna come looking. Both of those titles will be vacated,
Comment 27 Apr 2019
You're not an Ohio St fan. First off those "NCAA violations" were the players selling their own stuff. Seriously, they sold their own items, thats it. Thats not a violation, thats American capitalism. The NCAA are full of stupid, lying, disgusting, butt plug using dick heads who only care about making money, they don't care about the student athletes. You wanna talk about NCAA violations, how is it north Carolina can offer fake classes for 25 god damn years and the NCAA says oh well not our problem. Meanwhile Cal State Poly gets punished for something so minor, that the people in the NCAA should be taken out back and shot. Youre not an Ohio St fan, so why don't you either leave the site on your own, or eventually get banned for being a really bad, sad, and pathetic troll
Comment 26 Apr 2019
Is Dabo a good coach, sure. He became a great coach when they started paying recruits and the players started using roids. Ryan Day is going to be an elite coach, within the next 3 years he will win a national title. I wouldn't trade for Dabo even if you offered me 10 billion dollars and majority ownership in Amazon. I'm looking forward to Ryan Day coaching, its kind of an unknown and that's exciting.
Comment 20 Apr 2019
It would have lasted until Martell ran out of eligibility. Remember for how great of a coach Urban is. He is still one the most stubborn SOB's in football. He would have happily started Martell last year if Martell was even close to Haskins level. You know it, I know it, we all know it
Comment 20 Apr 2019
No JT should not get credit fpr the 2017 win over ttun. Had he not gotten hurt, we would have lost that game. It is only because of Dwayne that we won. Also last year was a better season then 2 years ago. Sure we had one embarrassing loss to Purdue. However, that was one loss. 2 years ago we had 2 embarrassing losses. Oklahoma losing by 15 and Iowa losing by 31. To answer your question, yes JT stayed one too many years, and I know its unpopular and ill get downvoted, but the truth is tue truth.
Comment 18 Apr 2019
Take the Andrade kid. No he will never start. But he is a depth addition that is badly needed. This transfer portal is becoming more and more of a pain in the butt. However coaches are going to start having to recruit a backup quarterback. Every 2 years you bring in a guy like a JP Andrade as a third string option. Just my thought but i would bring in a 2 star qb recruit tell them they will have their education fully paid for, and being a qb for ohio st looks darn good on a resume. Trust me some kids will jump at the oppurtunity. They will know they will never start. Do this every 2 years. Have a consistent flow of 3rd and 4th string qb's.
Comment 18 Apr 2019
Did not see the baldwin transfer coming. I figured Fields would start for 2 years, and go pro. Leaving Baldwin to start for 2 years, and Jack Miller having 1 year to start. I say adding a grad transfer backup will be a must. Chuganov will hopefully not have to play