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Comment 56 minutes ago
I say go up by 21 and get Justin out of the game. I don't care about heisman trophies, I care about national titles. Also to hell with Finebaum, all we need to do is win by a point the next three weeks and we will be in the playoff, texas AM shouldn't be ranked 5th anyways
Comment 2 hours ago
Yeah, I saw the trailer. While yes it puts clemson in a good light. It's about an individual. If this helps clemson in recruiting well then we just need to work even harder
Comment 04 Dec 2020
I know what you mean. Same as Field General above. My marriage was heading down the drain because of work. In my position there was no saying no to the boss when he needed me to come in I had no choice. So my wife and I say down and talked about it, at the end ef the talk I had written up my two week notice. Since then I got a job and was laid off within the first month, and now that asshole was trying to fight my unemployment but fortunately he couldn't stop it from going through. Funny thing is Monday I am starting a job with a county, monday-friday 8-5 it's bliss
Comment 29 Nov 2020
There should not have been a threshold to begin with. But since their is, no it shouldn't be changed. With how kevin warren has handled this entire shit show, put indiana and northwestern in the big ten title game and watch it get barely any ratings, meanwhile our game the real big ten title game gets massive eyeballs
Comment 26 Nov 2020
You realize Courtney Smith is a crazy bitch who lied about a bunch of stuff right? Dude you seriously need to relax, if you are ashamed of being an alum then stop telling people you're an alum. Take your diploma and burn it in a fire. Quit your job you probably got because of your degree. Oh wait you won't do any of that because you sir are a hypocrite