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Comment 17 Jan 2020
I'm surprised he's still there. And even more surprised his coaching staff still hasn't changed. If I was the AD I tell him I don't give a damn how many games he's won, he either gets a new coaching staff, or I fire all of your assistants in front of you and then fire you
Comment 17 Jan 2020
Eh it's tough to speculate on what other people are thinking. A couple receivers maybe, tight end also. I could see maybe some offensive linemen going also, especially with what we have coming in with Paris Johnson. Defensive back room will be interesting through spring ball, might see movement after that. Linebackers, hopefully more athletic backers get a shot. Defensive line I don't see any movement, since they rotate so much plenty of pt to go around
Comment 12 Jan 2020
The freshman wall is an excuse. Obviously strength and conditioning program is not doing a good enough job. Luther Muhammed sucks, the only reason he plays is because he sometimes plays good defense. He can't score. Our best shooters get benched, guess what Holtmann basketball is changing to where defense isn't as important as scoring the most points.
Comment 06 Jan 2020
I don't understand the lack of bench depth use. Justin Ahrens is a scorer, I don't care if he doesn't play the best defense he needs at least 10 minutes per game. Andre Wesson needs to come off the bench, he was a huge boost to bench production. Carton seems to be already hitting the freshman wall, and Luther Muhammed apparently is still stuck behind that same wall. We went from looking like a final four team to a round of 32 and out team. Holtmann is a great coach but sometimes I just don't understand why he just like Thad Matta, never used their bench. Even Diallo should see 5 minutes a game, even if he fouls out it gives valuable playing experience. Sure you want to play great defense, but you have to score. You're not holding every team to under 50 points a game. As I suspected, the defense isn't as lockdown as some thought, especially against teams that can actually shoot
Comment 05 Jan 2020
Getting Gibbs would be massive. Instant impact player for sure. However, he may want to just go to Georgia Tech, be big man on campus, couldn't fault him for that. Make the best decision for yourself young man
Comment 02 Jan 2020
Seriously have zero desire to watch any football until next season starts. I'm still depressed, I'm sure it will pass by spring ball
Comment 02 Jan 2020
Need to get rid of ejections for targeting. Make it only a penalty, and play on. A catch also apparently needs to be figured out, if taking 4 steps while clutching the ball with both hands isn't a catch and fumble. Then I don't know what is anymore
Comment 29 Dec 2019
Personally, I would have gone for it. I would have called a timeout, and I would have told the team we are going to run the ball right at them. I would have looked at the offensive line and told them to get us 5 yards. I would not have punted, I would not have passed the ball, I would have run it right down their throats and if we didn't get it, would have put it on the defense to finish the game
Comment 29 Dec 2019
I wish none of the linebackers were coming back. Sorry but they have been the major problem on defense over the last 3 years. It's time for some fresh faces