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Comment 28 Mar 2020
Hydrochloroquin and athrizomicen have shown incredible progress in multiple studies of curing coronavirus within 6 days. French study with over 80 people all but 1 got better. Dr in New York has also had over 40 successful recoveries with hydrochloroquin and zinc as well. It seems maybe this coronavirus is a form a malaria, which hydrochloroquin is used to get rid of malaria. If production can be ramped up and the FDA would stop having so much red tape, we could get back to normal by late April, early may. In which case spring practice could happen in may, and fall camp starts in July. So everybody, stay in your homes, stop being selfish and if you want to have a football season, don't leave your house for a month, don't order for delivery, don't order for take out. Go to the store, buy canned soups and ramen noodles, suck it up. Sit down, binge watch Netflix, and stay in your home
Comment 26 Mar 2020
I'm gonna use it for a down payment for a used car assuming I get a check, my 95 Toyota Camry kicked the bucket, so getting another car is super important
Comment 21 Mar 2020
This may sound harsh, but it's time for America and Americans to help each other first. All those closed hotels should take in all of the homeless and allow them to use the rooms, give them a place where they may prevent getting sick. There are some children who's only meal is school lunch, well we need to worry about how to make sure that child gets fed. You can call me a jerk, I don't care but my family and myself come first and my fellow Americans come next, the rest of the world hates us, always has hated us, and always will hate us. We need to focus on us, those countries focus on them, and China can go to hell
Comment 13 Mar 2020
It's not just in Ohio, it's in Washington, New Mexico, California, New York, South Dakota, north Carolina, and continuing to spread. A military base in NC now has a confirmed case. It was being taken seriously months ago you know when the President ban all travel from China. That's why it hasn't exploded like it did in Italy.
Comment 12 Mar 2020
If you have an Xbox with game pass I highly recommend astroneer. You can spend hours just figuring things out, then you take off to other planets only to have to figure out how to get power. I recommend
Comment 12 Mar 2020
At this rate NCAA tournament may just get cancelled. Any team that has to go out to Spokane Washington should say hell no anyways
Comment 11 Mar 2020
As I said about a week ago, everybody should be preparing for the worst. The coronavirus is killing at a higher rate then the flu, for survivors it is damaging lungs. People who are down playing this are going to be the ones sorry they didn't prep. Buy a couple extra cases of water, some rice and non perishable food. When the inevitable quarantine happens you'll be glad you did