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Whats the Worst OSU Related Dream You've Had?

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July 14, 2019 at 11:03am

For me, they all generally happen in the offseason. They're especially awful because they feel so real and I wake up physically pissed
1) I had a dream in 2015 that we lost to Kent State, keep in mind that this was the year before we were supposed to have the "best team ever"
2) This past week, I had a dream that I missed every OSU football game and became indifferent to OSU football as a whole. I was sitting in a room and there was a small radio that was broadcasting the OSU-UM game. I listened as to the commentators praise Harbaugh for getting the monkey off his back as we lost that game 6-5.

I thought this would be an interesting offseason topic, and if aired out, we could do some eleven warriors Inception type shit and keep them from materializing...

With that being said, what's the worst Ohio State nightmare you've had?

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