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Comment 07 Aug 2018
2016 LSU and 2017 Miami are your definition of top tier teams? Miami finished the season losing three straight games and it was evident all throughout the season that they were not as good as their ranking indicated. LSU hasn't been top tier since 2011, they finish with 4-5 losses consistently. What would happen if Wisconsin faced Clemson, Alabama, or Georgia? Blowout. Michigan has a more recent win over Ohio State then they do. Wisconsin benefits from being in a division where Northwestern is the 2nd best team. I respect Wisconsin, well coached and make the most out of their talent level but on a national scale they are fake good.
Comment 07 Aug 2018
Not saying they're overrated or bad. They beat the teams they're supposed to beat. They're not beating other top tier teams though.
Comment 03 Aug 2018
So basically Mcmurphy just admitted that the only reason he is losing his job is because he lied to the media....
Comment 03 Aug 2018
"Ohio State needs to be 1000% sure that he had no knowledge of 2015" ummmmmm... that's called guilty until proven innocent. Brett McFuckface needs a hobbie
Comment 03 Aug 2018
Cleveland Browns, you heard it here first. Ohio State will probably be Urban's last college job. He's been intrigued by the NFL in the past, the Browns offered him a mega deal a few years ago and this should be Hue's last year... lines up perfectly.
Comment 02 Aug 2018
Agreed. I doubt Ohio State fires a legend based on speculation. For Urban to be fired, he would have either needed to admit that he knew about the case in 2015 and didnt report it OR documentation would need to show up which makes it clear Urban knew about it (text messages, emails, letter, etc.) However, I doubt there's anything there because Urban sounded very sure of himself with his statement
Comment 02 Aug 2018
Very fair analysis, definitely considering how the rest of the national media is treating it. My only problem with Cowherds analysis is that you still need proof that Shelly told Urban, just because they're married and have a close relationship doesn't cut it. Which I think is the whole bottom line with this case.
Comment 30 Jul 2018
Harbs is 0-3 about to go on 0-4 in The Game, it's not like Michigan doesn't have offensive talent. Just can't develop them, it's not gonna magically change because a qb who accomplished nothing at Ole Miss shows up. They'll go 8-4 or 9-3 again, losing to a combination of @ND, @MSU, PSU, @tOSU, UW