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Comment 11 Feb 2018
I don't remember the last time I enjoyed watching the Cavs... the Cavs are fun again
Comment 10 Feb 2018
I'm more confident about Harbaugh's abilities than their fanbase is. They have played us semi tough every year since Harbaugh has gotten their (2015 was a one possession game at half)
Comment 06 Feb 2018

Wow. This guy is a bigger bitch than I thought. NFL should do something about this...


Compounding the issue is that multiple assistant coaches have signed Colts contracts thinking they'd be working under McDaniels. Former Cowboys linebackers coach Matt Eberflus, who was pegged as McDaniels' defensive coordinator, is among those under contract already. Garafolo reported on NFL Total Access that all indications are Eberflus -- and possibly other coaches -- will remain with the Colts under whomever they hire
Comment 01 Feb 2018

I hope the coaching staff considers switching Johnnie Dixon and KJ Hill. I want to see KJ emerge as a true 3rd receiver option and Johnnie D makes a lot more sense at the h back position considering how fast he is. Overall, I'm not worried about the OL and LB, upside is huge for both. My only concern is with the DBs, Fuller is a beast but there isn't much else besides that. 

Seeing guys such as Haskins, Dobbins, Berry, Browning, Okudah and Harrison in the starting lineup really makes me excited about the potential of this 2018 team, it truly is a breath of fresh air. The likes of which Ohio State hasn't seen since 2014 (turned out pretty well for us).

Comment 28 Jan 2018

Kenny Omega showing up? I saw he got kicked out of the Bullet Club and lost his IWGP US Championship yesterday... it's a long shot but I'm hopeful 

Comment 25 Jan 2018

This kind of shit is why I watch NJPW instead of WWE