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Comment 06 May 2018

Most Cavs games are so hard to watch... It's starts with the Cavs going up 15 to 20 points in the first half, then they blow it before halftime, in the second half they go back up like 13 points and then blow it again  about midway through the 4th with LeBron usually coming threw in the final minutes. That's why I just tune in for the last 3 minutes

Comment 27 Apr 2018
Like what the Colts did. LB is a big position of need and protecting Luck is the number one priority. Nelson-Kelly-Smith have the potential to be one of the best interior o lines for the duration of Luck' s career
Comment 26 Apr 2018
I'd take Barkley first and then let the rest play itself out until 4 where you take take Mayfield, Allen, or Darnold
Comment 14 Apr 2018
Lmao you make it out like there is a big gap between the two, so please enlighten me. Right now it's 50-50 at best, ergo, the person with the higher ceiling should start because as it is a tie now, it won't be at the end of the season = Haskins gives us a better chance at a national championship.
Comment 14 Apr 2018
You admit there's not a lot separating them, so wouldnt conventional wisdom say start the underclassman with the higher ceiling? I assume you aren't high and would agree with me that Haskins has the higher ceiling by a mile...