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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Zeke 85 yard run vs Bama and the LeBron block on Igoudala in the 2016 finals are the only sports moments that made me lose the ability to stand
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Comment 6 hours ago
@Sparty is never easy especially considering PSU is coming off a tough game with Michigan while MSU is off a bye, Indiana is 5-2 and probably has the second best QB in the conference (Penix was hurt when we played them) and Minnesota will be an undefeated team at home. PSU is a fake good team and I think it's more likely they drop 2 of these games then it is they run that stretch undefeated
Comment 01 Oct 2019
Have you paid attention to college athletics? Hate to burst your bubble but major universities are already paying players. Remember the entire FBI bust? And What came of that as of NCAA penalties? Nothing. It's time to bring paying players to the light so that it can be regulated (i.e. "salary caps"). And Let's not confuse pay for player likeness as salaries, a player making money from an institution based on how many jerseys they sell of that player is not the same as a blank check for attending the university. And Let's also not act as if college athletics are the bastion of parity, there have always been tiers of programs and that will exist regardless of players making money.
Comment 30 Sep 2019
Will never happen. Guaranteed. By the time this law goes into affect (2023?), my guess is that the NCAA will allow players to make money off likeness. Especially as they were considering this before the cali law. I could also see other states pass similar laws if that isn't the case. Regardless, the NCAA isn't going to ban California teams, that was a threat to prevent the bill from passing. No way they put their bottom line and existence into threat by banning the largest state in the country, they'd make a California exception before banning them. The NCAAs reign of terror is over and they now will he held accountable.
Comment 29 Sep 2019
1A) Ohio State 1B) Alabama 2) LSU 3) Georgia 4) Oklahoma 5) Clemson 6) Auburn 7)Wisconsin 8) Penn State 9) Notre Dame 10) SMU
Comment 29 Sep 2019
Wisconsin's lack of 4-5 stars will show when we beat them by 20. If they were to play Bama or other elite teams in a playoff setting, they'd also get blown out. I like Wisconsin football but lets be real
Comment 26 Sep 2019
Ryan Day has the drive that only new HCs have. He hasn't become complacent yet. After Urban won a national title here, you could immediately see the drop off. Now It wasn't hige, mostly due to the level of talent that seperates Ohio State and other schools but it existed... the refusal to fire coaches, becoming less involved/more CEO, etc. It's why all the bad losses under Urban came after 2014. Ryan Day doesn't have the luxury, he hasn't accomplished anything yet. That sense of urgency + OSUs talent level = good results. It will be whether or not he maintains it that shows if he's a good coach or not. It's also important to note that Urban's infrastructure is still here from the football operations side of things, its all set up for Day to be successful
Comment 22 Sep 2019
For perspective, the IU and Cincy lines were in the midteens... easy money. I prefer betnow, they have more lines than any of the major betting sites and they come out pretty early
Comment 19 Sep 2019
The difference is that Kevin Wilson and Ryan Day have an impressive track record running an offense, while Tim Beck and Ed Warriner never did. I don't see the offense falling off a cliff like the 2016 team did. I guess it's possible that the defense falls off a cliff, but what you see is usually what you get. 2017 Defense was bad all year, 2016 defense was good all year, 2013 defense was bad all year, etc.