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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Zeke 85 yard run vs Bama and the LeBron block on Igoudala in the 2016 finals are the only sports moments that made me lose the ability to stand
  • NFL TEAM: Colts
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians

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Comment 23 Mar 2020
Football? It'll be full anarchy by the fall. Once we feel the full force of the financial markets crashing with the remaining people losing their jobs and there being no cash flow, they will take to the streets. Looting, death and more disease spreading. Our government is way too ineffective to stop it. Call it the purge, call it the apocalypse, call it whatever... prepare yourselves.
Comment 08 Feb 2020
Urban Meyer admitted that he hardly knew her. Not firing Zach Smith isn't an indictment on Courtney Smith's character more so an indictment on the fact that Urban Meyer was busy running the largest football institution in the United States. The only fact in this case is that you weren't there those nights, neither was anyone else. We don't know what happened. But acting as if you do and slandering Courtney's character based on hearsay from others who: 1. Weren't even there and 2. Who's interelationships you wouldn't know, because you DON'T know them, is completely disgraceful. Especially considering that their kids (who are Ohio State fans) come onto sites like these and have to see people like you spread bullshit about their mother
Comment 26 Jan 2020
Idk. The Ohio State-Michigan NIT game will be lit and I won't have to get mad at my brackets busting as I won't make one. Cheers to the NIT
Comment 19 Jan 2020
There aren't reports of it being a done deal when shit still needs to get sorted out. We were just waiting on the Titans to lose and he should be announced within the week
Comment 14 Jan 2020
1. Clemson 2. Ohio State 3. Alabama No one else matters. National champ is coming out of this group
Comment 13 Jan 2020
Fuck Clemson. They replace USC on my OOC shit list
Comment 10 Dec 2019
OSU will be fine. Day is primary play caller and Yurcich is a two time Broyles finalist. Not to mention Yurcich is Day's guy (he hired him) while Wilson was left over from the last staff. Wilson is good but it isn't a Tom Herman situation