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Comment 14 Oct 2018
1. Hill needs to be the primary receiver, we need to call plays with him specifically in mind. We also need to put WRs around him that compliment his game. 2. Dobbins needs to be the primary RB. It isn't because Dobbins was more impressive yesterday but because his play style is better suited for this god awful OL. They aren't opening holes so we need a shifty RB who can make something out of nothing, that isn't Weber. 3. OL needs to be shifted around. Jordan needs to move back to guard and Knox needs to be benched for someone who can run block
Comment 13 Oct 2018
I was kind of hoping PSU would win out ensuring that Ohio State makes the Big Ten championship game regardless of the outcome of the Michigan game
Comment 13 Oct 2018
Not yet. Important to remember that the 2014 team didnt turn it on until the Wisconsin game. People forget that the week before, Ohio State was in a one TD game with a mediocre Michigan team midway through the fourth quarter. Dont count them out yet.
Comment 06 Oct 2018
Keep in mind that the CFP committee had UCF 12th in their final poll last year. They put six teams in front of UCF who had 2 or 3 losses. They probably need more than just Notre Dame to lose to get in.
Comment 06 Oct 2018
Currently Bowl eligible and definitely going to be ranked next week. Good turn around by Fick!
Comment 30 Sep 2018
I'd be more worried if the game wasnt situated between Minnesota and a Bye Week. The Iowa game last year was right after Penn state and right before Michigan State