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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Zeke 85 yard run vs Bama and the LeBron block on Igoudala in the 2016 finals are the only sports moments that made me lose the ability to stand
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Comment 21 Jul 2019
Seems fitting that they'd place value in a theoretical second place bowl game. We'll be in the CFP and they can have the Rose Bowl vs whatever 9-3 Pac 12 team they desire. Someone needs to tell Harbaugh that it isn't 1990.
Comment 09 Jul 2019
I don't disagree but there needs to be time given before someone else wears numbers like those again. For instance, I thought the Cavs giving Kyrie's number away the following year to a new PG was in poor taste. At least wait a few seasons and pretend you're grateful for their prior contributions.
Comment 09 Jul 2019
Ohio State has been winning games for 100+ years thats not the baseline for a successful coaching tenure, it's all about national championships. No one is calling Urban Meyer's tenure an outright success if he doesn't win that 2014 national title. With that parameter being set, if Day wins 2+ national championships in his time here, he'll have a strong case for having a better tenure. Note: Beating Michigan matters but if you're winning nattys, that generally means your winning that game
Comment 08 Jul 2019
Unrealistic. If Urban Meyer returns to Ohio State, it's because Ryan Day was a failure and couldn't sustain what Urban built. A FSU type fall from grace within 2 years and I could see Urban back on the sidelines around the 2021 season. There's also precedent of this with Bill Snyder doing the same thing in the mid 2000s.
Comment 30 May 2019
Lebron disappeared? The Lakers were the third seed in the west before Lebron got hurt, he ended up averaging 27-8-8... far from disappearing
Comment 15 May 2019
Just a bunch of bad takes in this thread. 1) We get College Football video games back 2) It sidesteps title 9 issues by letting the market demand determine pay rate instead of women's tennis players getting paid as much as football players/basketball players 3) Any form of compensation for the players is objectively better than the bullshit system that exists nows 4) College Sports has never been equal. FAU will never have the resources to compete with Ohio State, no matter how many jerseys each of their best players can sell
Comment 15 May 2019
Yeah. Except that Matta's performance fell off a cliff at the end of his tenure which essentially got him fired, while Beilien went on to get an NBA job due to high level performance from the end of his Michigan tenure
Comment 15 May 2019
I doubt AD is banking on a 20 year old kid to come and help him win right away, Zion/AD alone will never be enough to win the west and New Orleans will never be a top free agent destination to land an elite point guard which you desperately need to win a championship.
Comment 15 May 2019
RJ Barrett and Collin Sexton would be an awful pairing. Both are ball dominant bad shot takers, I'd rather the Cavs take a versatile wing
Comment 15 May 2019
In some alternate universe the Cavs have Collin Sexton and Zion Williamson while D'Angelo Russell is on a super team with Kyrie and KD
Comment 13 May 2019
Same. The NBA is about players, not coaches. The Michigan basketball program being thrown into instability means more than the Cavs possibly getting the wrong coach.
Comment 03 May 2019

In some alternate universe Ohio State has 3 nattys in 4 years.

2012: No bowl ban. We beat an awful Notre Dame team

2013: This team was too flawed. I see 14 million realities and we lose to FSU in all of them

2014: Ohio State still wins natty

2015: No rain in the MSU game, Most talented OSU team in the Urban era goes on to beat an average Bama team lead by Jake Coker and a young Deshaun Watson

Comment 02 May 2019
Having your current QB have input on your next QB is stupid, they'll never choose one that is a threat to their status or legacy. If Eli was interested in playing for 3-5 more seasons, why would he want a backup thats talented enough to supplant him within one?