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Make a Case for a CFB Rule Change.

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May 4, 2019 at 6:32am

Whether we like it or not the college football gets tampered with.  The powers that be change overtime, kickoffs, hurry up play, blocking technique, whether or not targeting is malicious...  There are times if it weren’t for the TV commentator I wouldn’t know what’s going on.

Think about what you do or don’t like about the game and how your rule change would impact making the game more exciting, safer, fairer to a certain position group etc...  Be creative.  

I’ll start with a thought here and post another thought in the comments.

I don’t like it when coaches settle for field goals.  My goal is to incentivize fourth down conversions and scoring touchdowns.  I would argue that the points awarded for field goals vary in accord with the distance of the kick.  0-25 yards = 1 point.  <25-40 yards = 2 points.  <40 yards = 3 points.  Or I would consider taking points off the board for missed FGs in an inverse manner.  At the distance increments described already take 3 points off the board for a miss at 25 yards or below down to one point for a miss longer than forty yards.

Imagine a team down two points on the enemy 8 yard line with 12 seconds remaining.  Do they take a loss to the 16 to attempt to even the score with a FG, take a loss to the 31 to try to win with a FG, or just go for the TD?  

This would make for tons of number strategies and tons of scrutiny.  Coach Meyer has asserted that coaches don’t get paid to kick field goals and fan don’t pay to watch them.  This idea would radicalize how we think when we approach scoring territory.

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