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Comment 07 Oct 2019

Didn’t they add an additional bowl for Sr.s?  But you’re right that it isn’t a given to be given a slot.  

Mack has an injury history, not great tape in terms of opportunities but has a few big time grabs, but also the melt down against TCU.  Hope he stays healthy and finishes strong.

Victor is an enigma.  Reminds me of Collinsworth.  Fast, lanky, but certainly skilled.  I’m hoping he gets a chance to make some catches using his length and gets a shot.  No given for sure

Comment 07 Oct 2019

Pro day and combines matter.  KJ and Arnette get hurt there.  Cornell, Dobbins, and Harrison will help themselves.  Sr Bowl can help Mack, Bowen, Fuller to get late round grades, maybe Saunders to UDFA status.

For fun let’s say Belichek drafts Landers as Mr Irrelevant and converts him to fullback.  New Orleans drafts Victor in the 6th round and Wade late in the first keeping the future cupboard stocked with Nuts.  LAC trade up to bookend Young with Big Bosa.  

Hardest to predict is Jackson, KJ, and Fuller as far as possible early or really late, kind of like Weber last year.

Comment 05 Oct 2019

Saban was just talking about resiliency on Gameday.  Says it’s the process of getting back to normal.  That kind of underwhelms what that process is.  That Coop was almost broken and had to fight through that process showed great character.  The gulf between being broken to joyous is more than a process it’s an act of will and grit.  Revel in your joy and wreak havoc Coop.

Comment 04 Oct 2019

Losing to UM is a local burden to bear with not much national significance.  Winning a Natty brings bricks for the long term house of domination.  I’d stub my toe for the benefit of Buckeye Nation getting stronger.

Comment 30 Sep 2019

Whenever did money not attract players.  If you pay them they will come.  The NCAA (though it wouldn’t happen at the onset) simply cannot be perceived as the less talented football organization.  Think of the difference between FBS and FCS.  

There are a lot of Cali schools that we don’t pay much attention to that players will flood to to get paid.  

Say good bye to good football in rural areas.  The NCAA is to fair football competition in the same manner the electoral college keeps population megacenters from determining Presidential elections.

Comment 29 Sep 2019

Love Dobbins in space, but man when Teague comes knocking with his pad level low, damn.

Comment 29 Sep 2019

I think the players are back in “The Chase” motto mode.  Ironically its being spearheaded by a Chase.  The year after the 2014 NC Meyer’s new motto was “The Grind”.  The psychology of the two are akin to staying aggressive with a lead or going into the prevent D.  As Fuller eluded to, the winning makes them even want to go faster.  They know what can happen.  The sting of the Committee disrespect because of Buckeye trip ups the past two years, is keeping the hunter mentality fresh.  Jimmy Johnson used to say when you have talent to, “turn em loose.”  Coach Day doesn’t need to stay up at night worrying how to keep these guys grounded.  Turn em loose.  These kids know there are potholes, but they want to go wide open.

Comment 27 Sep 2019

Temple was the Terrapin trap game they had live with through a bye.  As much as teams have been raiding the Delmarva talent, time to build the wall,  and make Penn State pay for it.