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How Does Early Enrollment Work? (HS POV)

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February 6, 2019 at 2:49pm

Amidst the NSD headlines this afternoon, I became curious if anybody has good insight or knowledge on the administrative logistics for an early enrollee coming out of high school? Not on the collegiate side, that's covered pretty adequately by writers. 

Specifically, I'm more curious how it works on the high school side of things?  I went to St. Ignatius (and later St. Xavier), and I don't know if they had a policy or not that allowed you to leave early.  I just remember all the top D1 athletes (thre were usually many) stayed until graduation.  But again, I don't think they were required to stay.

Do you have to get a GED? Can the school grant an early diploma?

Completely oblivious to this and hoping some of you have some good info!

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