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December 5, 2018 at 11:22am

I readily admit that I spend way too much time over there.  I don't comment/troll, but I do find sustenance in their misery. I went over yesterday to get a feel for what they thought about Meyer's retirement.  I was a bit surprised to see that the staff hadn't written a front page article about it. But then I'm reminded that the owner of the site once posted an article bragging about getting in fight with a high school kid during a rec league hockey game so we're not exactly dealing with "journalists" over there.  Anyway, there were a few user threads on the topic.  Most were filled with the typical Meyer-is-pure-evil blather, however, there was one excellent post analyzing the trajectories of Lincoln Riley and Ryan Day to show the similarities and find differences (conclusion: Ryan Day is probably as good a hire as Lincoln Riley but we'll have to see what happens once the season starts).  I ventured back over this morning looking for a staff article and instead found this:

Harbaugh outlasted Meyer.  He never has to apologize for this.  If haters try to come at you saying Harbaugh never beat Meyer - remember that Meyer did not have the cojones or physical strength to last a 10 year war.  He quit at 4 years - perhaps seeing that ultimately going 4-6 would literally kill him.  Harbaugh has integrity and the advantage of not having his health being destroyed by a guilty conscience resulting from repetitive public lies. Harbaugh outlasted Meyer, Meyer didn't have what it takes to have a 10 year war. Meyer has a legacy of lies, deceit, corruption and winning at all costs. I am thinking and hoping that Harbaugh will have a different legacy when all is said and done...

What the literal fuck? This is from a user post titled "Harbaugh outlasts Meyer - the tribe has spoken". I thought perhaps it was sarcasm but the OP later goes on to defend his position in the comments section.  Now, I would say that this typifies the arrogance and delusion of that entire fan base, but even they draw the line somewhere. The OP absolutely gets skewered by his own. The comments were not kind.  Here's the link if you're looking for a laugh:



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