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Staff Predictions with Day

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December 4, 2018 at 12:20pm

The hardest part about the transition is likely some coaches will leave/be pushed out the door but the early signing period is December 21. If LJ for example is retiring we can't put somebody new in place until after the Rose Bowl but if he is honest with Zach Harrison it basically guarantees he goes to Michigan. Anyway what are your staff prediction? Luckily the strength staff is all staying

OC/QB-Days old job so atleast one new coach will be hired, will Day work with QB's and keep play calling? he excels at this. Any names you want to see here?

OC/TE-Kevin Wilson is awesome not going anywhere unless its for a HC job

WR-Hartline will be full time coach soon

Oline-Studrawa may be looked at but I am guessing he will have one more year to prove himself

RB-Tony Alfrod awesome recruits well has good rbs hes not going anywhere

DC-Schiano is the most interesting since he has so much experience and 2016 was the best D OSU may have ever had but the D has been bad the last couple years. I can't see us getting rid of him though and Day is going to likely focus on O so needs experience here

DC in waiting- Alex Grinch safeties played well after White stepped in and just got here he is good

CB-Taver Johnson needs his guys to perform better, if he can't get good corner play out of Okudah/Wade next year he needs to be gone

LB-Billy Davis needs to go based on performance but would Day fire Urbs best bud? Marcus Freeman is a popular name but unless Schiano is gone he isn't going to take a demotion to come to OSU

DL-LJ may retire or may stay Day needs to recruit him**Givler reported LJ will stay on staff 


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