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Comment 8 hours ago

To depart form the breaking news that Clemson is good, BG did a big overview of the state of Ohio for 2021 on the BM5, here is the summary of the top 11:

  1. Jack Sawyer- not much to say other than he is an elite player who will be competing for the #1 spot. 
  2. Ben Christman-Accurately ranked, some fans will say he should be a 5 star but top 50ish is the correct spot to have him. 
  3. Jayden Ballard-Also accurately ranked, should be solidly in the top 100. 
  4. Lorenzo Styles-BG did call this a miss but the position issues(he wants to be WR but OSU wants him at DB) messed it up. 
  5. Corey Kiner-Early Michigan crystal ball was really just a super early guess but OSU is certainly in this. OSU will have to push hard to get him and can't treat him like they treated Traynum(keep him warm but really go after other 5 stars)
  6. Reid Carrico-in line for a big rankings boost. Really good top level defensive player. 
  7. Jaylan Anderson- OSU not on him right now but somebody who they could circle back to if top targets are missed
  8. Najee Story-insightful stuff here, Najee as a freshman was big time and got an early offer but then broke his leg missed basically his sophomore year and put on bad weight that really hurt him his junior year. His offer isn't commitable and if he can transform his body and camp well/have a good senior year he could play himself back onto the roster. BG said he wants to be a Buckeye
  9. Mike Hall-Will be a Buckeye and is in line for a big rankings jump likely into the top 100. Will be top 100 and the top 5 in Ohio are a step above the rest. 2-5 in Ohio could end up in any order. 
  10. AJ Kirk-another interesting recruitment. Had jaw surgery and missed his whole junior season and he didn't "respond well"(not sure what that meant) and currently couldn't get into the class. Would have to camp well to get in
  11. Jaylen Johnson-said he is also in for a big rankings bump and should be considered a solid 4 star. 

Other names BG talked about were

  • DE Darryl Peterson from Archbishop Hoban-He is a really good P5 level player and if OSU misses on the top DE prospects he is somebody to keep an eye on as a late riser who could get an offer. 
  • ATH Andrew Wilson-Lamp-is currently listed as a WR but OSU would be interested as a CB. He is currently 6'3" 175 but was thrown in as a corner late in the year without practicing for Massilon Washington and did really well. BG said he is a guy who could be brought in as redshirt guy and put weight on while Kerry coaches him up and he could really good. Again another name to watch if top corners are missed. 
  • TE Jack Pugh-This was another interesting name. Pugh is 6'5" 235 and is just now transitioning from basketball to football. BG said OSU wants a second tight end in the class and this is a late riser they could grab. He is a great athlete coming from basketball, his brother plays at NW, he has the body to redshirt and add 25 pounds to before he is able to step in but OSU can do that. 

Lastly BG said this a a very deep class for Ohio, while it may not mean much for OSU 40+ kids could go P5 from the state.

Comment 22 Jan 2020

Saying a team should be DISQUALIFIED from the playoffs for playing a bad team in November when OSU is playing Rutgers in November is stupid. I get hating everything Clemson but this is a silly argument. Clemson has a ridiculously bad schedule but this is probably the most annoying thing Ohio state fans say. 

Is playing Oregon in September lessened because it is early?? Think before you say dum things

Comment 22 Jan 2020

The point is cherry picking one bad team off a schedule is silly. Criticize their whole schedule but because they have one bad team in a specific month doesn’t destroy the entire schedule. If you played 11 ranked teams and then an FCS school in November your point is you should be disqualified from the playoff.

i counter with your point is one of the dumbest I have ever read

Comment 22 Jan 2020

Playing a terrible team you beat by 50+ is a terrible comparison to playing a terrible team you beat by 50+ ok Andre

Comment 21 Jan 2020

Wisconsin was -3 in turnovers and lost by 1.  OSU was -2 in turnovers vs Clemson and lost by 6 but the consensus is still OSU is better. Wisconsin was much better than Oregon. 

Comment 21 Jan 2020

Calvin Murphy career shooting percentage was 48.2% this number includes every layup and basically every shot was closer than current 3 pointers. Stephs 3 point % is 43.5% so really Steph is simply a much better shooter. If you get into effective shooting percentages which makes 3 pointers worth more since they are harder and also worth more than it Steph roasts that poor man. 

Comment 21 Jan 2020

This is a great topic. One thing not mentioned is Clemson got good because of elite coordinators. Joe Moorehead is an elite OC and it may be tough for him to find a HC job after getting fired in year 2. A hot USC rumor is they are simply broke after the settlements for being sued with letting in the children of famous people/donors through false athletic records. USC very likely kept Helton because they simply could not afford to fire him and hire another coach. They could have a long rebuild. 

But really your last point is the most important. As a whole Clemson really didn't have that much talent in 2016(obviously they had a lot but not compared to normal title teams) they simply had a great DC and Deshaun Watson at QB. Oregon needs a 5 star level QB or else they will stay at this level. Last year OSU beats them by 20+ points and we didnt even make the title game. Getting into the championship level is just so hard. 

Comment 21 Jan 2020

Rivals 2020 new top 100 notes:

  • Noah Sewell LB-Oregon is in the top 10 joining Justin Flowe as LBs in the top 10 going to Oregon. Scheduling OOC games so far in advance sometimes don't work out but these Oregon teams the next two years should be really good. They also have a top 100 QB,CB,WR. 
  • Zach Evans made a big jump from 29 to 13. His play at the under armor game must have overshadowed his off field concerns. 
  • WR Demond Demas made a big jump and but is still behind Fleming in the WR rankings. Because of the position there wasn't much drama about who would be #1(like Fields vs Lawrence) but it will be interesting to see who ends up better because there is real debate due to Demas being a freak show athlete. He had a video of jumping over 3 guys in a line to dunk over the goal post. 
  • JSN is up to 20. Pantoni and Hartline deserve so much credit for the talent evaluation. The intersting thing about JSN and Fleming is they are about as college ready as you can get from a freshman receiver. 
  • Would love to know what the hell Paris Johnson did to drop so far. Thought he looked good in the game and it is obvious he has a much higher ceiling than Broderick Jones but he fell 14 spots to 21 and is behind JSN(would you have believed that a few months ago?)
  • 5 star tackle Myles Hinton is right behind Paris Johnson. His brother plays for Michigan but Myles will be going to Stanford. Terrible miss for Michigan. Michigan has 1 player(tying Maryland) in OLB Kalel Mullings at #92
  • Derick Wingo dropped but is still a 5 star. Still crazy to me we turned him down. That is a career to watch and see if the coaches were right.(hes going to Florida)
  • Cody Simon still at 43 despite constant raving about how awesome he was. Basically described as the full package because of being a great athlete, perfect size, and how smart he is. 
  • Savell Smalls(DE Washington) had one of the biggest drops of 36, dont commit to Pac-12 schools kids
  • CJ Strouds fantastic performance at the army game wasnt enough to overcome commiting to OSU, he dropped 10 spots(seriously he solidified himself as QB3 in the country, displayed really good mobility, and great accuracy/strength and dropped) If he beats out Jack Miller will be interesting to see how good he is compared to Bryce Young and DJ Uiaglaglelige
  • Gee Scott dropped 21 spots to 57. Not sure how his practices went but he had a rough game. Out of contention for a composite 5th star. Incredible he is our third best receiver
  • Mookie Cooper down 8 spots to 58 but that is still higher than 247, incredible he is our fourth best receiver
  • OT Kevin Pyne is #62 for rivals and #1213 for 247 lol
  • PSU LB Curtis Jacobs got a big jump to 60 but is the only top 100 player for PSU. The talent gap is getting bigger not smaller
  • Darrion Henry at 66 is really nice from Rivals. He is 631 on 247 and it didn't sound like he had the greatest all star game week
  • Some corner at 67 decided to go to Utah, seems odd but winning the Pac-12 south sounds better than winning a national championship
  • Notre Dame RB Chris Tyree had a huge drop to 78 and lost his 5th star. We will be seeing him in a few years. WR Jordan Johnson also dropped a couple spots and lost his 5th star. Notre Dame was about to get two 5 star skill players for the first time in awhile and they both lost it lol. Also have a top 100 TE. I know looking at the Oregon guys is interesting but this class is important to look at because they will be juniors/seniors when we play ND. 
Comment 20 Jan 2020

Obviously this an extreme case and may not be a good example but the dude was sexually abused as a kid, lost his father early, his mom was a POS, and he had one of the most severe cases of CTE ever studied. 

No amount of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps is going to fix that person

you are about to get lots of downvotes for that critique tho lol