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Comment 51 minutes ago

Love the Jonah pick safe and great for culture. HIm and Billy Price are good young players for the core of the next few years. Round two I want either the corners who fell or the Olineman who fell. Cody Ford is a OG who played tackle in college and some had going too 20, if we can nab him our Oline will be stacked for the next few years. We also have 5 6th rounders so I would like to trade into the back of round 2 and get either Mack Wilson or Blake Cashman. That would be a great first three rounds. We wouldn't have any huge needs on the team after that.

Comment 16 hours ago

It isn’t an assumption if I say “I don’t know somebody with more knowedkge please correct me” and yes I am capable of looking up his profile on 247 and seeing what he did at camps lmao. And no that doesn’t really say anything about Hyatt just that Kourt is going to get bigger and may not be a good fit at bullet. I’m sorry for assuming people on this board were capable of answering a question without flipping out at the notion a slow low ranked safety may not be the best option. 

Comment 21 hours ago

I literally said I know nothing about him. I didn't know if he is a safety or bullet. His opening 40 was 4.68 which is very slow for a safety. 6'0" 195 is 20 pounds lighter than Brandon White if not more. His composite is outside of the top 600. He lately has not been bumped up by anybody to a 4 star. I'm not complaining about stars but being that low for somebody who hasn't done any research on him is concerning. Kourt Williams is 6'1" 216 ran 4.60 and has a 40" vertical. 247 also has him as 199 overall. I do not see a single reason to take Hyatt over Williams. That is why I asked if somebody can justify it. But thank you for saying I am a star gazer and not answering my question!!!

Comment 21 hours ago

You would obviously take them thats not what I am saying. I am saying is it realistic we could get all 3. If Rosengarten or Carmody commit why would the other want to commit here? If you aren't better than Paris Johnson or the other top 100 OT congrats you arent playing for 4 years. Rosengarten and Carmody could go basically wherever they want and be the star Oline commit, for Leroux he is signing up to be developed by OSU and knowing he will redshirt and compete for playing time in 3 or 4 years.

Comment 22 hours ago

Don't know anything about Hyatt,he's 6'0" 195 ran a 4.67 40 and 4.00 shuttle. other than the shuttle those measurables aren't very impressive, and with a ranking of 515 in the composite it's kind of a head scratcher. Are we happy with him? IDK if he is a safety or bullet but either way seems like a guy we should be circling back on if we miss out on Ransom, Morant, and Makari Paige. If I am wrong somebody let me know.

Comment 25 Apr 2019

Having 3 with one of them being Leroux makes sense, but Paris, Rosengarten, and Carmody are all OTs can't see a class with 3 top 100 tackles. 

Thank you in advance to the hardass who responds "WE DONT WANT SOMEBODY WHO WONT COMPETE!!!!!" 

Comment 16 Apr 2019

He rationalized his fathers death and didn't become truly upset until she said his brother was dead. And he wasn't killed while he was fighting, she took him prisoner and then burned him alive which is pretty ruthless and something Jon went out of his way to prevent Stannis from doing to Mance Rayder. Those two events are pretty similiar and Jon did what was best. The wedge won't be between Jon and Dany, people around Jon will try to show him that she is capable of doing pretty evil things. 

Comment 16 Apr 2019

You could say we are the favorite for Michael Carmody, Julian Flemming, Darrion Henry, Marcus Rosemy, Henry Gray, and Clark Phillips which would put us at 11 top 150 players. Georgia currently has 3 guys in the top 150 and only 5 commits. You have to ignore facts to say those three are squarely ahead of us. 

Comment 16 Apr 2019

A problem with the last season was the romance with Jon and Dany didn't have any of that and they ended up being in love. They only talked about war and bending the knee and ended up in love. Last season should have been a full 10 episodes so we could have seen it then, so they could go into this season with a strong relationship. I imagine their relationship is going to have a pretty sad ending so I dont mind seeing them together, just wish it already happened. 

Comment 16 Apr 2019

Yeah I saw that critique too but we will have to wait for the third episode to see what they have in store. If there is a lot of dragon flying during the battle then this was probably too important to cut out, if not I would rather see more Ghost/Nymeria or even ice spiders. But you are right it was 30 seconds of t.v. time. Most complaints I see are revolve around "I want to watch see more" which generally means the show is doing a good job. 

Comment 16 Apr 2019

But what would you have cut out? Everything they showed was neccesary to the plot we can't pretend like these characters have reunions and never talked. The only critiques I would say are realistic are Jon riding the dragon should have been a bigger deal and Theon rescuing Yara could have had more screen time. Everybody wants every episode to be 2 hours but that isn't realistic. It was a solid 8.5/10 first episode. There isn't a single thing that could be removed and it make sense. And with Bran he had about 2 minutes of screen time and told Daenarys the dragon is a wight and they broke through the wall, told Sam to tell Jon about his lineage, show him glance at Tyrion for 3 seconds, and had him waiting for Jamie. Removing the 3 seconds of looking at Tyrion is the only thing you could reasonably take out. I get the show has had some big mistakes but don't hate watch it. It was a good first epsiode now the plot is going to get moving.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

Does anybody know if Fleming has said when he wants to commit? The doom and gloom of this class is drastically over played but having a guy like him to team up with Lejond and start recruiting guys would give us a lot of momentum 

Comment 12 Apr 2019

The GOT show creators are making the next trilogy in a different timeline. No hope for a good Star Wars movie until then.