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Comment 12 hours ago

Not to reopen old wounds but here is a summary of float weeks BucknutsMorning 5 with Steve Wiltfong

  • Wiltfongs defense of not allowing McCord into the top 50 was pretty silly. He said football is moving away from pocket passers and creativity is more important. Joe Burrow isn’t very athletic but Wiltfong said McCord lacks his creativity and athleticism. When asked if McCord could reach the level Dwayne Haskins, a first rounder, Wiltfong said yes but that didn’t matter. I argued that McCord shouldn’t be in the #1 QB conversation but to say he isn’t a borderline 5 star is silly
  • Second note is the BM5 sucks now. Dan Rueben argued with Wiltfong for 5 minutes that every single QB that Day will coach at OSU will be a first rounder. He said Joe Burrow doesn’t count as an LSU QB but Justin Fields can’t be claimed as a Georgia QB. When Wiltfong said that’s not possible Rueben said every single CB for the past few years has been a first rounder despite Kendall Sheffield going in the 4th. He also said every OSU RB is a 1000 yard rusher in the NFL despite Mike Weber not being that. Literally sounded like a drunk OSU fan at the bar saying random things to be annoying. 247 has really fallen off.
Comment 05 Jul 2020

Summary of Birms most recent podcast

  • Jordan Hancock talks to staff and OSU commits every day. Doesn’t believe a visit is required for a flip anymore. Staff in no rush to fill last corner spot.
  • OSU was never really in it for Grimes(despite message board posters “having a good feeling”) 
  • Was worried there would be no visits the entire recruiting period before the spike in cases, now is even more worried
  • After missing on Wolfe they are pretty much done at tight end. Thought Wolfe compares well to Luke Farrell who the staff thinks is one of the most underrated players in the country. They think Ruckert will be back in 21 and Mitch Rossi is a quality 4th tight end. The only guy to keep an eye on is Pugh if he blows up his senior year. Problem is the staff has never seen him in person and the relationship may not be strong enough to flip him even if they decide to later. 
  • Talked about an interesting combo that this class may not be able to take visits and will have a free transfer for the first time, a lot of guys may stay close to home then transfer out in a year or two
Comment 05 Jul 2020

I don’t know why people are mad that this joke is being continued. Literally today RJ Young(an OU guy who also covers OSU extensively) made a video about all the targets potentially joining Williams. He said Emeka Egbuka would be concerned about OSU because of the lack of first rounders at receiver. He also didn’t even include OSU as a finalist for Tristan Leigh despite Wiltfong saying OSU May be second and will be getting an official. If Oklahoma people continue to be dum they should continue to get made fun of.

Comment 03 Jul 2020

You think changing the name of an NFL team from Redskins is akin to changing history books? How is this changing history? Nobody is saying to eliminate the Redskins organization and vacating their wins. 

How are the Vikings portrayed as rapists lol? All they do is blow a big horn and do the clap above their heads. 

There are legit arguments for not changing the name but I’m not sure these are the rights ones. 

Comment 03 Jul 2020

There was a design going around with the name Redtails which was the nickname of the tuskegee airmen. There is a large Air Force history museum that also honors the redtails in DC. It’s honestly perfect with the large military presence in the region. Colors, song, and designs can all be kept the same just swapping the redskin logo with one of an airplane. 

Here is Haskins in a mock uniform with the new logo and secondary logo. This is the best case scenario. Warrior is a basic name.

Comment 01 Jul 2020

Williams has shown he has elite arm talent in games against great competition. McCord has never shown he is a top level athlete. 3 drills doesn’t erase Williams film. McCord was exactly who he has shown to be. Your argument is flawed.

Comment 01 Jul 2020

Mobility and athleticism are positives for a QB this isn’t 1994 where you can either pick a fast QB or one with a good arm lol. Fields has near perfect arm talent and elite mobility. McCord not being a great athlete is why he isn’t and shouldn’t be in conversation as the best QB in the country. His insane arm talent and size are why he is a 5 star. 

They said he was a top 5 QB at the event relax lol

Comment 01 Jul 2020

I don’t disagree it’s just really funny the conversation went from “camps are over rated” to “the camp is under rated” the second they did something that didn’t help McCord

Comment 01 Jul 2020

Hasn’t that always been the evaluation of McCord? Nobody has ever accused the guy of being a dual threat QB but he has fantastic arm talent. The camp allowed them to compare him to other players on the same field and not guess through film and they came away with the same take, elite arm talent, ideal size, not super athletic. Not sure what the problem is with that eval

Comment 01 Jul 2020

It’s funny how many people say camps are over rated then when elite 11 starts putting less emphasis on the camp part it’s a huge problem. 

Comment 01 Jul 2020

At the end of the camp the top 11 are ranked and those are the elite 11. The "top 20 QBs in the country" are there to be ranked how they are decided idk but normally everybody invited will attend. 50% is based on film evaluation and the other 50% is camp evaluation. Part of the camp is everything you do is competitive including the way you interact with each other and your team. Normally this is at the opening which allows for a very high level 7 on 7 tournament but that isnt possible this year which hurts. Every drill there is a grade and everyday there is an updated standings to instill the "everything you do is a competition." 

Some years are more interesting than others, this year isnt super exciting because of the lack of 7 on 7 which is as close as you can get to actual an actual game. Caleb Williams was the heavy favorite and this was going to be a big momentum thing with him winning MVP and committing to Oklahoma at the same time but after last night he may not win. McCord vs McCarthy is interesting. There also isnt a clear cut #2 QB in the country behind Williams so that race(McCarthy, Huard, McCord, Vandagriff, and Buchner are the likely ones competing for that spot) is interesting as well and could be decided here. Maddox Kopp is the guy without much hype or many offers. Big names not there are Sam Huard, USC commit Jake Garcia(Garcia vs Miller Moss another USC commit would have been cool) and Preston Stone. There are 7 guys from Texas there. Jay Allen who could be a top 10 pick in the next MLB draft is also there, he is committed to Florida for baseball. He has incredible arm talent so it would be interesting to see if he tries playing 2 sports. 

Comment 01 Jul 2020

For those that don’t know, this is a pro day drill where the QB makes almost every throw they a lot of the throws they would make during a game. This version there are 20 different throws. The scoring is:

  • 0-uncatchable
  • 1-hard to catch for the receiver, such as very low, behind, high, or very far in front.
  • 2-Easily catchable ball placed either on/close to the body or out in front on certain routes. 
  • 3-Perfect ball placed so the receiver needs to stick arms straight out 

The receiver catching the ball has nothing to do with the score as some of the receivers dropped McCords perfect balls. There are some flaws with this drill but McCord was easily the best and he won. They only had one person scoring the entire night. Also some of the receivers were kind of slow which may have had an impact but this is at the end of day 2 throwing with each other so that excuse is slowly going away. Some people had some weird scores too. JJ and Caleb Williams both getting a 34 is pretty low for 5 stars. 

Comment 30 Jun 2020

Maddoxx Kopp is interesting as he doesnt even have a composite rating and is currently the 186 player in Texas. I know people on this website love to hate on camps because it cause 1 or 2 OSU players to drop in the rankings each year but it really sucks that so many players may not be able to go out and earn an offer. 

Comment 30 Jun 2020

Tony Grimes is announcing his decision at 5 today. The Rivals guys have all switched their picks to North Carolina. All the insiders for 247 and Rivals have him to North Carolina which is just crazy. With Grimes going elsewhere this is by far the best case scenario. He could have gone to Georgia or Clemson boosting their classes and likely playing us at some point. Instead going to North Carolina he will be playing against Clemson and boosting hopefully helping NC further in recruiting. North Carolina has a legit shot at finishing 5th behind OSU, Clemson, Bama, and Georgia. 

There are still a lot of uncommitted 5 stars in the south who could end up anywhere to say its over but this is a big boost for the chances at a #1 class for OSU. Grimes seemed likely to go to Georgia at one point. 

Comment 29 Jun 2020

This idea James Franklin doesnt develop players is silly PSU has literally one of the 5 best player development programs in the country. People are very surprised how poorly PSU recruits relative to how good/athletic their teams are. Player development is hard to quantify but this is just a known fact. 

Saying over and over they only have 5 players back on defense which automatically means PSU will be bad on defense while OSU has 4 starters back on defense seems like pretty poor logic too. 

I get its college football and most arguments are just "my team good your team bad" no matter what but a shred of logic has to be used in the conversation. 

Comment 27 Jun 2020

AE must love responding to people who think it is unfathomable  a recruit could possibly go somewhere other than OSU

Comment 27 Jun 2020

Olave is very explosive and was the best receiver last year and shouldn’t have came off the field Hill, Victor, and Mack were all pretty bad athletes relative to OSUs standards. Having Wilson in the slot and Williams as the other outside receiver is a very fast group. I expect the group to be much better.

Comment 26 Jun 2020

Him going to TCU would be very interesting considering they just took Zach Evans and Patterson hasn’t been the type to take higher rates guys to avoid personality issues. 

Patterson May be feeling the heat and is doing this to catch back up in the Big 12. OT but it is interesting to see how many expansion teams had a lot of relative success at first and then cratering in their new conferences (TCU,A&M, Mizzou,Rutgers,Nebraska,Maryland.) Will be interesting to watch if the new recruitment method of getting a little dirty at TCU and Maryland will be what it takes to catch back up.

Comment 26 Jun 2020

Normally stats that aren’t opponent adjusted are bad to look at. What we were bad at is correct though, fumbles and giving up sacks was pretty bad. A lack of explosive passing plays was also a problem against the better teams we played.