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Comment 3 hours ago

Have to imagine guys like Rakim Jaret, Mehkail Sherman, and Bijan Robinson are reconsidering turning down OSU following the news OSU is returning to the gray sleeve alternates from the 2014 playoff full time.

Comment 4 hours ago

I think Etienne is a bigger threat than Clyde Edwards Elaine with his top end speed. I think Lawrence and Burrow are both elite talent and either could take over the game so not gonna pretend to say one is better. Both are elite at receiver but Clemson having two 6’4” guys is scarier than LSUs receivers. And while neither are at OSUs level Clemson’s offensive line is probably slightly better. I haven’t watched as much LSU as I have Clemson though could just be bias. Hopefully I will be trying to learn a lot about LSU December 29(:

Comment 7 hours ago

The NFL Mock draft below has KJ Hill going in the 5th, Victor in the 7th, and Mack going undrafted. Olave is probably the best of those four and Wilson has high upside but is just a true freshman and may not play a lot. They aren't a bad group by any means but Clemson has two first rounders at receiver, objectively they are much better. 

Comment 9 hours ago

I think you are right. Arnette is probably our third best corner and will be the best corner Clemson will see this year. Lawrence is only throwing for 9.1 yards per attempt which actually isn't that much considering level of competition. Fields is at 9.6 and has played 5 top 25 teams who are led by their defense and in poor weather. This is the best pass rush and secondary they will have played by far. With talent like they have the discussion is how much can we limit them not can we stop them easily but I think the matchups in this game are really favorable for us. Our offense running the ball is a strength vs weakness for Clemson's defense while them throwing the ball is strength vs strength. 

Comment 9 hours ago

He isn't as good as the guys in the interior and he is similiar to the other guys on the line, huge and gets good push in the run game but slow. At 6'5" weighing 345(probably closer to 350) is simply too much. He isnt a liability and probably would start for us but he is good. The question is, and is the same for a lot of Clemson players, is what will happen when he sees his first future NFL player. Chase Young, Tyreke Smith, Zach Harrison, and JJB may each be the best defensive ends he has seen this year. 

Comment 9 hours ago

Their TE is bad and you are right they don't use him. Something interesting though is Braden Galloway the projected starter for this year was suspended for the regular season and conference championship for a failed drug test. Somehow he is able to return for this game. He is supposedly much better than the other TE but that could be all talk. He may not even play in the game but that will be one of the Clemson story lines because he was hyped up this offseason. 

Comment 9 hours ago

For those debating the WR talent statement here is the recent CBS NFL mock draft

  1. Tee Higgins 1.29(round 1 pick 29)
  2. KJ Hill 5.152
  3. Bin Victor 7.231
  4. Mack-undrafted

Ross and Rodgers are sophomores and Ross appears in most first rounders for 2021. Olave is also a sophomore. The talent really isn't comparable Clemson is simply better. The best way to look at this is OSU's DBs in this same mock draft have Okudah#4 Sean Wade and Arnette as second rounders and Fuller as a 3rd rounder. The difference in talent between WR/Secondary could be an advantage for us but WR/WR is Clemson pretty easy. 
CB AJ Terrell is a second round pick, S Kvon Wallace is a 7th rounder, Tanner Muse is undrafted and CB Derion Kendrick is just a sophomore but likely an early pick.

Comment 10 hours ago

Their defense is similiar to the 2016 OSU offense. It just doesn't scale well against elite teams. The power spread Urban ran dominated teams when it had more talent but if that talent gap goes the other way its very hard to move the ball. The chaos Venables defense does the same thing against teams with inferior talent. Moving guys around non stop and switching positions ends up just looking silly when the talent difference goes the other way. 

Comment 10 hours ago

Tee Higgins and Justyn Ross are actual first round picks. Tough to find one of OSU's receivers in the first 3 rounds of mock drafts. Of course they wont be as productive against our corners as ACC corners but having two 6'4" guys who can run like this is scary. 

Comment 10 hours ago

Michigan was taken advantage of by Wisconsin and OSU and ran on all day. Clemson didn't play a single team who was able to do that. It is crazy for a playoff team to not have a single 300 pounder on the Dline. They both have 3 meh players and than one guy who is more talented. Aidan Hutchinson for Michigan and Xavier Thomas for Clemson(Thomas is more explosive while Hutchinson is a lot bigger), This is the matchup that won't be talked about at all leading up to the game because of the stars. Biggest advantage in the whole game. 

Comment 14 hours ago

We all thought Bijan going to Texas was silly but watching ESPN and seeing twitter, Texas is the greatest team ever and LSU is getting infinite credibility for beating that behemoth. Seems to be a great choice for Bijan.

Comment 24 hours ago

Clemson’s offensive talent is terrifying but their defensive talent is pretty mediocre, their defense is worse than PSU and Michigan.

Comment 24 hours ago

An honest look at the full season OSU is 1. 

I do understand LSU being 1 with huge wins over Georgia and @Bama

Comment 07 Dec 2019

That was my thought as well. Those are probably the two position groups that experience helps the most. I expect Oregon to be much better at the end of the year compared to the start.

Comment 06 Dec 2019

I honestly thought Michigan getting to play Bama in a meaningless bowl was a gift. Bama could have double digit starters sit out in what was a down year for them. Beating Bama, regardless of who plays, could have been huge for them