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Honestly: Do You ENJOY Ohio State Football?

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October 18, 2018 at 4:07pm

Yes, I am seriously asking you to be honest with yourself: do you enjoy following Ohio State football as closely as you do? Does it provide you a level of fulfillment, or does it stress you out? Does it pump you up, or does it exhaust you?

I ask this question because lately, despite a 7-0 start and the #2 team in the land, it seems a large percentage of the sentiment about Ohio State (and I imagine other fan bases are this way as well) focuses on what's wrong with the team. What could be better. How we should perform. 

What's wrong with the coaching? What's wrong with Bill Davis? Schiano? Urban? 

Can we keep Ryan Day? 

How long will Urban stay? Should he?

What's wrong with our OL, LB, S, running game, attendance, recruiting, Zach Harrison, etc. Why aren't we "blowing people off the line"?

I have had season tickets for 15 years, and there are fans surrounding me that - oftentimes - look truly miserable. Every time we get stuffed behind the line. Every time the opponent hits another slant. Every blown coverage. Just misery. Heads in hands...just look miserable to be there in their $150 seats. Miserable to be in one of the great stadiums ever built by mankind - and drinking a delicious, cold beer while doing so.

I look at some other fans - casual fans - people who don't follow recruiting, don't obsess over every play, every coaching hire, every missed assignment...and some of them seem happier. Happy fans. People who just love the sport, love their state, love their alma mater, etc, but don't lose sleep over the run/pass balance, President Drake's impact on Urban's legacy, or whether or not Haskins will go the NFL after this year.

So I am interested in all of your honest thoughts on this. Maybe it's because I, personally, teeter from enjoyment to obsession and back again. I want to love every moment of my hobby, but I find sometimes it exhausts me as much as it empowers me. I have to remind myself constantly that I do this for fun - to not take it so seriously, and to enjoy the sport and the pageantry. 

Where do you see yourself?

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