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Comment 15 May 2019

I don't disagree with you. I shouldn't imply brotherhood and money are mutually exclusive, I really shouldn't. I've seen plenty of financially motivated competitors in professional sports cry, hug, and unite over victory. But it's over victory...not their state, culture, team, or tradition. I don't know. I've seen LeBron share love and passion in Cleveland and Miami...but we all know which one means more to him. It's his home. I'm sure he felt brotherhood with Wade in Miami...but I didn't see anything in Miami like when he won in Cleveland.

I think a lot of my passion for Ohio State comes from how much that time in my life meant to me (and still does every time I step into the Shoe or VC), to my friends and I, and my family before me. The tradition, and the role it played in who I am today. I want to think that the men that play football for Ohio State understand that history, and are proud to play for it. Not just cross off a few boxes before they can cash huge checks.

It sucks to think the tradition and brotherhood could and likely do take a back seat to money. But then again, would I have attended college unless I thought it was going to result in a career that could provide for my future family and future kids? If what I did in college generated billions in revenue and I couldn't afford much, would I have been okay with that? Am I a hypocrite?

Anyway, I just want everyone to be like her:

Comment 15 May 2019

For me, selfishly, I want things to stay how they are. If college players start getting paid, I just feel like the spirit of the sport (or my perceived spirit of the sport) and the pageantry will be diluted, mostly because kids will absolutely choose a "school" (really, a club) that can line their pockets the most (and how could I blame them?).

I've always loved CFB over the NFL because I've always felt there is a brotherhood and love for the sport. It's not adulthood yet, no mortgages yet, just young dudes playing the game they love. Maybe it's me idealizing youth. Maybe it's me being totally naive. Maybe all these kids think about are the future NFL dollars and I've just convinced myself there is more to college football than money. Maybe glory? Pride? Tradition? I don't know. I hate to question the thing I'm so passionate about, but I guess I shouldn't kid myself. Justin Fields didn't come to Ohio State because he loves Ohio, Ohio State, or the tradition of our school. He came because he thinks it's the surest way to the NFL. He came because of (future) dollars. So I guess I have to ask myself - how is letting them profit now off their likeness any different than what they are already here to do?

I can't think of an honest, non-selfish reason that these kids shouldn't have compensation. In the real world, when you generate revenue you get paid. That's how it works. Anything less and I'm lying to myself. I just hope there is a way to make it uniform (no pun intended) throughout CFB so it doesn't become a battle of haves and have-nots more than it already is.

Comment 10 May 2019

Appreciate the share, Neo.

I'm here to serve.

And as a side note, I agree with you on the tone comment. I sort of felt like Urban's intensity bled into the fanbase a bit and created a general tension, and maybe, anxiety? I'm excited to see if Day's calm tone helps all of us relax and enjoy the game a bit more (while we win championships, of course). 

Comment 03 May 2019

Who TF downvoted me for this? I went in and changed the picture because the original was too big...just as the comment mentioned lol

Comment 03 May 2019

Fleming has an official to Georgia this weekend. Presuming the bag man doesn't win out, I feel good about Wiltfong's timing on this CB.

Comment 27 Mar 2019

No, but I did see he ran a 10.3 the other day which is bonkers Gump speed.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Everything thinking Urban is taking the USC job doesn't realize how entrenched he is in Ohio (and after that, Florida). Both his daughters, their husbands, and his grandkids live/work in Columbus, and his son will be graduating UC soon and could very well stay in Ohio.

And this is all beside the fact that, when it comes to retirement considerations, they are Florida people. Shelley is a Naples girl. Gigi went to FGCU. I can actually see Urban staying retired on this, making millions at Fox while being involved at Ohio State, and carving out a Corso-esque role long term.

If anything, the only realistic option is Notre Dame. Close enough to Ohio, but I still don't see it happening. And I simply don't see any universe where Urban uproots his entire family to go to Southern California. 

Comment 21 Feb 2019

The buzz is that we moved on from him, and respectfully suggested he look around. Also, lots of talk in Arizona that he simply isn’t “Buckeye RB quality” - that paired with staff turnover makes the move quite mutual.

Doesnt go to same HS as Jack Miller anymore, and will have no impact on him.

Comment 10 Feb 2019

As much as it pains me, I've got UM winning every game outside of OSU.

I think UMs offense is going to be night and day compared to last year. It downright shocked me that with Shea Patterson, DPJ, Collins, and Tarik Black that they NEVER ran 3 WR sets. Ever. I think that changes this year and you see them get those guys in space. Defense will take a big step back, but I think their O covers it.

Wisconsin will be tough, sure, but they run the exact type of offense that the UM defense is built to stop.

MSU is about to enter a period of despair. Their recruiting has been historically bad outside of Devontae Dobbs, and UM has started taking those high-ceiling 3-stars out of Ohio that MSU used to take. They are the most offensively incompetent team in the Big Ten right now and that's saying a lot. UM is going to beat MSU easily.

I think ND takes a step back, and on paper I think UM will have the better team.

I think PSU is a coin toss. PSU lost McSorely and really doesn't hasn't had fire QB recruiting. PSU defense should be much better than last year. Let's not forget UM beat PSU by 38 last year. I'm taking UM in that game as of Feb. 10.

I think OSU will be -3.5 at UM and win.