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2002 Season (History Doesn't Repeat but It Rhymes)

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October 16, 2018 at 1:20pm

Looking back at the 2002 season, this season really has a lot of similarities to me. We played a top 10 matchup OOC to start the season (Wash St) and slowly moved from 6, to 5, to 4 and then all the way up to 2 after the late season upset weekend. 

Each of the teams we played that year we seemed to play to their ability; there were close games we barely pulled out at Wisc, Penn St, Purdue, Illinois and even ttun. Those games were all decided by between 4-7 points with some heroic comebacks needed, Holy Buckeye! I can remember talking to my friends about the weak points on the team and how they needed to get fixed mid season. I remember thinking this team has the potential but all of the units were never firing at the same time. Most fans went in to that Miami game thinking we were walking in to a buzz saw. Then in that one game the team showed the potential that had been there all season, we just had to get to the game.

My point is; at the end of the season it doesn't matter how we got to go 14-0. All that matters is winning each game and moving on to the next. We are still on that road and I'm excited for the rest of the season.

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