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Difference Between OSU and Other Elite Teams

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October 6, 2018 at 10:21am

Trying to have a real discussion about this so hopefully it doesn't dissolve into something else.

One thing I've noticed over the last handful of years is that, what seems like more often than not, when a big game comes up on our schedule (MSU, PSU, Clemson, TCU) we seem to dig ourselves a hole early and get out coached. Fortunately with our recruiting we usually can gut out a win because we can simply out-talent the opposition and ride our depth in the fourth quarter.

This does happen to every team occasionally and maybe it's because I'm simply more focused on the Buckeyes, but I feel like a team like Alabama doesn't enter into these situations nearly as often. The games they are supposed to win, they go in and do their business and get it done without much doubt. It could be a close game but it was never in doubt. I don't know of many times I've seen Alabama in a situation like Iowa last year, MSU 2015, TCU (simply out coached for more than half the game)... And on and on.

What separates then from us and gives them that difference? Why do we get ourselves into tough and/or losing situations at what seems like a much higher rate than the other elite teams the last few years?

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