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Comment 44 minutes ago

"Could have", yes. They absolutely have the means to do it. But how much would it cost to bubble all of the teams? How many people (all of the trainers, kitchen staff, coaches, players, tutors, teachers (possibly), administrators who are involved, law enforcement (maybe?), etc would all have to be quarantined for 4 months.

Do that with even ten schools and you're probably approaching 5k people in a bubble. Where do you house that many people for that long?

Comment 2 hours ago

Yup, football program will be DESTROYED FOR DECADES if other conferences play. We might as well just have the football team fold forever as a result of this decision.

Stop acting like this is effectively the death penalty to our program. We're going to be just fine. You have literally nothing to base your claims about except your irrational emotion at this point.

Comment 2 hours ago

Are you serious? So because football was canceled (a very small part of the school, monetarily) you want all alumni to stop donating to a school that gave them so much (outside of football) because you're this irrationally angry?

Yes, let's try to destroy the endowment of the school so it gets legitimately hurt because you don't get to watch football this fall.

What a ridiculous take.

Comment 3 hours ago
People down voting this topic don't deserve to be on this website, or to be a fan of the Buckeyes. You are a fan regardless of how good our team is. Actively pushing down people who are thinking of this in a positive mindset is not what real fans do, especially in a community like this.
Comment 19 hours ago

Bubbling players like the NBA is impossible. It requires probably 8x the number of people per team to keep a football team going compared to a basketball team. Then you have to account for lodging, food, who pays for the expenses, how to have the kids attend classes and still pass (tutors, etc they would normally have access to)

All of the solutions people are spouting out right now are emotional and don't take into account any of the actual behind the scenes effort that would go into making any of them happen (including instant transfers, joining another conference, creating a new league to play in, etc).

Comment 19 hours ago

If they are as good as we hope they will be then one would have gotten only 3 years out of the program no matter what, and the other most likely would transfer once the established starter is chosen.

This sucks they can't be the backup and play other backups on the field but the one who wins the starting battle should end up with the same amount of playing time either way.

Comment 20 hours ago

You have to acknowledge that a lot of that 5 months also was a wait and see with medical professional recommendations on how to fight the virus, the way our country was handling it, and the back and forth on what is safe or not.

They couldn't have possibly made a decision much sooner than this one (except for canceling) because of how quickly things have changed.

Comment 20 hours ago

I understand what you are suggesting, and I agree that OSU plays a huge role. But unless you have actual numbers to back things up the conversation is moot because we don't know the actual impact.

Comment 20 hours ago

Which conferences would OSU have the same impact in? SEC is well taken care of in football. OSU joining the SEC would most likely increase revenue but they already have Alabama, Georgia, and LSU so the impact is minimized.

If we went to the ACC we'd obviously help when it comes to football but other than the last couple of years Miami and Florida State are two huge programs and basketball is WELL covered with UNC and Duke.

I asked this in another thread, but what are the actual numbers regarding total B10 revenue per year across all sports, how much OSU is solely responsible for, etc.?

Comment 20 hours ago

Of the total yearly revenue of the B10 how much does Ohio State bring to the conference compared to all of the other schools?

Comment 21 hours ago

If every other conference cancels as well (highly likely at this point since the first domino fell), will you be as frustrated?

We should be loyal to our conference because we are such a big part of it. It makes our school a ton of money (and yes, we could go the Texas route but nobody wants to be like Texas). This isn't just about football and it's a great conference for other sports. It makes the most sense geographically. If you want to take the easy way: we are the cream of the crop and when we don't make stupid mistakes we are basically guaranteed a playoff spot and are given the benefit of the doubt because of our brand. We would lose that if we went independent or left for another conference.

The Big Ten has been great for OSU beyond just football, and even in football beyond the last 20 years. 

Comment 21 hours ago

Notre Dame had flexibility that worked in their favor this one year during a global pandemic because they were able to join the ACC for one sport.

Every other year they are required to go undefeated or not sniff the playoffs because they don't have a conference championship game to play in. They are repeatedly ridiculed on this site for being independent almost unanimously.

Being independent would be a terrible idea for the school and anyone saying otherwise is getting far too emotional in the first 20 minutes after the news dropped we weren't having fall football. We have no clue what the other conferences are going to do and they could very well cancel their seasons too (I personally see that as highly likely).

Comment 21 hours ago

A week ago when the schedules were released everyone in here would have fought tooth and nail to defend the Big 10 against the SEC in an argument.

We still have the #1 recruiting class in the nation even with this decommitment and this entire thread has switched to "we need to blow up the Big 10 and have zero loyalty to those cowards and our recruiting classes are going to be shit and our football program is going in the crapper now".

Give it even 24 hours before you post stuff like this. You have no true faith in Ryan Day, our coaches, and the program they've created that supports students and athletes so willingly and successfully. It's going to be fine.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

My entire career has been in the social media industry. I've seen the best and the worst of it's power.

It's an incredible resource that gives anyone the power to do good. It's also an incredible resource that gives anyone the power to do almost anything else.

I've found myself blocking more people and pages recently to make it more enjoyable and focus on the things I really care about. But it's a toxic place right now. If you don't have to be on social I recommend not being on it, except for things like making plans, sharing life milestones, connecting with people you can't see regularly, and sharing/consuming positive stories. Otherwise it's a dumpster fire.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

You just "oh snapped" your own burn. Against the rules.

Comment 10 Aug 2020

This thread is taking everyone's attention and we should really be focusing on getting the recruiting thread to #69.

Comment 10 Aug 2020

No sarcasm font and it went over my head. Sadly your sarcastic post is too similar to serious posts all over this site today so it seemed legit.