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Comment 13 hours ago
Ohio State has the most versatile and deep unit. Clemson has the most talented physically with their two 6-4 freaks on the outside, and LSU has the most accurate QB throwing to a great unit. Lamb of OU is the best of all of them probably. LSU is the most dangerous passing offense of all the teams.
Comment 15 hours ago
Georgia has an offense that doesn't belong, but their defense is legit. I didn't think they were the fourth best team in the country and were there because people above them lost, instead of them earning the spot, but that doesn't matter. LSU (even their suspect defense) absolutely killed the team that was ranked #4. That will be viewed as impressive. LSU's win was more impressive. But if you put our second half team on the field against LSU I think we beat them.
Comment 07 Dec 2019
Clemson is absolutely out if they lose. A non-conference champ from the ACC is not getting in. If we lose by anything less than a blowout we are probably in because we've looked great all year have a good resume, and destroyed the team that beat us earlier in the year. The committee can say we were complacent, didn't care, rematches are tough, had a third straight tough game, etc. If LSU loses in anything but a blowout they will be in because they won't drop lower than the team they lost to so they'll stay at #4 while UGA breaks into the 2/3 game. If both us and LSU lose it'd be Clemson 1, UGA 2, us 3, them 4 so as to avoid a rematch.
Comment 06 Dec 2019

If he figures out how to act professionally I bet he'll go high in the draft. He should have a killer combine. He's a ridiculous athlete. If he gets good coaching to prep for the combine he could be a second round pick.

I wouldn't trade either of our guys for him right now. But if I could magically take DPJ after a year or two of our coaches working on him, that'd be tough to turn down. He has the talent to be one of the best in the country. He's just in a shitty program that doesn't know how to develop receivers.

Comment 06 Dec 2019

I just don't understand Michigan players sometimes. I can understand being "forced" to predict wins by the media, or getting hyped up before the game and saying something that provides bulletin board material, or just thinking you're better because you've been playing good football against subpar Big10 teams before our game.

But then they have these guys like DPJ who continue to talk trash AFTER getting annihilated on the field and failing to do the one job he had (catch the balls thrown to him).

How can that end up a positive situation for him in any way? What a clown.

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Love this one. I can just hear the thoughts of Harbaugh:

"Hoo boy, we got them here. We're gonna trick them for sure."


Comment 05 Dec 2019

Stop Taylor, stop the Wisky offense. It's that simple.

Coan played well against Minny but our secondary is better and our front 7 can focus on stopping the run.

I expect Taylor to have a better game than he did the first time this year since it will be dry and warm (that helps us but also helps them). But I don't expect him to hit 100 yards rushing.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Dobbins is probably a better kid and I love his fire.

Zeke is still on another level in terms of physical talent. JK might have a better jump cut than him. Other than that Zeke wins almost every category:  speed, strength, blocking, receiving, etc.

Dobbins is an all time great at the school once this season concludes. But he isn't Zeke.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I really think it depends on which Jake Fromm shows up. He has really regressed this season but shown his potential at certain times. The reason they lost to SC was because he threw three interceptions. They lost the game, SC didn't win it.

If it's bad Jake Fromm, LSU wins by at least two scores. If it's good Jake Fromm it should be a game.

UGA has a great defense (better than Auburn's), but LSU is by far the best offense they've seen all year. I don't see them slowing Burrow down much.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

It may even be less about development and really more about scheme here with our LBs. Obviously our players are getting developed from the ground up.

However, it's been repeatedly said that last year our defensive scheme was overly-complicated and that slowed the reaction times of our players down. This year it's simple and easy for our guys to diagnose a play and know what move they have to make. At this point in their development there is no huge jump in their athletic/physical abilities. It's about being in the right place at the right time.

Our coaches this year have epitomized what it means to put your players in the position to win. That's the biggest difference between the last two years.

At TTUN, Don Brown obviously doesn't run a system that puts their players in a position to win, coupled with having inferior players due to recruiting.