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Comment 3 hours ago
I think we'll see an era of "Unsung Heroes" soon where big games will be frequently won by backup QBs that were supposed to be relative nobodies. There are only so many teams in D1 football so the guys who don't win starting jobs will have to go somewhere. Ohio state is as good a place as any to learn and grow, and we have a great storyline of backups taking over and winning. That should help us. For now the transfer portal is new so guys who are good enough to start elsewhere will absolutely test it out. Eventually this will even out as well. We will have to recruit our star QBs like we always do, but keep at least one less heralded recruit on the team as well in case of disaster.
Comment 08 Apr 2019

Literally everything I hear about coaches this off season is extremely positive, from Day all the way down. Our coaching staff is really, REALLY good and the players love all of them.

If things go as smoothly on the field as they have off of it regarding the coaches, this could be a special year as the entire group (coaching staff and players) appears to have really bought into each other.

Comment 08 Apr 2019

Saban isn't wrong for the most part. There are always extenuating circumstances where a player may need to go pro to help his family financially, or the depth chart may actually hurt the player the next year (highly touted recruit is coming in behind them that they may not be able to beat out). But for the most part, unless you are a lock for a first round pick, or projected as a possible first rounder, waiting another year will benefit you in the end.

For running backs I'd take the jump earlier than other positions because the life time for that position in the NFL is so much lower than others due to the beating you take. Otherwise, I'd probably stay, get more reps and hone my craft, improve my stock, and make hopefully a couple million more.

Yes, Ssban is interested in the health of his program and that is part of the reason he is saying these things but he also isn't wrong. Just because it's Saban doesn't mean we have to disagree with everything he says.

Comment 08 Apr 2019

Do I realize it's a glorified practice and performances in the game by some players don't translate to the field in the Fall? Of course.

But it's Buckeye football. I will always care.

Being able to see how some players are developing and some of the new looks to our offense/defense is both valuable and entertaining as a fan.

Comment 05 Apr 2019

TM on the Colts or Pats is perfect. There are obvious roles in their offenses he would plug into immediately, and he'd have all timers at QB throwing to him his first season (and to help him perfect what he is already great at).

Jets would suck...even with the new uniforms.

Texans could be interesting. He'd do well opposite DHop as he'd be single covered all game. A better, more durable Will Fuller to take the top off a D.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

Why anyone would DV you is beyond me...

But when Heath was revealed as the actor for Dark Knight people really didn't like the choice initially and look what happened...Gotta give everyone a chance to act crazy before we judge them.

Comment 20 Mar 2019

1. There's no way Haskins slips past the 6th pick, whether it's to the Giants or someone trades up to get him. His IQ is top-notch, his release is hyper quick, and he knows how to read a D.

2. Ryan Day is going to be a great coach for our program on every level. The players love him, he has a great personality, he can recruit, and he can win in tough situations. This season is going to be fun.

Comment 18 Mar 2019

Big fan of Rao's for high-end Italian, it's in the Bellagio. Get the meatballs and you will not be disappointed.

It's the same restaurant as the one in NYC that you literally can't get a reservation to unless you own one of the tables inside.

Comment 18 Mar 2019

In almost any other year that would make sense. But when you are guaranteed to be compared to Trevor Lawrence and Tua, and even Jake Fromm if he improves, your headline goes from "Is he the number one QB in the draft?" and "Will he SLIP to the #10 pick?" to "He'll probably be the third QB off the board in the late first round".

When your future competition in the draft is so highly regarded, whether it's justified or not, take the almost guaranteed top 10 pick with little competition and prove yourself as best you can through the Combine and Pro Day.

Comment 14 Mar 2019

Except this trailer confirmed a few things we didn't know. Here's one of them:

- Tony Stark is alive on Earth and will follow the rest of the Avengers into the Quantum Realm (you can see that in the walking scene in the quantum suits from Ant Man/Wasp)

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Saw it last night. I was honestly very entertained and I thought it played the role it was meant to play very well: an origin story and 2 hour-long justification for her being in Endgame.

Wasn't a perfect movie but they balanced humor well, Nick Fury and Coulson's careers early on was fun to see, and it tied up a few loose ends/answered some questions from other movies in the MCU that was nice.

As Feige said, she's definitely the most powerful hero in the MCU we've seen and I'm wondering if she'll completely overshadow everyone else.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

The risk/reward of throwing at the combine isn't worth it. You risk a bad performance with unfamiliar receivers and timing that could have a big impact on your spot. But if you decline to throw and do well at your Pro Day your stock isn't impacted at all for skipping.

He's there because the interviews and measurables are important to draft stock and getting his size questions out of the way is a good move.

Impress with your mental game this week, then show out at your Pro Day for your physical game and it's the best bet for a QB.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

At that height and weight, Weber should never fall backwards. His center of gravity is going to be half a foot shorter at the very least compared to anyone trying to tackle him.

Comment 26 Feb 2019

Baker has the lower floor. But a similar ceiling. I say this based on his style of play which could lead to injury/mistakes.

Haskins, unless his NFL coach is just awful, will be more consistent across the board but probably won't be as "electrifying" due to his play style. But he has the talent, that with the right supporting cast, could mold into a Super Bowl winning QB.

For the NFL I think I'd rather have Haskins. But Baker could end up being truly special because of his attitude. It turns a lot of people off but it's what allows him to put a team like the Browns on his shoulders and turn the organization in the right direction.

Comment 21 Feb 2019

These trips absolutely provide value to the kids. It's silly to even try to argue otherwise. International travel and experiencing other cultures should be encouraged.

But will it help their football team play better football? No. No it won't. Still won't beat us, and still won't get to Indy.

But the trip itself is pretty awesome.