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The Media Impact on 2018 Heisman Voting

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September 24, 2018 at 9:35am

I have zero desire to discuss the Meyer debacle of the past couple months. I was sick of the conjecture after about an hour, but it played out almost exactly as I expected. With that being said.... Going into this season, I expected Haskins to put up freakish numbers (which he has, so far), and I anticipated that he would find himself in the Heisman conversation early and often. However, with the national sentiment toward Meyer and Ohio State being what it is, with the media clearly having so much power to influence opinions, and with the pressure they seemed to have tried to apply (even to their own peers) to the point that people fear being labeled as an "enabler of domestic violence" by not siding with them, do you think it could/will influence how people vote for the Heisman trophy this year? I understand that it's only week 5 of the season. But I also see how Haskins has performed, compared to history and in contrast to many of the pre-season front-runners (which identifying front-runners for a performance award before one play has been run is a joke in and of itself). The Heisman is 100% subjective. Do you think the Finebaums of the sports world will have a negative impact on his chances moving forward? For what it's worth, I gladly acknowledge that I have zero faith in the media to be unbiased or to "do the right thing" in this or just about any other situation where they may have an agenda.

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