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Comment 01 Dec 2020

I’m way less concerned about total wins...and way more concerned with the product on the field so far. I’m 100% convinced...if we had dominated teams the way we all expected we would...there would be zero question that we’d get in. But the reality is that we haven’t looked all that great consistently 

Comment 29 Nov 2020

To me it seemed like Jones was there to mess around (and not get mauled). He wrapped Tyson up over and over and at times ran from him. Tyson wasn’t messing around. He’s definitely slowed down, but he still had moments where he looked really really good

Comment 29 Nov 2020

Tyson’s a freak. He wasn’t there for a hug-a-thon. He looked like he had bad intentions

Comment 29 Nov 2020

Wish I could upvote 1000 times. Alas I cannot

Comment 16 Nov 2020

I predicted after the national championship game that Coach O would get fired next season for being a horrible head coach. I may have been wrong

Comment 10 Nov 2020

I never watch but did tonight. He didn’t say one thing I disagreed with. He was really just saying that’s how much better the Buckeyes (and other top tier teams like Bama) are than the rest of the B1G

Comment 10 Nov 2020

I know that these takes are not representative of all Clemson fans....

They might not be representative of ALL Clemson fans...but it’s pretty stinking close. Two things you should know about most Clemson fans...(1) Losses are always the ref’s faults, and (2) they’re totally obsessed with rankings and ALWAYS think they should be ranked #1

Comment 08 Nov 2020

I thought Clemson’s hiring of Dabo Swinney was the dumbest thing they could’ve ever done. be completely honest...I was worried that our recruiting would take a hit after Urban left.