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The Decision: Official Urban Meyer Decision Open Thread CH. 9

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August 22, 2018 at 3:56pm


Please post any news, developments, rumors, angst, fears, hopes, worries and expectations you have in the comment section.

Think of this as your sounding board for all things involving the upcoming decision. Similar forum entries will be closed and redirected here.

Will update when warranted. A new "official thread" will be made as needed (+- 250 comments).

A friendly reminder to please be civil, and to keep any and all political hot takes at the door.

NOTE:  Comment Voting is off for now, to keep the servers happy.  Thank you for your patience.

NOTE NOTE: I don't know who decided to name this "the decision", but that phrase is triggering AF for Cleveland sports people.

This is a forum post from a site member. It does not represent the views of Eleven Warriors unless otherwise noted.

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