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Honest Opinions on Night Games

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September 27, 2017 at 11:53am

This Saturday will mark the 3rd night game on this season, and there is a potential for at least 2 more (@ Nebraska, and @ Iowa). And I am still in shock that the Penn State game is a 3:30 kickoff. I know it is a topic with several pros and cons, and many differing opinions, so what are your thoughts on night games? 



1. Generally more viewers at night, helping publicity, which coaches use for recruiting.

2. Home night games are much more vocal (all day to drink), and create a more hostile atmosphere.


1.  See #1 in pros list. This does not necessarily hold true against bad teams. For example, this week OSU vs. Rutgers will be played at the same time as Clemson and VT. Probably better suited to be a noon game as far as exposure goes. 

2. The all-day wait just kills me. It's nice to watch OSU get a W at noon, and then throw a few back and casually watch football relaxed the rest of the day, instead of anxiously waiting. 

3. This may just be a weird personal thing. But I get a bad feeling with night games. Just a bad feeling. Probably because most games we lose, happen at night. This is due to the fact that most night games happen against great teams where the chances of defeat rise. But still, come October 28th, I'll probably have a better feeling about our chances with the game being at 3:30.


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