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Comment 10 May 2019

Tressel talked about the loss of Ginn and how it hurt them. Their gameplan was based on giving him a ton of touches. But mainly:

1. Urban Meyer as an underdog is unmatched. 

2. Our O-line struggled all year and their D-line was a monster. 

3. Our defense was good but not 2005 good. 

Tbh, i think the 2005 Buckeye squad would have fared better. But make no mistake. Florida was better. Overall "SEC Speed" was overrated. But the thing that wasn't overrated, was SEC linemen. No wonder our lines turned into beast when Urbs got here. 

Comment 10 May 2019

I think the main motive is to sort of stop the secondary market. Really there are only 2-3 games (maximum) that id look forward to attending in the Shoe. Wisconsin being one of them. I'd probably just look to the secondary market to get one ticket for that game. But now, grabbing that plan from OSU makes some sense. 

In general, it's just another way to eliminate people from only desiring the big game tickets. I was at both the NIU and WMU games in 2015 (similar flex plan) and it seemed to work if I recall. 

Comment 25 Nov 2018

Good teams win when things go right. Great teams win even when everything goes wrong. No conspiracy. Just the nature of the game. We get calls some weeks, and some weeks you don't. You play 2 scores better than your opponent and you take the game out of officials hands. You get a bad call? Great teams and great players make up for it. Should the Browns have beaten the Raiders? Yeah terrible spot. But they had about 20 opportunities to make a defensive play and they didn't. Make your own luck. OSU does that 

Comment 25 Nov 2018

Yeah i would've said the same thing as Austin but I can understand Urban being annoyed with all the negativity considering they are 11-1 and playing for the Big Ten title. 

Comment 25 Nov 2018

Product of:

  1. always loud for UM
  2. people were just going to be gracious for a win and not cared how OSU "looked"

Being favored every game means your team kicks ass, but it makes fans complacent. I liked Urban post game when he jumped all over Austin Ward, who made the comment "where has this teammate been for the last two months". Urban called it the most disrespectful thing thing you can ask.

Comment 18 Oct 2018

The greatest joy in life comes from the climb, "The Chase" towards the goal. But once the goal is achieved, the only options left are to stay at the mountain top, or to slip away from it. Staying at the mountain top becomes the expectation, and slipping from the top becomes the nightmare. So one could say, there are no options for joy once the goal has been achieved. 

Part of this fanbases displeasure, and my own displeasure, has been a constant reminder of the sweet sweet 2014 season. The chase was complete, we were at the mountain top. Since then, it was expectation that we would stay there; however, that has not transpired. 

Come to the realization that we are not at the top of the mountain. We are once again "chasing" the goal. It's crazy the remember how much I enjoyed 2014, even before we were a great team. 

It is with these comments that I propose we once again make "The Chase" the motto of our team. We're coming. Enjoy it. 

Comment 18 Oct 2018

People getting upset about Meyer's tone? Saban is the best coach ever and he is the media nightmare. Whenever people want to bash his players, he stands up for them. Whenever people praise his players, he brings them back down to Earth (rat poison). Didn't Saban stand up and talk about how proud he was of his guys after they struggled with Georgia Southern one year? These coaches get through the media as fast and as painstakingly as possible. To take anything away from them is a folly. 

Comment 14 Oct 2018

I remember 10-15 years ago when 30-14 would make me happy against an average Big Ten team. The fact is, everyone outside of Bama has looked bad at times this season. The key is to get through Purdue and get to the Bye week. I've seen people commenting that OSU is not deserving of the 2nd spot. Who else deserves it?? Clemson, ND? Every team outside of Bama has weaknesses. 

This season is just following the same trend. Since 2012, OSU and Clemson have consistently been the 2nd (2a, 2b) best teams in the nation. Just not better than  Alabama. And that one team is enough to drive us crazy. I'd argue we complain more now, than we did from 2008-2013 when we were consistently a 6-10th best team. 

Comment 14 Oct 2018

Ohio State is a school of traditions. 

  1. Script Ohio. 
  2. Buckeye leaves 
  3. Playing to the level of our competition. 

Having witnessed some shitshow games in 2002 and 2014, I am not hitting the panic button. 

Comment 10 Oct 2018

I'm not really concerned about the rushing attack lately. Penn State made their bed and laid and died on it. TCU adjusted to the pass, and Dobbins ran wild in the last 20 minutes. 

I know Urban has always preached that 500 yards with 250 coming from both the air and ground is the ultimate goal, but I might prefer Leach's definition of "balance" better. 

Teams are going to continue to stack the box and try to apply heat. If Haskins keeps beating them, they might back off. If they don't? Let Haskins keep beating them. 560 yards of offense is still 560 yards of offense. 

Comment 08 Oct 2018

Everyone knows it is impossible to improve from the halfway point, to the end point. 

*cough 2014 cough*

That defense was not considered "great" by any stretch of the imagination until the 3 game stretch. That team is the absolute model for continuous improvement. 

Comment 08 Oct 2018

This is very true. Wade and Okudah can definitely turn into the guys that can run this scheme on the outside. The issue is with man-to-man, everybody has to be disciplined. 

Please read this article

I get that Schiano has a scheme that he wants to run, and that is has been successful, but sometimes you have to tailor your system to your players. This article talks about Haecock. He wanted to use schemes like Dantonio did, but he knew he didn't have the players (OSU recruited Dline very poorly during the Tressel era), and so he used a "Bend but don't break defense". It was agonizing, and I absolutely HATE that scheme, but it was the best option we had at the time. 

Comment 08 Oct 2018

I blamed Fick, and it was a mistake. He had bare cupboards to work with in 2012-2013. Once he got athletes, they were beasts. Davis has athletes, and they are playing worse than the 2012-2013 squad. That being said, the 2014 defense had weaknesses too midway through the season. That defense wasn't considered good by any means until the playoff. We got time. 

Comment 08 Oct 2018

I have been maintaining the last few weeks that we need more pre-snap motion. Take a look at these two plays. On the first play, Zeke slips. 2nd play he scores. 

It can't be overlooked that Cardale (at least in 2014) was a more effective runner than Haskins has shown to be. However, having the defense at least consider the Jet Sweep should be something we use. Especially since we have seen the Jet Sweep toss reimplemented into the playbook this year. Seems like having Parris do that would help a lot. 

Comment 05 Oct 2018

My first memory of a game was the 2002 National Championship. So I grew up in the Tressel era. Due to this, I consider myself quite the spoiled Buckeye fan. Lost to UM twice in my football memory, and 2003 is foggy (Although I can still hear my dad yelling for Krenzel to be benched). I turned into a hardcore fan during the Troy Smith years. 

My generation of OSU fans are the fans who really need to understand the history of OSU. We have had it so good, for so long, that at times I feel unappreciative, and wonder how many would stick around if we go through a rough patch (Please No)

Comment 05 Oct 2018

College football is the best sport in the world, and I don't think it is stagnating one bit. Obviously, I may feel different if I wasn't a fan of one of the few "elite" teams. Every year in September, people say these things on sports channels. They never learn. Upsets happen. 

FSU - 2014

OSU -2015

Bama - 2016

If you took everything seriously from experts, those are who "easily will win it all" in their respective years (Last year was a shitshow). Crazy things can, and will happen. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Will Bama probably easily get in? Yeah they should. But just like in years past, September Heismans, and September Champions, don't always align with what happens in January. 

That's just my view. I'm a guy that has never liked the NFL and always believed CFB to be 10x better. So I may be biased. I'd watch OSU win a game 49-10, before I watched an NFL game end 17-13. Love the excitement and innovation. 

Comment 02 Oct 2018

After Saturday, teams are going to realize that they can’t put just 3 defenders on the same side as 3 Buckeyes. They block so well that screens are deadly. Once a safety, or a linebacker moves to that side for more help, see how the running game takes off.