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Comment 3 hours ago

Lol very good point. A lot of my early info came from my dad, but since have researched it quite a bit. Always been interested in sports history and I can remember it happening and the buzz, so I was intrigued to do some research. 

Comment 3 hours ago

You are correct, but you have to remember, the AP poll was the main poll before the BCS. Winning the AP was the "super bowl". There were still a lot of people not fully into the BCS at that point, and still put more weight into the AP poll. It didn't help that the BCS was full of controversy in each of its first 5 seasons, minus 2002. I fully agree LSU, but my office mate is older and still believed, at that time, the AP was the better determinant instead of "damn computers". 

Comment 4 hours ago

Grew up a die-hard Buckeye supporter. Was going to go there, and then OU offered me full-tuition. Couldn't turn it down. Never let my fandom die. I LOL'd when the president of student affairs told us at orientation "You WILL NOT be seen in OSU gear on this campus". Dawned a TP jersey on the first day of classes. 

Comment 4 hours ago

This is beyond weird. But due process is there for a reason. Pleading Not Guilty is also weird in this sense. Criminal Trespassing with a non guilty charge would lead me to think a security camera caught him. 

Does anyone know what "criminal" before the word trespassing implies? Would he have had to be purposely doing hard to get that tag applied? Like I've had friends get caught hunting and riding dirt bikes on other people's property but never heard "criminal" in the term. 

Comment 5 hours ago

As I've said on this site before, NFL scouts are terrified of the 2019 QB class. There is more than just Haskins stats that could go along with him possibly leaving OSU. Of course, in no way, shape, or form, do I want him gone after 1 year. But I think whenever Haskins draft stock is analyzed, one must also compare it to his counterparts. If there are few draft eligible QB's that have proven themselves, then NFL teams will be drafting based off potential. And one can not argue with Haskins potential, and in today's world, would a Late 1st, to Early 2nd round grade be enough for Haskins to leave?

In the article, one scout says that only 3 QB's in the 2019 class look "like dudes" (his words not mine), and that he is terrified of the class. He also goes on to say how excited he is about the 2020 class, even predicting that Jake Fromm and Jacob Eason could go 1-2 from the same school. 

It would be reasonable that Haskins would have similar stock in both the 2019 and 2020 drafts. Probably too high in 2019, because of a limited field, and in 2020, he would have to compete with Fromm and Eason. 

Comment 8 hours ago

I think the main way it could help is identifying "readiness". Under the old rule, Urban and his staff would have to deem a player "ready" through practice and scrimmages. Now, they can spend a few blowouts actually seeing them in action. Theoretically, they could play every DE on the roster against Oregon St. and Rutgers, and then the staff could say. "Okay, Friday is ready to go. So our rotation will be Bosa, Young, Cooper, and Friday. And the others will redhsirt". 

The rule will help coaches deem who is worth burning a redshirt for. 

Comment 8 hours ago

For as much as the "leaders and legends" names sucked, the divisions were much more equal. It was weird that OSU and UM weren't in the same division, but the Big Ten promised they'd always meet as tradition. OSU, PSU, Wiscy on one side. UM, MSU, and Nebraska on the other. 

Comment 8 hours ago

It was nice basically being guaranteed at least a share of the Big Ten during its down years, but no way would I trade that for what we have now. It sucks playing in such a string division, but a the same time, it's awesome. It's nice to play so many big games, and i's very nice knowing that losing 1 game won't hurt us (most likely). Losing 1 game from 2008-2013 would have destroyed our hopes. 

Comment 9 hours ago

Exactly! JT was the MVP of the offense until Zeke showed out. Again, I'm not discussing 2015-2017 JT. The point is how different an offense can look, and how the narrative can flip when you have a guy like you can just throw the ball up to. I'd be willing to bet that on half of Devin's long touchdowns, a current receiver on our roster couldn't have adjusted to make the play. 

Comment 17 Jul 2018

It was just that season in general. We gave the Wiscy game all the devastation we could give. No Mo, Krenzel had been in-and-out. Tress was 2-0 and it was a "It's impossible to win the first 3 isn't it?". A lot of factors that made a loss seem likely. My dad had turned on Krenzel, and wanted McMullen to be the starter. Just a weird year. My takeaway from that game was that Santonio was gonna be an absolute star and probably should have had more playing time all year. 

Very similar feeling to MSU in '13. Sucked we lost, but we knew Jameis was going to throw for 500 on that group that called themselves a secondary. Most expected LSU and Saban or OU (The BCS was all effed up that year) to curbstomp us. Although, 2002...

Comment 17 Jul 2018

I remember that, and was like "meh not great". But we can't let ourselves get into a "one clip" back and forth fight. Because then you can look at 3 passes in the MSU game, the deep ball to Devin in the Cincy game. The 35 yard TD in the Maryland game. 

What you will see though, is how amazing Devin was able to adjust and catch nearly everything in his vicinity. I started in the comments with how vital a guy like Devin Smith is, and it transitioned into JT talk. But at the end of the day, every QB needs a Devin Smith, and Haskins isn't an exception. Being a consistent downfield threat requires a QB who can get it there AND a receiver who can make the play. 

Comment 17 Jul 2018

Yep my point exactly. Urban is gonna have to change something with the play-calling to be able to score. He didn't in 2015, and the answer was JT. Now this year, it is either change it up, or who knows, he may use Tate. I doubt he does the latter, but something will have to change from a play-calling standpoint. 

Comment 17 Jul 2018

People also seem to forget the legend who completed less than 60% of his passes and had a 2-1 TD-INT ratio. Ohio State, for as great as they have been, has always had below average QB play outside of a handful of guys. Hard to say it can't get much worse when OSU has made a tradition out of winning despite the QB having major weaknesses. 

Comment 17 Jul 2018

 If Cardale does not throw that 35 yard bullet to Corey Smith from his endzone in the first quarter when the O was struggling against Oregon....

Don't know if I agree with the premise that they would have lost the game without him, but without a doubt, this was the best pass Cardale made at OSU. And if I remember correctly, out of the few analysts who wanted Cardale to start in 2015, they all were citing this pass as the reason.