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Comment 05 Aug 2020

Good for them. It is much more reasonable to believe this can be resolved. 

Love that they thought about free BTN access. In most packages I've seen, you have to upgrade above a standard package to get it. Families should be able to watch every game free of charge, imo. 

Comment 05 Aug 2020

Yes Covid-19 puts a damper on the year, and things are still uncertain. But walking out to work on a cool 60 degree morning, followed by this news... First thing that just seems right about this year. 

Comment 30 Jul 2020

Definitely seems to be two ways of thinking about it. 

  1. Start early and build in more Bye weeks to "take advantage" of the 10 day quarantine rule. Giving teams the chance to weather an outbreak, or to allow players to miss 2 games max, with a chance to only miss 1.
  2. Start late and hope the virus dies down and the season can go on without issues. 

Imo, with the way things are looking, I can't imagine why Option 1 isn't more appealing. Really would be shocked if things are drastically different by the middle of September. If a player tests positive on a Wednesday before a game, and there is a Bye the next week, that player is automatically eligible to return for the next game, with no testing needed. What will really be interesting is how they determine close contact. I'm sure, Justin Fields and Gunner Hoak will be kept separate. 

Comment 28 Jul 2020

I could see them going with a Big 12 type schedule, albeit with no non-conference games. By that I mean pushing the Big Ten title game out to 12/17. That would allow for 2 additional Bye weeks. Add one before PSU, and one before UM. You know the Big Ten will do everything they can to have full strength teams for the bigger matchups. 

This would basically eliminate a player from missing more than 2 games all season. 

Comment 27 Jul 2020

Other programs have shown you can fail no matter what. To your point about Urban Meyer, Ohio State has taken risks that have all paid off. They probably could've went safer with most of their hiring decisions. But didn't. And it has paid off. But there is a flip side. Michigan didn't go safe with Rich Rod and it burned them, but I actually liked that "risk". And then they may have went "too safe" with Hoke and Harbaugh. It's a tough job to hire a HC, no matter how "bulletproof" you may think you are. OSU has excelled

Comment 23 Jul 2020

I really believe he was a Top 5 OSU receiver, and that is saying something. But just think about this for how hard it was for him his whole career.

College: Played in Tressel's most conservative offense with Krenzel. 

NFL: Played for the Falcons during Vick's fiasco and subsequent QB's

Dude never got the chance to play for a stand-out QB. I think he definitely had pro-bowl potential. 

Comment 23 Jul 2020

0% concerning imo. The committee will look at things differently because of circumstances. In my opinion, the only way this hurts us is that we can't lose. IF, we played Oregon and beat them, maybe we would have some room for error to lose a game, and still make it in. 

But no concerns. Same as always. Win every game. Win the Big Ten. You're in. Lose a game? You leave it up to 13 people. Same as always. 

Comment 21 Jul 2020

Agree with Penn State being the biggest challenger. But I don't really think it is a "challenge". Penn State's ceiling is to be the equivalent of 2016 Ohio State. Great defense. Solid offense against average teams. Horrible offense against great teams. If they can't go after OSU's secondary, they are going to have serious issues. 

As we saw with 2016 OSU. In today's game, you can't expect a top-notch defense to help you win a 14-10 game. Great offense > Great defense. Especially with a team as versatile as OSU. 

Comment 21 Jul 2020

Disagree with complaints Day was too conservative. After that 1st drive, and with our defense, the writing was on the wall. Pound the ground and we won't lose the game. Fumbles made it sloppy, but you can't prepare for that. Especially with a team like 2019 OSU who had relatively no turnover issues all season. 

Looked to me like Day said "we aren't losing this game unless Fields throws multiple interceptions". That was a "win and get the hell out of here" type of game. I have zero issues with that. Maybeeeee a blowout gives OSU the #1 seed? Thing is, that ground and pound strategy still resulted in a "blowout". Game wasn't nearly as close as the score indicates. 

Again no issues. You play to win the game. If OSU came in with a loss and was on the outside looking in? Yeah go for it. But undefeated? Just win the best way you think is possible. 

Comment 20 Jul 2020

Definitely shocked. But more shocking to me was how quickly Tressel realized we were f*cked when he went for it on 4th down from our side of the field. And then years later, the conversation came to light where Tressel said "boys, if we don't get this we are f*cked". 

Classic UFM game man. Dude had the underdog ready to put their foot on our throats. I've never seen a coach get an underdog so confident. I swear, watching OSU play as an underdog under Meyer was the most amazing experience. Played loose, and smacked everyone around. 

Comment 20 Jul 2020

Block O with a green leaf is never a bad option. 

Sidenote - Pretty great how things turned out that we can joke about the biggest "scandal" in OSU football history. 

Comment 20 Jul 2020

This is what it boils down to in my opinion. Being a potential high pick, he obviously had his tape picked apart prior to the draft. And in my opinion, all of the negatives showed up last year. But to his credit, he improved them. 

  1. "He can't handle pressure". Heck that was even on his high school scouting report. I saw the 2018 UM game mentioned countless times about how his jersey never got touched. And then how erratic he looked at times against TCU and PSU, when he got pressured. However, he was young then and is still young. He looked a lot better late last season dealing with a crap line. 
  2. Danny dimes 5 minutes of fame. No doubt Danny looked better early on. But as the season went along, he came back down to earth. But first impressions have a lot to do with peoples opinions. 
  3. Not to get political, and I won't, but didn't he post something somewhat controversial basically agreeing with "shut up and dribble"? 
Comment 20 Jul 2020
  1. Almost sold my Big Ten Championship game tickets in 2014 because there was no way that lineman playing QB could win. And even if he did, no way we would make the playoffs over TCU/Baylor
  2. I really thought the 2011 team could win the Big Ten
  3. That inserting JT as the started halfway through 2015 would solve every issue that team had. You guys probably got sick of me (look at my name). I was the biggest JT supporter (even through 2016). Still love the guy, but I was blinded. 
Comment 16 Jul 2020

Best Freshmen running back I've ever seen. I know Dobbins blew his statistics out of the water, but just think of what MC had to deal with. That offense was 100% reliant on him, with a few "how the hell did Krenzel get away with that" plays. Defenders stacked the box every single play. If you put him in OSU's offense today, my goodness. 

Comment 16 Jul 2020

After awhile, I became to expect an annual letdown against a MAC team with Tressel. It got to the point, where it didn't concern me, because he had proven that we would win, and still have a great football team. But my goodness, the 2015 game against NIU was the worst "win" I've ever watched. Even the 38-0 win vs. Hawaii was "bleh". 

You can call these game snoozers, but after the crap we have witnessed over the years, sign me the hell up to watch us play Miami (OH) 3 times, with a result like last year. 

Comment 08 Jul 2020

Cristobal actually would surprise me less than Dabo. Dabo has all he needs right now to compete and win at Clemson. The fact that Bama is his alma mater is the only reason he should leave Clemson. 

I firmly believe Cristobal is a good coach and great recruiter. I think it is very possible he takes Oregon to their "ceiling", which is making a few CFP's, and maybe giving a Clemson, Bama, OSU a good game once. But that is it. People have noted the "pressures" of the job. I agree completely. IMO, a coach who is at a school without all the resources, would be much more likely to care less about the added pressure. 

Dabo has it made at Clemson right now. 

Comment 08 Jul 2020

Another factor is that the injury doesn't even have to be "serious" to cause issues. Just think of Fields relatively minor knee injury, and if he was eligible for the 2020 draft. He would've had ~6 months to heal prior to OTA's starting (which are most crucial for Rookie QB's). 

If that same injury occurs in April/May, you're talking about only 1-2 months before OTA's start, in which he might not yet be 100%. A knee tweak, a deep bone bruise on the throwing hand, a pulled hamstring, a sprained ankle, etc... could all set you back heading into your rookie year. Those minor, and common injuries are not a concern if the season ends the first week of January. 

Plain and simple. In a fall season, the only injuries that are concerning to the NFL are bone breaks and torn ligaments/tendons. In a spring season, the list of "concerning injuries" increases exponentially. 

Comment 08 Jul 2020

Highly doubt it, unless the NFL made drastic changes which aren't likely. ​One could say "What is the difference? The injury risk is the same in the Fall or Spring".

  1. Even a relatively minor injury in April/May will set you back drastically. Will the 2nd draft pick (who you can assume needs a QB right away), draft someone who breaks his hand in April/May, and might not be healed for OTA's or Training Camp. If that injury occurs in November, it isn't a concern
  2. "Play for the love of the game!" - If you have to wait until February, what is waiting another 4 months before OTA's start?
  3. Assuming the NFL keeps their normal schedule, you're asking these kids to be playing football from February to December/January, with the only "down time" being OTA's.