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Comment 11 minutes ago

The reason I'm more confident with this defense (in respect to Haecock's), is the D-line. Haecock had some great defensive linemen (Heyward, Pitcock, Gholston), but never the insane end-to-end talent that this D-line has. OSU was rarely among the sack leaders during his tenure. 

If they can continue to get pressure on the QB like they are, it should eliminate some of the issues Haecock's defense had against pass-first teams. 

Comment 3 hours ago

Hey Joshua, thanks for this awesome segment. 

From a casual viewer standpoint, it appeared OSU went to man-to-man defense much more often in this game, than in the previous 2, due to IU hitting a few seam routes. Was there anything schematically that differed from Schiano's scheme? Or was it simply a case of the players running it beautifully? 

Comment 5 hours ago

I loved what Urban said. "You have to account for the Quarterback". Even though he only ran it 4 times. If OSU continues to run it like this, without Fields keeping it...watch out. Teams are going to have to sell out on Dobbins/Teague. 

The best part about this offense is this. I'd feel comfortable throwing it 40 times in a game. And I'd feel comfortable throwing it 20 times in a game. So many weapons everywhere. I really don't know how you game plan this team. My guess is teams are going to continue to sell out and blitz more and more. But that can be a deadly proposition with someone like Fields. 

Comment 13 Sep 2019

This should be the next step in the return of the silver bullets. I'm hoping they try to take several shots downfield. In an ideal world, the zone defense, and nasty pass-rush should wreak havoc on those plans. 

I could see IU changing it up and trying to get the ball out quickly. Quick flat routes can be the downfall of the Cover 3. So far they have been negated due to fantastic pursuit and tackling by the corners. Hope that continues moving forward. 

Comment 13 Sep 2019

I always try to tell myself that a good (but not great) UM is the best thing for OSU. 2 conference losses heading into the game. A win looks great, and a loss doesn't kill us if we are 11-0. BUT, every damn time I see UM struggling, I end up rooting hard against them. Personally, I think it is Harbaugh more so than UM. I just love seeing that dude pout. 

UM has never hurt me in my lifetime, but the failure to recognize history and those that came before you, can be detrimental. 

Comment 12 Sep 2019

My point wasn't about where they work. It's about how they became successful. Talking shit and getting ratings. If you want an ESPN guy, look at Stephen A. Or even Max Kellerman. 

Comment 12 Sep 2019

I've always been on your side Cincy. They don't hate us. They don't love us. They don't love anybody. They love money. Talking shit on a passionate fanbase gives them money. They have more leeway after Fox got half the rights. But saying they "hate" OSU is flat wrong. They just want people to watch, and if that takes pissing people off, that's what they will do. But at the end of the day, they would love nothing more than for OSU to be in the CFP. 

Comment 12 Sep 2019

ESPN, like everything else, revolves around money. They give a lot, and get a lot from the SEC, especially once Fox got some of the Big Ten rights. But don't think for one second that ESPN wouldn't drool over OSU being in the CFP. Ohio State vs. Oregon (*gasp no SEC), is still the highest rated playoff game to date. 

Bottom line. ESPN talks shit on us because they know we have a huge fanbase and it'll get us worked up. Ever wonder how Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless became so successful? Cowherd had a huge summer shitting on the Browns. And it did wonders for his show. Because he pissed a passionate fanbase off. BUT, while ESPN can talk shit, at the end of the day, they want ratings. And OSU gives them that. 

Comment 12 Sep 2019

The common belief in CFB right now is Great Offense>>Great Defense. And I sorta agree. With the current rules, and the innovation, it is damn near impossible to slow down a high powered attack. Bama's defense allowed over 80 points in the CFP last year. 

Question. Who do you think had a better shot of winning a CFP game? 2016 OSU (all-world defense) or 2018 (amazing offense and inept defense)? I'd take 2018 all day. Not sure we will ever see another version of 2002. 

Comment 12 Sep 2019

Signore purchased a package in 2018, but said he didn’t in 2019 because most of the games during 2018 were blowouts that weren’t worth the cost of a season package. He said buying single-game tickets is cost-effective, and easier now since the release of the Ohio State student ticket exchange app TicketBay in January

This, paired with the e-tickets are the main reason. People seem a little confused why the e-tickets are a big deal. You can't sell them to a non-student. Back in the day, you could sell your $30 ticket for $100, hand the person your student ID, and get it back after the game. Tons of my friends did this.  They would only actually use their PSU, UM, or big non-conference game ticket. They'd make their money back (and maybe more), by selling their other tickets. Now, you have to "upgrade" your tickets to sell them, meaning you have to pay full price.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

I agree that is probably a solid fix. But as a selfish person who likes college football 100x more than the NFL, I'd hate to lose out on watching the top prospects play 3 years of CFB. Imo, the main takers in the NFL option would be QB's, as their bodies are more ready for their roles in the NFL, compared to other positions. You could potentially be in a situation where we aren't watching Tua, Trevor Lawrence, or Justin Fields. 

Comment 10 Sep 2019

I know we all keep yelling for White to see the field more. And it is understandable, because he is great. But it is what I love about this defense. They didn't need him against UC. Downhill running team, and it made sense to play Pete Werner more. It could very possibly be a different story against spread teams (Nebraska, PSU, UM????). 

But let's give some love where love is due. Pete Werner is playing fantastic right now. 

Comment 10 Sep 2019

I understand why the 2014 team is that low, if they are going strictly off records and margins of victory. Losing to VT, close games against PSU, Navy, and Indiana (before Jalin Marshall went crazy). And also a pretty weak regular season schedule. But damn, that team was amazing. Looking at the NFL right now is all I need to know to rank that team in the Top-15. They absolutely controlled every aspect of the game when they played MSU, Wisconsin, Bama, and Oregon. 

I also agree that 2014 should be ahead of 2002. If they played each other, 2014 wins. However, the game was different in 2002. Obviously that 2002 team was the best in the nation. But I could see some teams from 2014 giving them trouble just solely on how the game has changed. That is why it is so hard to make these lists. 

Comment 10 Sep 2019

Just going to take another moment to appreciate that we don't have the routine "We haven't watched film yet" answers, since these things are on Tuesdays.  

Day said the plan to win is to gain at least two first downs on offense and then control field position with its defense and special teams.

*Tress takes lunch break to get a change of pants*

Comment 03 Sep 2019

I didn't go through and count all zone-reads, but I believe there were 2 Tight Zones called, at least while Dobbins was in the game. One was a bad read, and one was a great defensive play. It can be difficult to identify every zone-read, since most regular hand-offs look the same (minus the occasional 30 second exchange with JT). The only sure fire way to tell is by watching the O-line, and seeing if they purposely leave a defender, in the QB's line of sight, unblocked, and block a LB. 

For the purpose of this thread, I didn't count "Outside Zone-Reads", and I knew there were a few of them. Also derailed by bad reads. Except for one certain 51 yard TD.

Comment 03 Sep 2019

This is absolutely my take as well. There is no way they won't use this at some point. Just no need against a team like FAU. If they start mixing the stuff from Saturday, with some zone-reads, and RPO's....watch out