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Comment 23 Dec 2019

This will make it really interesting to see who CBS goes after. That 3:30 spot is really coveted. The Big Ten is with Fox, and so is the Pac-12. The ACC wouldn't have nearly the ratings as the SEC did. Really weird here for CBS. I really figured they go all-in on keeping the SEC there. Pretty tough to beat having Bama, LSU, Florida, and Georgia locked into your prime slot. 

If I'm the Pac-12, I'm pushing hard for CBS. Yes, that means they are going to be kicking off at noon every week, but they are mired behind OSU and Michigan when it comes to Fox's priorities. They need to swing for the fences to get more exposure out to that region. Plus, I want to see Gary Danielson discuss why a 2-loss Oregon deserves to get in over a 1-loss Bama. 

Comment 20 Dec 2019

I agree with this. Braxton was exactly what we needed in 2012 and 2013; however, JT was what we needed in 2014. That team was stacked and just needed a "point guard" to get the ball to the playmakers. Braxton had a cannon, but wasn't as accurate and wasn't as good getting through his reads, which was probably because he knew he could take off and run for 50 yards. 2016 definitely could've used a Braxton Miller. 

And remember, there was a faction of the fanbase that believed Kenny G could have been the starting QB. 

Comment 20 Dec 2019

Ehh. Ohio State has the resources and donors to allow the 18th best recruit, to profit more than if he was the #1 recruit at Purdue. Imo, there are two options to increase parity. 

1) Recruiting Salary Cap - So essentially schools actually pay the players. You get so much to spend per recruiting class. You really like 3 kids? Dump a ton into them. Purdue may be willing to drop 25% of their money on 1 kid

2) Reduce Scholarships - The above one will never happen. This actually has a chance. It happened while Bear Bryant was dominating to help increase parity. Cutting scholarships from 85 to 75 could help the smaller schools out. I'd wager to bet, that the 10 worst scholarship athletes on OSU, Bama, and Clemson, would all be competing for a starting job elsewhere. 

Comment 19 Dec 2019

It's unfortunate because they had a lot to work with. But so did the prequel. Those 3 movies had the potential to be amazing, but fell short. Don't get me wrong, I still love the series, but I just don't know if this movie will put that "definite end", like it promises. 

Comment 19 Dec 2019

Man I can't stand this guy. Seems like a good ASSISTANT football coach, but in no way, shape, or form, is he a good HEAD coach. He needs to be in a box where he has minimal pressers and isn't in the spotlight. 

Comment 19 Dec 2019

I'll definitely watch it. However, this trilogy just feels like a worse put together version of 4-6. For one, I thought there was a ton of potential with Rey, as far as her family history. Are they just gonna leave it at "She has no ties to the Jedi, and yet she mastered it in 2 hours". They spent 2 movies showing Luke learning the Force, but with Rey it felt rushed, UNLESS there were family ties or something. Just a weird ending to that storyline. The biggest talking point after TFA, was "Who is Rey?", and it turns out she really is a "nobody". Just poorly executed imo. 

Comment 16 Dec 2019

Washington was already a rumored candidate for a HC job. More and more, we are seeing guys go straight from position coach to HC. I don't think there is a ton of value in stepping up to DC at a smaller program. I'd wager to bet his future opportunities may be greater by staying at OSU, albeit at a lower level position, than by going to BC. He'll also have an extremely experienced group next year, minus Malik, and could be getting some serious offers after 2020. 

Comment 16 Dec 2019

Meyer, Braxton, Zeke, JT. 

Meyer is obvious. We aren't here without him. Braxton literally carried OSU to 12-0 in 2012. Zeke dominated the 2014 playoff run. JT was 4-0 vs. UM, 2 Big Ten titles, destroyed MSU which was instrumental in getting into the 2014 playoff, and won 2 other NY6 bowls as starting QB. Pure talent wise, he isn't Rushmore worthy, but his accomplishments and leadership make me put him up there. 

There are so many good players, but like the heisman, QB rules the day. 

Comment 13 Dec 2019

These people don't watch many games, and when they do, they don't watch film. All they see and care about was OSU fumbling it 4 times vs. PSU, the defense getting roasted in the first half vs. UM, and the first half of the game last week. 

So in total, 5 quarters of bad football this season (I guess you could add the second and third quarter of the FAU game). I personally, don't think it is an OSU "perception issue". I think it is the rest of the conference that has the "perception issue". The national media doesn't believe Wisconsin is a Top-10 team, plain and simple. They don't believe Minnesota is good. So the narrative flips. Instead of saying Minnesota is good because they beat PSU, they say PSU is bad because they lost to Minnesota. 

This is why the narrative on OSU has flipped a bit. They expected OSU to wipe the field with Wisconsin. So when they didn't dominated, the narrative was "OSU struggled with an average team". Remember the year that Wiscy beat LSU in non-conference? The media LOVED that win for Ohio State.  It is plain and simple, we need more non-conference games vs. the Power-5 conferences. 

I think the bias between the top dogs has died down a bit, but it is still super evident in the middle of the pack. I can guarantee the national media would pick South Carolina to wipe Illinois right off the football field. 

Comment 13 Dec 2019

Kind of off topic, but related. Remember when our QB succession plan was Danny Clark, then Tristen Wallace, then Haskins or Burrow, then Tate, then Emory Jones? 

And now we have none of them left, and have Justin Fields. QB 'crootin is weird man. 

Comment 12 Dec 2019

If you asked me 5 years ago, I'd say go Michigan. I hated them, but mainly just because they were Michigan. I didn't hate Brady Hoke, and their fanbase wasn't as toxic back then. Plus, the Big Ten needed all the help it could get, since there were only 2 teams getting a shot at the title. 

But now, Roll Tide to a 50 point win. 

Comment 12 Dec 2019

That has been in the trend. 3 of the 4 spots in every playoff has been filled by Bama, Clemson, OU, or OSU,  except 2014. The other team to make it has been a one trick pony. Michigan State, Washington, Notre Dame. The only team that has made it as the "other team", and remained relevant, is Georgia. I could see LSU being at a Georgia level after this season, but that will no doubt be a regression. 

The main question will be whether they land someone in the transfer portal; however, the field looks smaller than it was last year. Jordan Love looks like the best option, and Oklahoma seems to have a lead in that race. Which is interesting, considering they have the #1 2019 QB on their roster. 

Comment 11 Dec 2019

Venables is a master of audibles. Most defensive calls are made based on the offenses personnel, and down and distance. Venables waits to make his calls, until after the offense lines up, and he sees the exact formation they are in. I asked Josh Perry about this, and he said he has no idea how Venables or the players can succeed in this style, but that's why he isn't making 2.5 mil/yr. Venables will literally call an audible 2 seconds before the ball is snapped. Watching him on the sideline is masterful. 

Look for OSU to increase their tempo if they get the ball moving.