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The Buckeyes won the No. 1 game of 2016

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December 15, 2016 at 9:12am

and you know what Game we are talking about right?! 

Every regular season since 1935 ends the same way on tOSU Buckeyes schedule, tOSU vs U of M so it's no surprise that this year followed suit, right?

Except that the 2016 version of The Game turned out to be an instant 2OT classic and one that will be in the argument for best game of the series for many years to come so this should be no shocker that it was also The Game of the Year in 2016.

You watched the pregame. You watched The Game. Everyone watched The Game.

Now Sports Illustrated has named Ohio State's 30-27 double overtime win over rivals Michigan as the best college football game of 2016.

Well of course they did, can you think of another game this season that had the build up, the drama and the CFP implications that The Game had. Of course you can't because it just isn't possible.

The new classic in the rivalry finished first in the top-10 list ahead of Clemson's 42-26, no defense affair earlier this season. 

It was a game for the ages and one that I will personally never forget. I can say for this Buckeye fan that the experience of being at The Game and rushing the field afterwards has elevated the rivalry to a whole different level and it sounds like most critics agree... except for those jive turkeys who are just plain hating on all things good and spreading lies and rumors but hey...

Shit happens, bum juice!

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