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Comment 07 Aug 2019

Good morning all!

So full disclaimer here, HUGE Cowboys fan and maybe even a bigger fan of Zeke than I should be but I have to disagree with your statement here Cricejr:

he IS the Dallas offense.

Zeke is a hell of a RB and winning the rushing title 2 out of 3 years in the league (and IMHO the 6 game suspension cost him the third year) but he IS NOT the entire O in Big D. He has one hell of an OL maybe even the best in the NFL, a couple of really good WRs and a QB that just wins games, even when Zeke is training in Mexico during his suspension.

Zeke is a great RB and has the potential for a long career in the NFL but not if he keeps up the stuff he has pulled the first three years in the league. To come out and declare he won't play without a contract tells me what his goals are and he seems more concerned with the $ than the W's but that just my $.02

Comment 19 Jun 2019

Don't get waxed by Rondale Moore an average-as-hell B1G West team


Comment 14 Jun 2019

Good morning Milhouse and Happy Friday!

Sounds like you and Dad have some great memories in The Shoe and those are priceless for sure!

As far as your current dilemma, it is one I believe we all can share on some level because who wouldn't want to get back to Columbus for EVERY home game but life gets in the way and we are left to make choices.

So here's my $.02:

If you're looking for an early season match up, Cincinnati has to be the one. Luke Fickell back in The Shoe as the opposing HC has more back story than The Walking Dead...

If you're looking for that "marquee match up" than MSU, Wiscy or PSU may scratch that itch.

As noted by ATLBuckeye09 though, while PSU has been an absolute nail-biter the last two years, it looks like they're taking a step back so it may not live up to the hype. MSU is one of those games where you just never know. The last time they were in Columbus they got shellacked so they may some payback on their mind this time around. Wiscy looks like they could contend for the B1G West so that should be a great match up too.

In the event that you're in the mood for a road trip outside of Columbus, the Northwestern game looks like it could be a great one too!

The best news I can give you is you can't go wrong coming back for any of the games in The Shoe but I'd probably recommend the Wiscy game of the three marquee match ups in Columbus this year.

For what it's worth.

Comment 12 Jun 2019

Hey  MGOBLUE0205
Here's what I think of your username AND ridiculous forum post.

Take that shit back to

Comment 05 Jun 2019

It wasn't broken MB222 so I'm not sure it needed FTFY...

It was sound advice for all of us all day and everyday:

Here's a tip for the young people on here, which is the vast majority of you... trust no one, look around every corner, and question everything in any interaction you have with a female anyone you don't know.