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Holding Penalty Question

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October 18, 2015 at 9:48pm

Ok bear with me here but I'm still a little pissed and it may be because I just have it wrong. I thought holding penalty was always 10 yards and even if it can go 5 or 10 yards I'm still upset with the way it was marked off PissU.

After that 3rd and 1 were they got called for it and the TD was called back explain to me then how the hell with that call does it go from 3rd and 1 too 3rd and 8? That 7 seven damn yards not 10 nor is it 5 yards.

But yet tOSU gets called for holding a little in the game and it's 10 damn yards and the make sure to mark it off right. The officials in the last two games have really sucked ass bad.

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