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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1974 Rosebowl which i really enjoyed because i was there that day and it was a day i will always remeber.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: archie griffin / roger staubach
  • NFL TEAM: Dallas Cowboys
  • NHL TEAM: RedWings (hangs head in shame)
  • NBA TEAM: Lakers
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: never had one

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Comment 19 Jan 2020

I'm not really all that big with Country but there are some that I like. Not a big fan of Blue Grass but my Dad was both him and Mon were big on Country Music while I grew up listing to Rock. But I never knew about this and I don't think Mom and Dad did either..

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Not what I meant when I said it and this goes beyond what happened here in a since. Not sure about MSU but the one for OSU was a doctor that was not on staff with the football program if I heard it right. Not sure what staff he was on but this is about the Players at PSU doing damn near what Sandusky did for 30 damn years and everyone above him knew about but covered it up for the W's. And now there saying Franklin knows what is going on and just like Joe he is turning his head away from it. PSU got off with a bullshit slap when they should have been ban for 5 years with the football program. The NCAA whimped out and so did the BIG 10. Yes the OSU doctor who every that sick son of a bitch should be in prison but like I said have I do not know what part of OSU he was involed with if any. Maybe some one here can let me know . And Not sure about MSU because I don't really keep taps on them so that one I'm in the dark about. But if this shit is found to be true then PSU football needs to be shut down for 5 years and every player guilty of this need get out of PSU and but behind bars. And if Franklin is found to have known about needs his ASS FIRED and LOCKED the FUCK UP...

Comment 15 Jan 2020

The BIG 10 made two hugh mistake's with PissU 1 was even letting them join the Big 10 and 2 Not throwing there ass out when the Sandusky came out and was proved. For that one I hold the Big 10 to blame. Like I say they should have thrown there ass out and replaced them with Pitt. Doing so would have gotten them there TV Money with the BIG 10 network in that shit hole State. Now if this all is proven and PissU is not given the Death Penalty for it that falls on to the NCAA and will prove the NCAA is a Big ASS Joke...

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Ok your right I just remember there was something about the Cleats but that has been so long ago and the mind refuse's to keep up with the old age. Something no one ever tell you is all the extra surprise's gifts you get when you get old. I even start looking to the return window to give them back but there is no window...

Comment 14 Jan 2020

I would add Tennacheat to that list. Don't get me wrong I use to like Tennacheat they were my second team to cheer for YEARS AGO because they remined me a lot of OSU back then. I was fine with them till they Cheated against OSU in That bowl game where they changed Cleats had halftime and never told anyone. They keep that to them self so OSU would not changer theirs because of the heavy rain during that came. They game a few weeks later when they were caught and said yes they change them. From there on I have hated that team not because of SEC but because they Fucking CHEATED in that game. SO to hell with Tennacheat I hope they stay beaten every game they play...

Comment 12 Jan 2020

No I'm not say we would have won or lost to LSU that would stupid to claim we would have won the game. What I'm saying is we will never know because the Replay Ref fucking screwed us out of finding out how that Game would have turned out. If Clemson win that game then it is a tainted win because they were gifted getting in that game. I will not watch the game because it is a fix ChampShip  game that ESPIN wanted an got. The fix was in before the damn thing even started with the rakings putting LSU up at to number 1 so there was no Chance of LSU or Clemson being knocked out of it by playing each other right of the bat. Like everything in life follow the money and no one is going to tell me ESPIN was not working their ass off behind closed doors working to get what they wanted no matter the cost.

Comment 12 Jan 2020

I'm not the least bit worried about Oregon next year hell we mostly own the Pac 12 minus USC /UCLA and Stanford history proves that. the One I hate the most out of those three is USC. Stanford is about even up with OSU over the YEARS and I think UCLA is also even up on w/l's but that damn USC always gives us trouble. But has far as the rest of Pack 12 we have winning records over them and If I remember right nither Oregon teams have ever beaten the Bucks...

Comment 10 Jan 2020

A couple of things here with your statement. 1. I don't look at it as tOSU lost that game has much of how it was stolen from them by the SEC REFs. And for you statement about Fans saying wait until next year. I use to say that a hell of a lot when Cooper was Couch here and every year seemed to be the same as the one before. A damn lose to TTUN but I never gave up on my Buckeyes. Now as for losing that game the way we did lost it kind of reminded me of Earl Bruce's first year in 79. He took Woodys players and went unbeaten only to lose in the Rose Bowl and if I reminder right the Bucks lost that game by 1 point. That game was against either USC or UCLA but i'm sure some here will be able to correct me if I'm wrong my mind is not what it use to be. The there was 2012 when UM took the team undefeated to 12-0 but because we went to play Ark in the Bowl game the year before even with the NCAA it was all good then they turned around the next year and fucked us over by saying we should not have gone to that bowl game and took are wins away for that season with was total Bull Shit. And I still to this day count those wins Fuck the NCAA bunch of pussies say one thing and trun around and do something else...

Comment 09 Jan 2020

I was telling a few people who believe TTUN need to be great again so when OSU beats them it looks better and they all thought Hairball was the answer when he was hired. They though the games would not be closer and Greater games between the Big 2 and little 8 Again. I told the hire was a good hire for TTUN and Hairball will be better for them and get them old of the gutter. But if you think he is going to go in there and make TTUN a power house your in for a big ass let down. I told them he has NEVER won a Conference any where and he could'nt even beat his Brother. I also told them the only reason he looked great at Stanford and SF was due to the QBs already there.

Comment 09 Jan 2020

We already have had two running backs with issues  we do not need a third one. Robert Smith was a great running back but he was problem when he was here and got a COUCH fired over his BS with saying he wanted to study more and said the Couch wanted him to study less and put more in to practice . He claimed he want to become a DOCTOR and the couch was trying to hold him back then he bolts to the NFL . So much for wanted that study time to become a Doctor. Then MC was a head case think he deserved special treatment like LJ going from high School to the NBA. He thought he was as great as LJ was in Football. So a big ass NO lets pass on this one....

Comment 08 Jan 2020

NO Thank You would not want Don Brown anywhere near tOSU. Let him stay up North where he belongs with is Shitty D that can't win games against teams that have the same level of Players that TTUN has on their team. He would be a Defence's KILLER of are Defence and take us backwards of where we are now. There is a reason no other College has offered him a job because he is a Cancer. Oh he can beat teams with lesser talent but he folds in BIG GAMEs

Comment 08 Jan 2020

So your saying OSU CHEATS just like a lot of Scums fan? In your own words you just had to take a shot ((  I'm not sure who can recruit top 5 classes every year at UM and still run a "clean" program.)) 

Comment 07 Jan 2020

 If I remember right  didn't Maurice take some bad advice from Jim Brown? I still can't believe Brown turned out to be a TOTAL ASSHOLE. He was a great running back for the Browns and was one of the players on that team I rooted for hard. The man was almost unstoppable when he played...

Comment 05 Jan 2020

I have been a fan since 1961 and through all the years of Joy and some really heart breakers I to would go with One bourbon, One Scotch. And One Beer. The worse years were during the Cooper years and the lose's to TTUN then followed by a Bowl Lose. I still to this day the man who hired Coop should carry the brunt of the blame. You do not hire a man just because he had one win in a BOWL GAME against TTUN and that's the only reason Coop was hired.

 Coop could recruit with the best of them. He always brought in classes that were outstanding and he couched them that way up until the LAST GAME of the year then he was like a DEER staring had head lights and his ass puckered up tighter than a VIRGIN on PROM NIGHT. Bruce was a good couch he just got stuck on a 9-3 record every year and had a chance to win a Natty his first year as couch with Woody's Players and some some where went off the rail. Plus from what we heard he got Art hooked on the Pony's which Art never broke away from. Damn shame Art could have had a great carrier in the NFL...

Comment 04 Jan 2020

The problem was not that he did not come to fruition like every one thought he would the Problem was he never developed up there. TTUN Gets good players but most of them never go anywhere and that because of the Couching. That is a place where 5* players go to ruin their chance to be develop their skill. Better but if you are a 5* and want to kill your skills go to SCUM.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

Lets just call a spade a spade and call it what it really is The ESPIN CHAMPIONSHIP GAME brought to you and paid for by ESPIN. No one is going to prove to me ESPIN had more to do with the REFS in that game that was baught and paid for. They were PUSHING that game between LSU and Clemson for weeks and they made damn sure they got what they wanted. That game had pay off written all over it with the REFS.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

What sadden me is we have a Two time Hiesman and could have had 2 more that could have joined him. If Clarett would have not listened to Brown and stayed he would have won 2 maybe even three then Robert Smith is the Other one that could have been great but his claim that Couch Elliot wanted him to spend more time working out than going to class only to leave after getting Elliot fired then end up leaving only to end up in the Booth doing games. I still hold that against him and have never forgiving him for that to this day...