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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1974 Rosebowl which i really enjoyed because i was there that day and it was a day i will always remeber.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: archie griffin / roger staubach
  • NFL TEAM: Dallas Cowboys
  • NHL TEAM: RedWings (hangs head in shame)
  • NBA TEAM: Lakers
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: never had one

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Comment 08 Apr 2020

When Hairball was hired I told my Sons best friend from grade school and grade school for them was back in the 80's. But I told him Hairball would bring TTUN back to where it once one which is not going to get them into the Big Ten Game or the Play Offs but would give them a nice season. He said but look what he did at Stanford and SF but I remined him Hairball had never won a PAC 10 Title let along even played for one. I also said Luck was already at Stanford and he was the reason Stanford was as good as they were. Then the SF job I'm not really sure how that went about because I was not watching the NFL like I use to. I just No he good schooled by his brother and had a piece of TRASH for a QB with his Bull Shit Kneeling garbage and I'm glad the piece of Shit can not get anyone to hire his TRASHY ASS KARMA is a BITCH...

Comment 07 Apr 2020

When Dumas made that hit I jumped up and was Like Damn I felt that hit from here. I didn't that player was getting back up from that hit I really didn't. That was like a Tatum hit on someone the one you feel for a few days after...

Comment 02 Apr 2020

I always wondered about Alaska and why they have no team or teams in that State. You would think they would have a least 1 team there. But I have never been to Alaska that's the only State I have not gotten to but hope to make it there someday...

Comment 02 Apr 2020

We all are with you and hope nothing but the best and you can find a way to ease your mind if you can. I like you am worried about this damn Virus but not for the same reason most people are worried about it. Knowing it's out there and can strike at anytime is uneasy for me. Because I have always believed you can not control things in life no one can. But I have always felt like their is one thing in life I can control to a point. And that's the day you check out of this world and my thoughts have always been I can control that up to a point with age. But the older you get the less control you have. I have always and still do know I can still leave this world on the same day I came into it. That's why my shrink has me put in the VA Hospital every year the day before my birthday and lets me out the day after. Because that's the only day of the year I would do it is on my birthday. After that Im good for another year. I have always had this thing about grave Yard and the head stones of people long gone. I read them and have to take a sec or 2 to figure out how old they were. And the reason I check in is because she as told me if I don't she will send out the law to bring me in. Then Im stuck there till they want to let me out.

Comment 01 Apr 2020

I had two set of the Erector set and 3 or 4 sets of Lincoln Logs when I was growing up in the 50's and early 60's. I had enough to build almost anything I want. Just a few years ago we were out looking for something the Grandson could play with and looking had the logs they look cheaply made and they want way to much for so little now.

Comment 01 Apr 2020

I would give blood in a heart beat but they won't take mine because of my Heart Problem. Hell I even tried to give plamas to get some money need to help me with food and they said NO. I'm what you would call a walking cluster f uck because nothing I have can be used. Some of that is my fault and some not. My body does not work normal like everyone else from the dumb shit I did back in the late 60's and early 70's with drugs looking for my HIGHS. Hell I don't even like needles but I would give anyway.

Comment 01 Apr 2020

Nut I feel the same way but if that happens then it means we are still in a Shit Bind and better to play if save than put someone in danger. Hell I still trying to find a place here in Dayton that sells the mask. I know where to go for the gloves which is Sally's. I checked it out about 10 days ago and a box is $10 buck . But I have to wait till I get me SS Check before I can buy them but they are on my list. Right now I use my Winter gloves when I have to be out. But back to the post It will hurt the fans not getting to watch this season if it goes that way. But think how many more would end up sick with crowds being what they are. Way to many to put the fans and Players and Staff in harms way...

Comment 31 Mar 2020

That's what I was getting at, I never meant for it to sound like I was putting the kid down because I was not. All I was saying is the poster over there was trying to say this kid is what will put them over the top against tOSU. I wish the kid well but going to TTUN means you do not want to be Coached up because TTUN and their coach's have no clue how it works. If the kid is smart he will wait and see if he gets offers from other places that know how to coach someone up above where they are now.

Comment 31 Mar 2020

There are a few game you can watch but most of them now is no longer than 30 to 45 minutes long. And I use to get any game not I can't even get most of them. I think when YouTube started their on line $$$ grab is when it all started . I know if you go with the Package deal they came up with like Hulu and a few others there is not much there anymore. Not unless you want to pay for it and I refuse to pay for what use to be free online because some of what is there have a virus on it not all but some do. If I am paying for something I will go with cable but right now I can not afford that even. Last year was some what of a bitch because of the game were either on The Big or ESPN. But then again I was able to watch some games on Crack which helped me. But there are other games on any given Saturday. I would have like to watch but could not. When I was still married with Satans Seed I had a Dish in the back yard and was able to watch any game that was on. I use to watch from 11am till almost 1 or 2 in the morning. I sure as hell miss that big ass dish.

Comment 30 Mar 2020

Use to be you could watch any past tOSU past games on You Tube but not any more. For some reason You Tube will now only let you watch games up to 30 mins and not the full game which to me sucks. Hell they even fixed it to where you can no longer watch Movies free because they want you to now pay for them. No way in hell will I pay $2 to $4 dollar's for a movie that is over 10 /20/ 30' and 40 years old. There was a lot of Movies and Shows on you tube I use to watch but now the either gone or in some DAMN gerbel talk...

Comment 30 Mar 2020

Maine sheriff investigating claim that armed men cut down tree to force neighbor's quarantine

ABC News‎March‎ ‎29‎, ‎2020‎ ‎9‎:‎15‎ ‎PM
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Police in Maine are investigating an alleged incident in which armed residents used a tree to block a man's driveway in order to quarantine him and his roommates from the coronavirus.

The man, who is renting the house in the town of Vinalhaven in the Fox Islands, left the house to check on a severed cable line Friday afternoon and discovered that a tree was blocking his path, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office said.

Several people with guns allegedly approached the resident and yelled at him, according to the sheriff’s office.

MORE: Gun sales on the rise as coronavirus concerns spread

The man ran back into the home and he and his roommates used a VHF radio, their only means of communication, to contact authorities, the sheriff’s office said.

“Several law enforcement entities arrived in the area and found the felled tree but no group of people,” the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post. “It was apparent that the tree had been cut down and dragged into the roadway to block it.”

The town has an order that mandates that anyone who came onto the island recently had to self-isolate. However the man said that he and his two roommates arrived last month, before the cutoff point for the order.

The sheriff’s office said they believe the tree was an attempt to block the exit of those from out of state from leaving the house, and that they will continue to investigate.

“Whether someone is a Maine resident or not, they have the right to free movement and anyone who infringes upon that free movement is potentially violating the law,” the office said in a statement.

Comment 29 Mar 2020

Cruiser I know what you are dealing with since I have already been down that road more than I care to count. I see you were taken to Grant were I have been more than once. If you do not have a heart doctor yet may I tell you of a great Heart Doctor . Call Dr Fieishman his office is in Grove City. That's who I have been with for 14 years now. Heart problems are a major problem in my family on both sides. Dr Fieisman his the 3 leading Heart Doctor in the Country. Good luck and stay strong..

Comment 29 Mar 2020

Ok I have a question that looks like no one has ask yet about if we have no games played this year. Would they just jump passed this season (2020) and next year play the (2021) season. That would to me would not be a good idea to just drop this season this year and then next year play as though the (2020) season was played. Or would they play the (2020) season next year and move forward from that point? I just don't see how they could drop (2020) but yet have to pay teams that we or as far as that goes every one else would have to pay those OOC teams. Plus OSU vs TTUN up in the SHIT HOLE again without getting our home game with them. Not that TTUN worries me just the fact we would loose a shit load of $$$ not getting that home game if that's how all this plays out. DAMN them little slant eyed basters for this Virus. And I can say that because some how some way I ended up with slant eyes when I was born. I use to get tease a lot growing up being called a slant eyed Cowboy. There is no one else on my dads side or my mothers side that has slant eyes like me. I even ask my mother years ago ( did you by chance due the nasty with the Milk Man or the Mail Man)...

Comment 27 Mar 2020

Question about TTUN Mgo site. I go over every now and then to see what's being said from time to time. I been trying off and on today to see what the melt down looked like after Hendrson committed and the site is no longer there. Just was wondering if the shut it down for good or not. I mean there is nothing when you type in *ichigan football message board and that is the way I always go to get to their site. I enjoy their melt down threads...

Comment 26 Mar 2020

I'm not going to see one because Im on SSI which will leave me out. But if I did get one it would go to buying things at the store I can not buy now. Plus pay a few months of Car Insurance to get ahead of it...

Comment 25 Mar 2020

No your fine and Thank You for the offer but I have enough to get to the first week of next Month. I just needed to get that off my Chest because I know how hard this will be on everyone because I know I'm going have to buckle down with what little I have. I'm more worried about the people who are worse off than me and some of those people have kids as well. That's why these people piss me off they don't about anything but the $$$ and that why I said what I did about those people and meant every word of what I said. I'm not the type to do or say things behind peoples backs that a chicken shit way of doing something or saying something...

Comment 25 Mar 2020

I'm not out of either right now have enough to get to the end of the month. Being on a fixed income I buy enough of each to get through the month. Have no choice but to go that way every month so I can make through. Whats going to hurt next month is the noddle shelve because with my income most of my meals each month are noodles. I can not afford pork chops or hamburger with what I have to spend each month. Yes I know noodles are bad for you but you have to go with what you can afford..

Comment 24 Mar 2020

I'm just waiting for the shit to hit the fan on Dabo . Dabo was not a house whole name for one. And Clemson was at best a middle of the road program and for him to come as a really unknow and Clemson being Clemson how the hell did the man get all those 4 to 5 star players right out of the GATE? And he has proven to be a little punk ass bitch with the way he recuites. The question will be what if anything will the NCAA do if shit comes out on Dabo hammer him or do what they always seem to do with the Southern Schools LOOK THE OTHER WAY?