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How Relegation Could Fix College Football

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August 15, 2014 at 12:07pm

I found this posted on landgrantholyland.com and found it quite an interesting take on strength of scheduling issues with college football:




The most important reform made under this system to me is uniform scheduling. Eliminate the cupcakes that every team schedules each year to pad their chances at making a bowl, say goodbye to schools that never even leave their home state in their non-conference schedules (Florida), and conclude the arguments over which team plays in a better conference or against a tougher schedule. By taking the scheduling out of the schools' hands, schedule padding is eliminated.

While I pick on Florida above, every school is horribly guilty of the scheduling cupcakes phenomenon. Please see Texas A&M's 2014 non-conference schedule as an example: Lamar (FCS), Rice, SMU, and UL Monroe. Not one of those schools is even in the top 80 teams in the country according to most preseason ratings/logic. In this format, every game you play would be against a team in your Tier, meaning every non-conference game would be against a top 64 team in the country if you are in Tier 1.

Under this format, scheduling would be normalized and transparent across all of college football. Similar to the NFL, each school's schedule would be based on yearly in division matchups, rotating opponents, and scheduling based on performance. The goal is to make each school's non-conference schedule as close to even as possible while preserving the yearly in division matchups that we have all grown to love. Transparency is also a big plus as fans would be able to figure out the teams' schedules the next year as soon as the season was over, just like how fans of the NFL can.

I love the idea of NFL-style scheduling every year.  It would make for marquee match-ups (at least in theory) for non-conference games, while allowing some of the bottom dwellers to feed off each other in order to climb out of the cellar. 

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