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I've been a Buckeye fan since birth. I remember quite fondly my dad and I would climb onto the roof of the house every Saturday and early Sunday morning in order to adjust the antenna so that we could watch THE Ohio State Buckeyes' games. The ones that were not live, we always listened to religiously on the radio, and then stayed up late (it was the weekend) in order to receive our edition of the Dispatch so we could read the game recap as Hot-off-the-press as was possible at 3am. Watching the Buckeyes Replays on WOSU Sunday mornings at 9am were always the highlights of the fall in my opinion. And we NEVER missed them. Sometimes even being late for Church on occasion. Well..the Pastor at our church made the mistake of asking my Dad to try and be a little earlier next time on this one particular Sunday.This happened to be the Sunday before Thanksgiving and as it turns out was the same Sunday of WOSU's replay of the '87 TSUN game, Erle Bruce's last as Head Coach..My father quite emphatically explained to the entire congregation that his God..Our God is indeed a Buckeye!! And the very mere request of such a preacher could only be the work of those Devilish wolverine fans..Needless to say, we never stepped foot back inside his church. So for me, Buckeye Football is as close to religion as there is.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1990 Cincinnati Reds World Champs
    2002 Ohio State Buckeyes National Champs
    2012 Ohio State finishing the season undefeated!!
    Anytime that state up north loses a game.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Orlando Pace, Chris Spielman, Mike Vrable, Eddie George
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jimmy Jackson, Gary Trent
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets, Penguins
  • NBA TEAM: Lebron..not the team
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds, any team playing the Cardinals
  • SOCCER TEAM: soccer is not a sport..This is football country.

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Comment 18 hours ago

Another fun fact:  Since the schedule makers in the B1G Ten decided to move this game to the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I've gotten exactly zero work done on the Wednesday before.  Lol

Comment 18 hours ago

D.. I remember the 90s as well.  In full detail.  They cost us more than a few Big Ten and national titles.  It was miserable.  Bolt those doors shut and burn that motherf'er down..

Comment 21 Nov 2017

Little late to the party.. Sorry fellas I didn't see this thread earlier on my search.. Having a really hard time concentrating on work this

Michigan's football team doesn't actually have a website... They can't string together three Ws.

Ice is no longer being served at Wolverine home games... The only student who knew the recipe graduated last year.  

Why do they throw out a sack of manure at University of Michigan weddings?
 A: To keep the flies off the bride. 

Why does the U.S. Postal Code use the letters MI in reference to the state of Michigan?
 A: Because it stands for "Mostly Idiots" 

What is the definition of a Michigan virgin? 
A: An ugly twelve year old who can outrun her brothers

Comment 21 Nov 2017

One of my favorite Buckeyes ever.  I've been reminiscing about his game against Pittsburgh, in I believe back in '95.  One of the first road games I had ever attended with my dad. The dude looked like he was in Stealth Mode all-day long.  9 receptions for over 250 yards.  Their DBs couldn't have covered him with a tarp that afternoon.

Comment 21 Nov 2017

Need to take advantage of their DL's aggressiveness.  Some misdirection plays in form of draws, counters and jet sweeps in order to slow up their rush.  Playing fast with tempo is very helpful as well in this case..  I particularly liked that throwback pass they completed last week versus Illinois.  Now it's on tape and the wolverweenies will have to account for it's possibility.  Once the Bucks can do that it should open up J.T's QB dive or even Weber and J.K on those quick hitting power runs.  And especially should be able to allow J.T more time in the pocket in order to get the ball down field.

Backs need to sell their fakes and make their blocks when needed in order to help out our O Line, which in turn need to make sure they know their assignments and be sound on their techniques.  Then they should be good to go.  Our DLine just needs to control the line of scrimmage and shut down their running game.  I don't think they can pass the ball well enough to beat the Buckeyes through the air.

Comment 19 Nov 2017

Yes.. But what is it when you have to look out of your ear hole?  s/

Comment 18 Nov 2017  i lost it after the comment about missing the O/U on times he pointed at something.  At least they haven't lost their sense of humor up there..

Comment 18 Nov 2017

The Hoke vs Cajun Hoke Bowl thread is hilarious...Lol

Comment 18 Nov 2017

Rivals have not returned to days of old

The prodigal Son, Tears of their season were foretold 

Return soon to Indy in our pants of Gold.     

Lol.. I really suck at haikus..

Comment 17 Nov 2017

Man.. Just roll out our starting 'O'.  The Buckeyes probably will hang 50 or more on the Illini this week.  I doubt Illinois could do that unguarded against the air.  Find someone to kick the ball off and that can tackle the returner and I still don't think it will be close..

Comment 16 Nov 2017

That's a solid line of reasoning.  Thank you.  +1 for your thoughts.  My counter viewpoint would be Malik Hooker.  I believe that he was voted unanimously in 2016 as first team All-American.  Using that as a critera, it would rank him ahead of J.T.  As much as I loved watching Malik patrolling the defensive backfield, as a one year starter, in no way do I feel he is more worthy than our record holding quarterback.

Comment 15 Nov 2017
In regards to all of the comments addressing his lack of winning the national championship as a starter or a B1G Ten Title.. I would like to point out that both of those are team accomplishments and not individual honors. I can see some merit in his lack of a heisman trophy which is supposed to be given to the best individual player in college football for that particular season.. but this is in terms of Ohio State history and not on a national basis. So for every argument that brings that up I will throw a Silver Football at you. I believe J.T is absolutely worthy
Comment 15 Nov 2017
To piggyback on your comment I would add that in my opinion the only reason that Chic Harley's number is retired is because of his insane popularity.. Any fan with a pulse knows the stories surrounding Chic and the reasons that Ohio Stadium was built. That's as blatant a reason as any to retire the man's jersey. Popularity absolutely applies in his case
Comment 15 Nov 2017
Again.. I'm not interested in any non-football related discussion about why or why not Bill Willis has his number retired. So please stay within bounds regarding J.T's worthiness. I don't want this to become an ugly discussion, when I honestly believe that one of the top Buckeys of our lifetime is about to play his last home game
Comment 15 Nov 2017
I could totally get behind that idea of naming the quarterback riim after him. Or even the team room for leadership or something along those lines. Good call...
Comment 15 Nov 2017
Yes.. Absolutely agree with you on needing to have done something pretty darn special in order to have it retired. Hence the reason that I started this discussion on J.T.'s worthiness..I believe he has done enough especially in the context to some of those that are retired
Comment 15 Nov 2017

Yes, I mentioned the fact it had been discontinued in my post, this is just for the hypothetical chances that it would ever be revisited in the future.  +1 for your viewpoint though 

Comment 15 Nov 2017

See.. I was leaning that way at first but when he mentioned that fact about Bill Willis, who also did not win the Heisman (granted far different cultural climate at the time) had his retired, his argument made a lot of sense.