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June 24, 2014 at 4:24pm

Apologize for the slight mislead in the title but I would like to throw out some discussion to you guys.  1. Who do you think the next member of the '15 class will be? 2. If you answered Justin Hilliard for the first question who do you think will be after him? 3. Who is your shot in the dark recruit? The guy we have a slim chance with or that player that it will come right down to the wire for. 

For me Hilliard is the obvious answer to number one.  After him I think Baker will be the next Buckeye.  As for the one guy I want more than anyone I think for me it has to be Christian Kirk.  I know we sit pretty well with him right now but I think if that one got away from us I would be pretty upset.  The kid is a TD every time he touches the ball and is extremely underrated.  

Gotta love the offseason right? 

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