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Stephen Collier

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June 11, 2014 at 3:52pm

Just wanted to see what you guys think about him and his role in the next couple of years. From what I see on Twitter and what I've heard from spring practice he seems like a great guy. He's a hard worker; normally the last one to leave practice. And as most of you have probably seen he has gotten a lot bigger. I feel like down the road in two or three years he could be a starter for this team. I hate to build expectation, but I feel like his game could be very similar to Tim Tebow's. Not extremely fast, but mobile, very strong, good passer (although he didn't really make it in the pro's he made some amazing throws in college and threw it pretty well overall). So, hopefully Stephen can be the next great Buckeye QB (And I still think JT and Cardale and even Joey Burrow can also be very good)


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