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College Football Playoff ticket futures

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May 25, 2014 at 4:00pm

Per the Wall Street Journal, ticket futures for the championship game open Wednesday. Prices for the right to buy a ticket by team will fluctuate by demand. The owner can sell the right or exercise the ticket purchase. If the team doesn't make the game, it expires as worthless. The article cites an ND buyer who bought the 2012 rights for $20 before the season started  and sold them for $1100. 

Here's what caught my eye: Ticket prices will start at $450 for the upper deck corners. No word if the view is blocked by the huge scoreboard. That price is past my tipping point. I doubt if the participating team's tickets will be cheaper. For years, one of the arguments against a playoff was how could a fan go to multiple games. If OSU made the playoff and was paired against Oregon or any other playoff team in the Rose Bowl, I'd make the trek to Pasadena and watch the championship game from my man cave. 

No word on how the ND fan that paid $1100 for the right to buy the ticket felt after the game. 

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