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OSU Basketball, The Beat Narrative

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August 12, 2017 at 5:35am

You only set limits in your life by the narrative you put forth everyday. As a fan of OSU Basketball, if I am to believe so many posts ad nauseum with regard to the potential of the hoops forward going forward is as follows: We should be a top second tier team, along the lines of a Michigan State Tom Izzo coached team. Hence, Thad is let go and Mr. Holtman is brought in.

The reasoning behind this narrative is as follows: We will never be at the level of the top tier/blueblood programs out there. That OSU Basketball will always play second fiddle to OSU Football. That although the best central Ohio recruits should be scooped up by Holtman and staff, whether this happens later than sooner, if one or two happen to get away(i.e. Francis) its all good, because, lets face it, Roy Williams(much akin to Urban in his recruiting prowess) has priority because? bingo, UNC is a blueblood program, and we are a struggling to be top second tier team. Hells bells, this site is called Eleven Warriors, not 5 Warriors.

The narrative continues as follows(as pertaining to being a realistic fan who should never expect anything more): As a fan of OSU Basketball, when a top flight player opts to play for UNC, well shucks, just kick the dirt a little, accept what you can change and release yourself from what you cannot change. If you are not quite sure this is ok, refer
(you guessed it...

to the above narratives. Drink a glass of milk, go to bed.

With (all of) this said,I think this forum post should be copied and pasted to Tom Izzo, Archie Miller, Jim Belien, and other coaches stupid enough to want their team to be really great, to be the best in the conference and nation, and definitely copied and pasted to the respective fan sites of these schools lest they strive to leave the box that is their destiny.

I totally understand the difficulty and pressure that hovered above Mr.Francis' head as he tried to decide whats best for his future. All respect to him, his father for developing a narrative that will hopefully lead to whatever success he looks for in life.

As an immigrant, the first thing I was told when touching foot in my new country(actually, I was told this even before the plane landed, eze Israeli chutzpah), was never to expect anything. Have no expectations, you won't be disappointed.

But after 10 years and a world full of no expectations and being subject to the whims of whatever narrative I am told to accept (because, after all, I am an immigrant, and creating and nurturing a narrative of success is only the domain of people born here), the light bulb does turn on. Make your own story, it is truly the only thing that will earn you a little place in this world. Make it a good story, a bad story,whatever, but do it for yourself, and everything will follow. As it needs to be with OSU Hoops, and with OSU Hoops fans. The only thing that truly inhibits the basketball team from real success is if they accept a narrative thrust upon them by anyone other than their coach.

Roy Williams whatev

Go Bucks! got blackcoffee?

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