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Best Take You've Ever Had On An Athlete

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May 13, 2024 at 11:51am

Shamelessly piggybacking off the other great thread about having terrible takes towards athletes with this one: Let's hear your BEST takes on athletes you've ever had.

This could be telling someone a low-star recruit was going to be a top draft pick, predicting the NFL success of a supposedly unremarkable draft pick/predicting the NFL failure of a sure-fire prospect, or anything else!

I have two:

- When Braxton Miller got hurt I remember talking to my dad on the phone while driving and I told him we were going to be okay because we had this kid JT Barrett who I really liked everything I had seen about him. I wasn't worried about the state of the team with Braxton hurt. That turned out alright...

- I lived in Miami, FL in elementary school during the Marlins hey-day and World Series championship in 1997. They have to trot out this guy Livan Hernandez at Pitcher and I tell me dad, in all my 3rd grade wisdom that he was going to be awesome. I can't even remember how I came to that conclusion but I was sure of it and the guy ends up being the World Series MVP.

Let's here your absolute best takes!

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