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Overcoming the ACC Grant of Rights

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July 2, 2022 at 10:16am

The FOX/B1G group could make the ACC GOR - itself - a ramp toward a broader TV deal, in which agreement benefits both ESPN/SEC and FOX/B1G. For instance, we can be reasonably certain ESPN would like to broadcast certain games involving B1G opponents. FOX might have an idea about that, which would make ESPN want to waive the ACC GOR and make the B1G’s acquisition of certain, former ACC teams and ND, easier.

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Appearing on the Paul Finebaum Show July 1st, Brett McMurphy described the USC/UCLA move to the B1G as “much bigger” than OU/TX to the SEC. Though Brett McMurphy is disliked by Buckeye football fans, he did make a couple of reasonable points. He said any B1G deal involving ND would likely help it repay its ACC GOR within a couple of years. Moreover, McMurphy suggested 2-4 teams suddenly following ND out of the ACC could force ESPN to simply waive the GOR, in the interest of writing a new TV deal, to include former ACC teams in the SEC.

During the Brett McMurphy interview, Paul Finebaum emphasized the friendship shared by SEC commissioner Greg Sankey and ND’s Jack Swarbrick. Less than a year ago, SEC arrogance was in overdrive, predicting an SEC-exclusive college football playoff would be a reality. Now, the SEC may have to lure ND to join, just to compete with the TV-market/wealthy metropolis-dense, B1G.

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