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Comment 11 hours ago


I think it's Gladiator-time for J.T.

So, let us proclaim McSorley, the B1G's Tigris of Gaul:

Comment 17 Jul 2017

"I have always liked Spiels and generally agree with his take on issues when I hear him on the radio." 

Chris Spielman was a great Buckeye.

I think he was always cocked when he played and now that excess energy has morphed into arrogance. His radio career has revealed this trait. On 97.1, he often broke the cardinal rule of show business: Don't show contempt for your audience. And he often did this with condescension - never a good thing for a former Buckeye to do, especially when many in your audience reside in old Columbus town. 

Worse still, I am suspicious he has political aspirations. So, while I get the point of his suit, I question Chris Spielman's motive(s). 

Comment 14 Jul 2017

TheDizzle is just dizzy, but real close to utter hyperbole.

Jim Tressel "kicked off the Buckeye golden age." Without Jim Tressel, Braxton Miller would not have been a Buckeye.

And I would bet, Les Wexner, Gene Smith and Urban Meyer had an agreement in principle in early summer, 2011.

Meyer in the booth for the 2011 Akron game was no coincidence: And I'm sure Miller knew his next head coach was up there watching. 

Comment 14 Jul 2017

Paul Brown proved Ohio State could win a national championship.

Woody Hayes made Ohio State a national, football power.

Jim Tressel restored Ohio State's gridiron reputation.

Urban Meyer has proven he can win championships at multiple programs.

Comment 13 Jul 2017

A well-reasoned and written assessment, Nutinpa.

Meyer's aura (stoked by his ambition and tempered by his great intelligence and education in psychology) has either cooled or burned out.

At one time, he was likened to Rockne. Now, he's in Saban's shadow.

At one time, many doubted Urban Meyer would ever suffer a loss like 41-14. Now, many wonder if Urban Meyer can rise from the devastation of 31-0.

I agree with you, Nutinpa. 

Time has not yet surely shown Urban Meyer deserves a place on this list...nor that he avoided the Graveyard of Coaches.

Comment 13 Jul 2017

1.) From the day (night) of 31-0...forward: Urban Meyer

2.) This season [Unfairly so, due to fate (injury/the legend of Cardale Jones) and under-criticized Urban Meyer coaching farts, pre-31-0]...JT Barrett

3.) Mike "4 Fumbles" Weber:


Comment 11 Jul 2017

I would trade Iowa and Michigan State for Louisville and Oklahoma State and re-rank.

Historically, USC is Ohio State's non-conference nemesis. The Buckeyes haven't defeated the Trojans since the 1974 Rose Bowl! I used to think Meyer was the perfect coach to end this streak. 31-0 changed my mind. Clemson's got a long way to go to overtake USC. But in three games, the Tigers are not only perfect against the S&G, they instigated the end of Woody's career and Dabo Swinney owns Urban Meyer, issuing him one of his and Ohio State's, worst defeats.

This year, I see the following threat hierarchy:

10. Wisconsin

09. Iowa

08. Florida State

07. Michigan State

06. Oklahoma

05. Penn State

04. Alabama

03. USC

02. Clemson

01. Michigan

Comment 08 Jul 2017

1.) Alabama

2.) FSU

3.) USC

4.) Worried: If Clemson is 11-1 (losing a close one at home to FSU) and Ohio State is 12-1 and B1G champs, I'm not confident 31-0 won't be held against the Buckeyes.

Comment 01 Jul 2017

I think Ohio State could win the national championship, this year. I just ain't bettin' on it.

And Meyer won't get'em there, undefeated, either. His resume and the nature of the CFP diminish the need to go undefeated. I would bet 2012 is Meyer's last undefeated season, however.

Heading into 2017, I think it's unfair the debate over Barrett's abilities as QB have cranked up the heat under him.

What about Meyer? I've heard all the x and o-explanations as to why 31-0 happened. But, that game took the shine off Meyer (a coach once feared) like 41-14 did to Tressel.

"2 national championships over the next five seasons?" I won't bet on it.

Comment 29 Jun 2017

Thanks for the compliment, Matt!

I think Penn State lost too many key guys and recruited too few to replace them.

Trace McSorley and Saquon Barkley can get the 2017 Nittanies to buy in to tuning out their fans, however.

This should help them get to 9-3.

PS will make Ohio State work hard for its win.

Comment 29 Jun 2017

He was higher on the defensive line, too. 

What bothered me about his Clemson take, regarded its QB situation: Despite its iffiness, Steele thinks Clemson is in the reload. Scary.