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Comment 9 hours ago

Great point! I certainly feel the national championship game against Oregon was indicative of the "high risk, high reward" trait you note, regarding turnovers: Bucks 4 (3 fumbles lost and 1 INT) vs. Ducks (1 INT). Ducks had more penalties, though. Oregon (10-76) and Ohio State (5-30).

Comment 9 hours ago

Thanks for your effort, NavyBuckeye91! That's coming from an Army Buckeye, BTW!

Stats can beckon one to take a deep dive (pardon the pun, NavyBuckeye9...).

The 2014 stat is Tresselian! Did the loss to VA Tech have a recalibrating effect?

Just as remarkable are the 2017-2018 stats: Why the dramatic uptick? 

Comment 05 Feb 2019

Adnan Virk is a terrible broadcaster.

He slurs, punctuating his slurring, with an occasional...semi-intelligible, utterance.

I thought of this, every time, I heard Virk: 

Adnan Virk needs elocution school...NOT Jujyfruits! 

Comment 28 Jan 2019

"INFLICTING PAIN ON TTUN" should out-distance "BUCKSFAN CHANGING ICON", in the longest 11W Threads category.

I mean, this thing should top the forum...forever!

Note: "INFLICTING PAIN ON TTUN": The title of Meyer's OSU-Bio.

Comment 05 Jan 2019

Just-in Fields...harvesting...in what the announcer calls, "the Massey Ferguson" red zone. LOL.

Comment 01 Jan 2019

From Yahoo Sports:

"Texas A&M: NC State took a 13-7 lead and the Aggies steamrolled the Wolfpack from that point on. The Aggies scored 45-straight points on the way to a 52-13 win. 

Trayveon Williams scored a 93-yard touchdown early in the fourth quarter that helped him set the single-season school rushing record.

NC State fans reacted appropriately":

Comment 29 Dec 2018

"I thought his article on Tom Mars was a good primer on what went on behind the scenes to get Patterson and Van Johnson eligible immediately":

Comment 06 Dec 2018

Anything's possible for Urban Meyer. Even though he has nothing more to prove at Ohio State, he could come back here, to coach. I think this is unlikely. But, it is possible.

More likely is the possibility he will coach at USC. I'm surprised he's never coached in the Rose Bowl. When he stands on the 50-yard line at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains on January 1st, Urban Meyer may have a vision of his and his family's future that is too beguiling to resist. "I can coach here, every other year...at least?!!?"

Be sure of one thing, Urban Meyer's ambition burns. Read between these lines:


Comment 02 Dec 2018

Not watching ESECPN at the moment. Will NOT watch the CFP. Will either DVR (to skip commercials) or go back to radio (WBNS via TuneIN app), for the Rose Bowl. YouTube's another option, as well.